Saturday, March 31, 2012


Sitting here at market I decided to catch up on my blog reading. Today has been busier than the last couple Saturdays but that isn't saying a whole lot !
I got all my Easter decorations finished.

I made this Easter egg wall hanging several years ago,it didn't sell but I decided to make the coordinating egg pillows and use it for decoration.

This hand made rabbit pair I picked up at a thrift shop to add to the decorations.

And of course these are the Easter bonnets I have been making on display.

I chuckled as my thoughts went back to what my daddy said when I was a little girl. He refused to go to church on Easter because of all the big hats the women wore for Easter. One year he attended a funeral around that time and I remember him saying it looked like a flower garden in the church.
I guess the big Easter decorated hats are a thing of the past, maybe thats a good thing but as a small girl I can remember marveling at the showy head coverings each year.
After market I picked up an order of greek salad for 20 people to take over to daughter's for our housewarming family party tonight.
They make the best greek salad I have ever tasted.
When our family gets together for what ever reason there is always plenty of good food.
The smoked Boston Butts that Hubbie smoked yesterday where wonderful along with a crock pot full of really good baked beans, homemade slaw, bread, chips and dip and coconut cake for dessert,mmmmm !!
Filling of the plates !!!
The front porch was a favorite dining spot as the sun went down.
After a brief rain shower around 6 the clouds slowly cleared , providing us with a beautiful evening of food and family fellowship.
These 3 little cousin sure had a fabulous time tonight.
It was almost 10:00 when we finally called it a night and headed home,whew !!
Everyone said they are looking forward to our next get-together,we enjoy each other so much when we do this sis-in-law and I are trying to plan  something at least every 3 months. Her turn next (she has a pool) HAHA !
Haven't done chores by flashlight in a long time but I hadn't forgotten how !!
After last night's 1/2 inch of rain,which we were very thankful for, it has been a nice day with only that one passing shower this evening.  March 2012 came in like a lamb and it went out today like a lamb. A look back at this month is full of first in weather there were some strange things going on here as well as around the country. Here we had snow flurries at the beginning of the month, then tornado warnings on several days with severe storms caused by summer like temperatures for most of the rest of the month. In Hawaii they had record sized hail stones,over 4" ,Oregon had record snowfall, there were over 6000 daily record highs broken between March 1-22 in the country,  Canada had 80 degree temperatures in March !!??, upper Michigan and Minnesota had tornadoes this month. After reading about all this I feel we were some of the lucky ones. With 2 birthdays, hatching chicks, early garden plantings,sewing market crafts, taking care of g-son and just doing my regular things it has been a busy month as well as a blessed one.
Grateful to God for my family and His love most of all tonight.
Good Night and God Bless.

Friday, March 30, 2012


Is it Friday already ??  My time is flying by lately with all the business that the warm weather of spring brings.
Busy this morning after chores in my blackberry patch. To multiply my vines last fall I layed rocks on the ends of some of the vines touching the ground. Today I clipped the parent vines loose from the new plant starts and some of the ones that had naturally rooted in not so good places I potted to be set out later. I grow a blackberry variety called Heritage which is a large very sweet berry but the vines are expensive so each year I try to propagate my vines with this "tip layering method".
As I walked by one of the plum trees that was the first to bloom and I was afraid the fruits had gotten frozen, but the tree is absolutely loaded with plums.
Prayerfully these little guys will make it through the season and I'll be looking for plum recipes !! As I drove out the road I noticed I'm surely not the only one with that prayer as the apple orchards are almost in full bloom.
I picked up g-son from pre-school and stopped by the post office on the way home to mail bills for the week. With gas fast approaching $4.00 a gallon I am putting more thought into organizing my trips to town. Hubbie filled his truck up on Wednesday night while we were out and payed $3.85, I filled my van up the next day and payed $3.90, a nickle overnight price hike. Plus as gas goes up so does everything else.
After lunch while g-son went to work on his Lincoln Log construction projects I baked 3 blackberry wine and 2 pound cakes.
The morning's sunshine slowly disappeared behind the clouds as I watched out the kitchen window so I looked for inside things for g-son and I to do.
After watching him build a fire tower and bathroom that adjoined it he wanted to go downstairs to exercise on my gazzelle. So after  he did this we turned the TV on down there and he proceeded to build himself a fort to play in. I took advantage of his busy construction to do some constructing of my own.
I  eliminated the pile of cut-outs that I had from several weeks ago.
I had one more little girls jean apron to make.
I like the rhinestone butterflies on this one.
Also I made these 4 adult aprons using the eyelet lace I get at the Pickens flea market.  Another flea market trip is needed after today !!

I had also ran across a jean skirt that I turned into 2 aprons with the addition of lace on the sides.
I don't really like these and will probably end up putting lace on the bottoms also.

Hubbie came home just as the rain started this evening.  And #1 son came in from Asheville with the replacement door for his house that the robbers damaged. I know what he will be doing tomorrow !!
We did chores in a light rain this evening and the rain showers have been heavy on and off all evening.
We really need a good soaking rain and maybe this will stop all the fires for a while. Hubbie said I could thank him for this rain tonight because he had watered the new cabbage plants this evening.
The evening passes so quickly now that the time has changed, it seems as soon as darkness arrives it is time to get ready for bed.  I miss having some snuggling time with my 4-legged kids each night.
Thanking God tonight for all the blessings of today including the renewing rainfall tonight.
Good Night and God Bless.

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Well my day actually started very early, at like 3am !!! Yea, that late supper of spicy blackened salmon we bought at Sam's that looked sooooo good especially since I had spent a busy afternoon forgetting my "eat a small something every 2 hours" diet I have been on, yea THAT salmon  !!  Couple that with a lower back ache from all the vacuuming, sweeping and mopping I did along with lifting some heavy  plant pots. Why do I even wonder why I hurt some nights ?????  !!!!!!!
Anyway I was working on getting to sleep at almost the same time hubbie was getting up to go to work.
When the alarm sounded it was all I could do to cut it off before slumbering on. After about the 3rd wake-up call I thought about all the reasons I should get up !!!  I could almost feel a whole bunch of little eyes turned toward my back door waiting for it to open and the lady that brings food each morning emerge !
After chores and checking on the new chicks to find them pleasingly hidden still under their new mama's feathers with some little heads peeping out (wishing I had my camera)  I came back inside to have breakfast and decide what next.
I made a trip to Aldi and Ingles to pick up baking supplies and a few things for daughter's housewarming this weekend. I also gave myself a little bonus and stopped in the salvation army thrift store. I didn't find much ,a couple frames for the old photo's of hubbie's family we got last weekend, but I enjoyed the hunt.
Home just before lunch I still don't feel like eating much but had a turkey/cheese roll-up with some tomato slices.
The sun is shining and it is really warm outside today,77 degrees, I sat out in the sun for a little while before going through some old dish boxes I had stored in a closet. I used to sell on E-Bay and probably should start again to get rid of some of this stuff that just got boxed up.  Unfortunately I couldn't find what I was looking for, guess I must have sold it !!!
I sewed a couple little girls jean aprons this afternoon.

When hubbie got home he and I went to Home Depot to get some mulch. They have their cypress mulch on sale at 1/2 price so I got enough to freshen up all my beds and we hauled 50 bags over to daughter's house. She has a bank that needs to be covered.
After we had a salad supper tonight at a decent hour hubbie went to church to work on the parking spot lines some more and I got to relax for a little while before chore time.
Spring is definitely in the air as I dodged darting barn swallows and other birds as they work on building nest inside the barn.
 These guys are taking advantage of the platforms hubbie nailed up to create ledges for the nests.

 Barn swallows don't need ledges as they glue their nest to the side of the rafters with mud. These birds are easily identified by their V-shaped tails as they fly about.
They are masters of construction just like all their other feather friends when it comes to building nests.

I spent a lazy evening nursing achy knees, boy ! this getting old thing is definitely not for whimps !!!
Back on my early blogging schedule tonight and off to bed earlier to catch up on some lost sleep.
Thanking God for the blessings of a wonderful day filled with wondrous marvels.
Good Night and God Bless.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


As I did chores this morning I decided to check out the unhatched eggs under the 2 still patiently waiting silkie hens. Sad to say when I gently shook the first egg I heard a thud inside as if the insides were solidified. Just to make sure I tossed the egg against a tree and watched the yellow yolk splatter. Not good news for mama hens. Out of the entire dozen eggs I found only 2 that didn't have that thud inside.
Back inside I called our local Tractor supply to make sure they still had some chicks.
Enter 8 Production Red straight run peepers.  I gave 5 to one of the hens and 3 to the other one plus the 2 eggs that didn't have the thud in them.
As I poked the little peepers under their new mama's the hens seemed to sigh in relief that they finally had some reward for all their patient setting. I have checked them several times during the day and am surprised that some of them don't seem to have the natural instinct to go under the hen for warmth. There is no light in these boxes so they will have to depend on mama to keep them warm. I made sure they were under the hens tonight. I'm sure they will get the idea in a couple days.
I cleaned floors and porches today as well as cleaned around the wood stove downstairs in hopes that it won't need to be used again until next fall. I also moved some plants outside that have been wintering inside. Just as sure as I did all these things I noticed some 30 degree temps in the extended forecast tonight !!!
I found time to walk and enjoy the hazy sunshine today in the 68 degree temperature.
My first Azalea has burst into bloom almost over night.
Some more bright orange tulips have decided to show their colors this year.

As I stooped over to pull these little guys up out of my mulched beds I couldn't bring myself to destroy these pretty little yellow flowers with the heart shaped leaves. As I looked them up tonight and saw the price they sold for in some nurseries I was even gladder that I let them adorn my beds. They are called Oxalis Zinfindel and some had a price of $3-$4 each.   Pricy weeds !!!

The first apple blooms have burst forth on my trees.

We have several Redbud trees around our farm and they are really something to behold this time of year. They look like pink clouds.

I invaded the attic this evening to get my Easter decoration down to check out what I have and if I need anything else. I found in a box some really old Easter crafts from the kids elementary school days. It was a good reflective time.
When hubbie got home from work we went over to a neighbors house to pick up a pier cart her husband who recently passed away wanted hubbie to have.  Hubbie was very touched last Sunday at church when she told him to come get it because Howard had wanted him to have it. Howard died from cancer that quickly spread from his leg at only 66 years old. God rest his soul.
After leaving her house we went to wally world to pick up daughter's house warming gift.
This color perfectly matches the accents she has in her dining room and kitchen.
 Then we headed to Sam's Club to pick up a few things. We got all our errands done for the week in one evening.
A breeze was blowing when we got home and it felt like summer outside. This low humidity weather is keeping firefighters busy around here.
Yesterday a campfire that wasn't properly put out caused a fire in the Mill's River area that almost burned 2 homes.
This was some pics from the news station.

 This is how close it came to one of the houses !! The firemen did a great job of saving the homes.
Today there was a house fire near the same area started by a malfunctioning electric blanket that caused another brush fire.

 The fires both spread amazingly fast with these dry breezes we have going on.
I hope people take precautions with any type fires right now.
I worked on weekly paperwork tonight after we watched Survivor on TV.
Feeling wonderfully blessed tonight after a rewarding day.
Good Night and God Bless.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Another cooler 45 degree morning is feeling more like March. After chores and still no hatched chicks I took a long walk in the crisp morning air.
This patch of Blue Violets caught my attention, I think Violets are really pretty with their little blossoms poking up through the bed of dark green leaves.
This wild Mustard is in bloom very early this year.
As is this  Fleabane Daisy. In olden times folks actually stuffed their mattresses with these little flowers to keep fleas away ,hence the name.

I picked up g-son from pre-school and we stopped by the local meat market for some Boston Butts for smoking this weekend.
They had poured some ice out of their coolers against the side of the building and g-son wanted to make snowballs !
I guess he missed any snow fall fun this year also !
We came home and had lunch ,then he tackled his Lincoln Logs while I did laundry and cleaned house.
About mid afternoon I finished my work so we headed outside in the warm sunshine, 66 degrees. The wind has died down so the sun feels good today.
I enjoy my time with him as he is growing up so fast and is asking harder and harder questions to answer.  We sit in the firepit patio and pretend we are gazing into a fire and tell made up stories.
It is a chance for him to let his imagination run wild and believe me he does and I really enjoy it.
Hubbie and daughter are loading a pile of composted cow manure in his truck to haul over to her house to fill her raised beds.
G-son's dad came late to pick him up after a long 10 hour day. They headed home for supper.
I did evening chores and still no chicks. I guess I'll be going to Tractor Supply in the morning and buying then 3 chicks each since they have devoted 3 weeks plus of waiting for some little ones to care for.
This evening I noticed this bed of Hosta already up and getting it's pretty colors.
 Sadie is hoping for a romp in the bottom pasture again today but it is too late tonight.
I saw this guy watching my every move this evening and noticed the feeders needed refilling.
It is funny how the birds will usually do something to bring the fact that the feeders are empty to my attention. Sometimes they will flutter lightly against the sunroom door or windows. This guy just sat very still and watched me as if to say " aren't you forgetting something?"  He got his way and I refilled all the feeders and suet holders just in time for everyone to get a good meal before bedtime.
When I tried to get on the internet tonight I had no service. I had to shut everything down and unplug it all for a while then it worked when I re-connected. This is the second time I have had to do this in the last month. Never had the problem before so I'm not so sure what is going on just hope it doesn't get worse.
All's well that  ends well I guess.
Especially thankful for God's sacrifice of His only Son as the resurrection Sunday gets closer.
Good Night and God Bless.

Monday, March 26, 2012


Born on this day in 1985 I finally got the daughter I so desperately hoped and prayed for.

And these 2 guys were up for the big brothering jobs then and they still are today !!!    I just can't believe it has been 27 years since the day she was born.

G-son was here extra early this morning as mom and dad had to be at work by 7:30. Hubbie got up with him while I slept longer as I didn't sleep well with my stopped up nose again last night.
While hubbie took him to pre-school I did chores. I am looking for the first batch of green eggs from my friend to start hatching as today has been 21 days.  But no little peepers yet, I don't know what I'll do if none of the eggs hatch after these poor hens have spent 3 long weeks setting on them !!
Hubbie came home and tilled the garden this morning. It is a beautiful day but a little cooler than it has been especially with the brisk breeze that we have. The high today was 65 degrees and tonight we are headed for 40 degrees a significant change from the last several weeks !!
Hubbie had a routine cleaning at the dentist today so while he was there I picked up g-son and took him to Walmart to buy another set of Lincoln Logs.
More building materials mean deeper concentration requirements !!!
Maybe we have a future architect on our hands.
 Mom came about 4:30 to take him to karati  class which he was excited about but made us promise to leave his structures just as they were so he could finish them tomorrow !!
Hubbie came in from working at church to finish the job he started Saturday and we planted our early veggies.
Red and kennebec potatoes, lettuce, radishes, kohlrabi, spinach, leeks,peas, kale ,swiss chard and  cabbage plants.The waxing moon on this date is great for planting above ground crops but we went ahead with even the root crops because there is not another wanning moon phase until the middle of next month. If they don't do well we'll know why !!
We use strings to help keep our rows straight.

YUM,YUM I can't wait for the first fresh vegetables of the year !!!
After a nice evening walk we sat for a while in the covered patio until the wind made it uncomfortably cool. These tulips thought the evening was a bit cool also as their blooms were more closed tonight than they were earlier in the day.
They were enjoying the warm sunshine about 3:00 this afternoon.
 This was about 7:00 this evening as they hugged their petals closer together.
Everything will do a little shivering at 40 degrees tonight !!!
After snacking for supper we took  the rest of the potato sets and gave them to my brother and I checked for chicks again with still no luck.
After exercises and relaxing for a while I am blogging early to get to bed on a new schedule to see if that helps me sleep better.
Grateful to God for the wonderful blessed day He gave me today and for the strength He gives me everyday.
Good Night and God Bless.

Sunday, March 25, 2012


A cooler ,cloudy morning greeted me as I hurried through chores before church today.
Church was good, we had 2 people join and our youth leader sang a couple songs as he played the guitar accompanied by d-in-love on her violin and , man can this young man sing !!!
Daughter was absent from our lunch today as she and her b-friend have gone to see "The Hunger Games" movie that is so popular right now.
We had a relaxing afternoon as #2 son went home to do laundry, #1 son went to Lowes, d-in-love napped on the couch while hubbie and g-son created Lincoln Log structures and I sat in the sunroom and caught up on my magazines.
After everyone left hubbie and I watched our last basketball game of the season as our Tarheels lost their elite 8  game to Kansas. At least it was a good close game.
It has been a dreary cool day, 63 degree temperature feels uncomfortable after all the mid to upper 70 degree days we've been having.
I stopped doing my view from here photos this year but today as I looked down over #2 son's house with the Redbud tree blooms and the willow just turning green I thought I'd post this one and maybe just do a seasonal view from here this year.
It is definitely spring in this photo !
 All the cloudiness of the day made for a beautiful sunset this evening.

After a short exercise session tonight I spent the evening on the couch cuddled with my 4-legged kids.
God is so good all the time, all the time God is good.
Good Night and God Bless.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


This  exactly describes the feeling I woke up with this morning. Waking before the alarm I got out my hot pack and heated it in the micro for a minute then layed back down hoping by some miracle that in about 20 minutes my headache would be dissovled in its heat.
Altough it helped some I still struggled through chores and getting ready for market. Daughter called and I told her to get up and get dressed because I didn't know if I was going to be able to make it through the morning at market. Usually a headache makes me sick at my stomach so I have no choice but to deal with it by laying down. This wasn't a migraine like I normally have but a sinus pressure headache.
Hubbie followed me to market and helped me set up preparing to take over if I left. One of hubbie's distant cousins has a table near ours and she came over to show hubbie some old pictures she had of some of their family. He wanted copies of them so I took them up to the office in the market and scanned them to my e-mail. As I was doing this and talking with the market manager who is a friend of mine I had that hallelujia moment when I realized my headache was gone.
This is a picture of hubbie's grandfather and his 2 brothers.
This was on a Sunday after church. I love the old truck they are sitting on.
This is one of hubbie's great aunts (his grandfather's sister)  and her husband.

Again I love that the old car is in the background.
This last photo is the oldest of the bunch and has 3 more of Hubbie's great aunts, the smaller girl and the 2 ladies on the far right of the photo.
After copies are made we will have to get all the names on these folks, hopefully his cousin knows them.
Market was very slow today as I knew it would be after the morning started out stormy.  I did get most of  my Easter decoration up.  Daughter had a baby shower to attend at 12:30 so she called to check on me a couple times before I told her to go on to the shower. It was a long day as it always is when you don't feel well but I made it and came home to relax for the evening.
Hubbie worked at  the workday at church after he left the market and  was just getting home when I came in.  After we got unloaded he mowed the lawn while I dozed in the sunroom. 
I think mostly I am suffering from my night of little sleep last night.
We got only about another 1/4" of rain today but it is cooler tonight, expected to get into the mid 40's overnight.
Looking forward to worshipping our Lord tomorrow with my church family.
Good Night and God Bless.