Friday, August 31, 2012


Our abbreviated vacation time has arrived. After watching to see where hurricane Issac went I almost didn't find a place for us to stay. I missed my first choice beach front house by a couple hours but we did get a house on a canal. I waited until Monday morning to call about it for 2 reasons, #1 the weather and #2 they wouldn't agree to rent for 4 nights in 2 different  weeks until they were sure they couldn't rent for the entire week.
After chores last night hubbie and I packed most of the things in the van.
We decided to take the van because of gas prices and a possible gas shortage because of the hurricane. My van gets excellent gas mileage and we can get there on half a tank.
#1 son and g-son are also leaving today . #1 son worked night shifts all week putting in culverts on a road they had to close down so he doesn't have to work today. Daughter and d-in-love both had to work today so they will ride together and come down after work.
We are staying at Holden Beach again this year. Hoping it is not so crowded on this holiday weekend. Normally I would never travel on a holiday but with all the new jobs for the kids there isn't enough vacation time to take a whole week,plus g-son is now in school. He is missing 2 days for this trip,
today and Tuesday but his teacher said it was fine.
#2 son cannot make this trip and is taking care of the farm for us. He can't get time off around this holiday and he is still waiting to hear back from a bank on a house offer he has made.
Hubbie and I got everything taken care of with extra feed and water and got on the road at 10:30. We decided we would be in no hurry as we expect heavy traffic.

As we traveled down highway 74 we had little traffic problems until we got to Charlotte,NC and traffic was really jammed for several miles.
We witnessed a near accident when a SUV in front of us had a blow out in a front tire. The tire just exploded and the driver did a good job of getting off the road out of traffic.
Our traveling companions are good riders.

I break up the boredom by looking for shapes in the clouds. Today I saw a mouse and a kangeroo that watched us drive past.
#1 son went a different route than us and we expect to get there about the same time.
We arrived at the rental agency to pick up the keys at 4:40 so that wasn't a bad trip time even with the extra traffic.
We unloaded the van and then went to the grocery store where we met #1 son and g-son.
We got groceries then went to Subway for supper. We also stopped for fishing license and bait on the way back to the house.The sun was getting low by the time we crossed back on to the island.

G-son is so excited it makes all the trouble worth it. After we ate we went out on our dock to fish but darkness sat in quickly and after I tangled my line for a second time we took a walk down to the pier to see what everyone else was catching.

One man was catching Black Drum one right after the other and g-son thought the fish flopping around on the pier was hilarious.
The full moon over the ocean was beautiful.

As we walked back to our house I listened to g-son's excited chatter and silently thanked the Lord for our safe trip and for the joy this little guy brings to me each day.
Daughter and d-in-love left their house at 5:30 and made it down here about11:30..
So prayerfully thankful for the safe travel for all of us today and praying for God's grace for us here and #2 son as he watches over our farm.
Good Night and God Bless.

Thursday, August 30, 2012


G-son came in this morning saying how tired he was and ate breakfast while he layed on the couch.
One more foggy morning to add to the many that this August has had. Hopefully we won't get that many snows !!

When we got to school he decided he was going to walk in alone so he made me stand inside the door as he walked with all the kids and found his room. I sneaked down and peeked in  just to make sure he was where he was supposed to be and he was so I left Mr. Independent alone and came home.
I'm glad he is willing to step out on his own.
I did my morning chores and got ready for market making it actually early. This week end is Apple Festival weekend and town was already busy.
The Curb Market always enters a display in the contest for business and this year here it is.
And today I am in my apple outfit and have my apple table cloth on my table ,which by the time this pic was made was almost empty showing how good my sales were today. Thank you Lord !
I spent my time between customers today removing the hulls from 2 money plant bunches I brought in this morning. I am slowly getting all of it out of my sewing shop where I hung it last year. This year's money plant crop was not any good so it was a good thing I saved all this from last year.
After market I ran regular errands and picked up baking supplies on the way home. And as I got closer I saw these ominous looking clouds out our way and sure enough the reason the mountains are not visible in the distance was hard rain at our house.
We got 1 1/4" of rain in about 30 minutes. I had to sit and wait for it to pass before I could unload my van. I watched the bottom pastures fill with water in all the low places and watched the gulleys of water run down our driveway. I hope Issac soon calms down and runs out of moisture. The tropics are really heating up with 2 other storms that are predicted to head north away from any land. I just hope that these 2 do what they are predicted to do or things might get really interesting.
#2 son came by to visit this afternoon. One of his best buddies, who is a deputy sheriff , dad died suddenly yesterday of a massive stroke. I went to school with him ,he was a year ahead of me. We always were together when we were young because both our parents were chicken farmers and we just lived a couple miles apart. His name was Tommy Pace and I am asking for special prayers for his family tonight, his wife and children are devastated by his sudden death at 59 years old.

Yesterday I talked about my apple decorations and today while waiting out the storm I remembered to take photos.
This is the sunroom table. The basket of apples and the cups are new this year.
New also are these plates. I found 3 of them at GW for 25cents each. I used 2 here and 1 on another table out here.
This is the main dining table in the kitchen.
This week end there will be apples everywhere you look as the festival that makes most of the apple farmers a big portion of their income goes into high gear on main street in downtown.
Praying tonight for Tom's family and for the storm victims and for my family as we enter this special weekend.
Good Night and God Bless.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Took this picture on the way to school this morning. G-son is going to have to get used to a new routine at Neena's in the morning. He thought he was going back to bed this morning when mom dropped him off. But he ate breakfast while I got ready and then we headed to school. I walked in with him and followed along to see if he could find his room. He only hesitated once and then we were in the right hallway.
I had a nice chat with his teachers and still made it home by 8:15 to the delight of the chickens and dogs.
After chores,breakfast and exercises I took a long walk, the humidity level must be 100% this morning as sweat poured off me as I walked.
I think all the wet weather has ruined the fig crop, as soon as the figs start to ripen they burst open and are immediately a feast for bees who are looking for winter food to store.
 These butterflies were also enjoying the nectar of this late blooming butterfly bush .

Looks like we will have plenty of pears.
I spent the rest of the morning baking. I baked 30 layers ,2 pound cakes and a wine cake before lunch.
After lunch I changed some of my decorations to apple things for September, I forgot to take pics today so they will come later.
I bagged Avon orders, did weekly paperwork,paid bills and relaxed this afternoon while we got a short shower of rain. The thunder sounded bad in the distance but we were far away thankfully and only got about 1/10th inch of rain.
#1 son picked up g-son from school today and said he went to sleep as soon as he got in the car.
Hubbie worked on the fence some more this evening while I did chores and then iced my cakes.I iced 12 caramel,1 chocolate and 2 coconuts. The usual holiday orders are not coming in this year. I wonder what the Apple Festival crowd will be like with the price of gas going up.
Hurricane Issac finally came on shore and is still creeping along flooding parts of New Orleans as the water tops some of the leveys.
Some places were flooded with 12 foot of water forcing many folks to their rooftops waiting for boat rescues.

And even with a catagory 1 hurricane the wind damage was extensive.

The storm is still only moving at about 6 MPH so the flooding rains will hit places inland as well as on the coast. So far they have not reported any deaths due to the storm.
I am headed to bed early tonight for an early start to a busy Thursday.
Thanking God for the blessings He sent my way today and saying prayers for the people in the path of Issac.
Good Night and God Bless.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Woke to a cloudy morning. D-in-love sent me pictures she took of g-son's first day of kindergarten.
He was up extra early and raring to go.
This is before they got in the car to be on their way.
He knew exactly where his room was after being there only one time before.
He already has some friends in the class and got to sit beside one of the pretty ones so he loves it.
He is growing so fast !!!
I had a regular morning of chores,exercise and walking. This is some of Issac's clouds filling the skies over us this morning.
He is such a huge storm the rains are flooding some of the east coast towns.
 We escaped any rain except one small sprinkle that sent me scrambling to the clothes line to gather almost dry laundry this afternoon.
I made a change in my schedule since g-son has started school making Tuesday my only cleaning and laundry day. I cleaned , changed all the furniture covers and did extra first of the month cleaning and did laundry all day until it was time to go pick up g-son at 3:00.
This was the car rider line this afternoon. I went at the worst possible time and had to sit in line over 15 minutes. I will go later next time since g-son said he wanted to be picked up last anyway.
He had a very good day and said he learned to "listen" today.
He was hungry when we got home  and then it was back to his regular playtime.
After he went home and hubbie and I  did chores our lone old cow and the renter's bull decided to have a sparing contest on the fence so Aaron came up and we hooked up a hot wire along that portion of fence which should stop the sparing.
It was dark when we came inside.
He said his wife was feeling better from her intense morning sickness and gone to work tonight.

Issac's fury has been felt all day in different coastal cities,even in Charleston,SC where these guys canoed down the streets.
The waves on the gulf coast of Florida were high.
And the coast of Alabama suffered damage from the slow (7mph) huge storm.
Tonight it finally made landfall in Louisiana near New Orleans.
The predicted rain totals are staggering for that area and everyone is praying that the rebuilt leveys hold back the water.
The track takes it a bit farther west than yesterday's which is even better for us here in NC.
Our worst rain is suppose to come tomorrow from the outer bands that are still pulling water from the Atlantic.
Praying for all the people in the path of this storm,may God keep you safe and may He comfort and be your guide in the aftermath.
Good Night and God Bless.

Monday, August 27, 2012


The last Monday before g-son starts to school started off early with his arrival then the arrival of a man to buy our cattle trailer. We bought this trailer in 1991 and had it delivered up here from Georgia.
It has hauled a lot of cattle and even some horses and goats in its time with us. It was kind of sad to see it go but we didn't want to see it just sit and rust down.
But it made it's last trip down our driveway early this morning. Another sign of a chapter in our lives coming to an end.
After chores,breakfast and exercise hubbie,g-son and I made a trip to town to run a couple errands.
While hubbie was turning the trailer tag in g-son found this little ride. I should have learned by now not to ask him to "smile" !!!
We came home and ate lunch here then hubbie mowed the lawn while g-son and I just hung out inside awhile. We read some books and played games in his play room. I will miss him being around all the time. Actually I have a sense of security when he is here,even at his age he could call for help.
Tomorrow is his big first day of kindergarten and he is super excited.
I remember from when my kids started school that things will never be the same as they have been for these past 5 years. He will get his independence and will loose a lot of his innocence with  the influence of the other kids at school. But that is a big part of growing up and he is growing up so fast for sure. D-in-love is going to take him in the morning and go into work late,then I will be taking him to school each day and picking him up at least 3 days a week.

Tonight was our last nutrition class at church. The lady that has given us all this free info and guided us along the beginning of this journey is truly a Godly lady and we appreciate her efforts immensely .
Here is the documentation of my beginning weeks of this journey which is far from over. I am extremely pleased with how my body has responded to this plan.
I only lost a total of 7.8 pounds but I shaved off an astounding 18 inches. Like I said this is just the beginning of the journey and I will be purchasing a set of scales that will tell me the % 's that I need to track my progress along the way.

In other news of the day the tropical storm which tonight is very close to becoming a hurricane has shifted again. Now headed directly for New Orleans,La.
Praying for the people of New Orleans that this won't deal them another blow like that of Katrina in 2005. This is a weaker storm but is a bigger and slower storm which makes flooding more of a threat to the low laying areas of the coast.
Thanking God for the blessings of the day and praying for a smooth day for g-son tomorrow.
Good Night and God Bless

Sunday, August 26, 2012


This is where I spend my Sunday mornings. I love worshiping here with my neighbors and family.
Today was back to school Sunday and we prayed over all the school personel and children that are headed back to class tomorrow.
Hubbie and daughter were a part of this huge group.
Our church is very fortunate to be blessed with so many school employees.

After church we had a spaghetti lunch for everyone.  After a short visit everyone headed out with their own plans.
Hubbie and I relaxed while the rains came again with  about 2/10ths inch on an afternoon with according to the weather predictions had 0% chance of any rain.
Tropical storm Issac is also defying the predictions and formed a new path for itself today as it just brushed south Florida and is still headed west.
This is the new track they are predicting today taking it much farther west before it makes landfall.

I really hope it goes up into the Mississippi valley to give some drought relief in that area.
People around New Orleans are very worried as this storm might hit them on the anniversary of Katrina a devastating category 3 hurricane that hit them on August 29,2005.
After chores this evening hubbie and I went to the grocery store to take advantage of the BOGO Ingles sale that started today.
I moved the newly hatched chicks and their mom into a larger brooder house this evening. They'll have much more room to explore when they wake up tomorrow morning. She lost on little black chick that was half the size of the others from the beginning but these five look healthy and happy.
It's been a nice relaxing day and I'm thankful to God for the blessings of a wonderful day.
Good Night and God Bless.

Saturday, August 25, 2012


To market,to market we go !!
With early morning phone calls about the chicks I have for sale I was up plenty early today. Got set up and sold well all day. Daughter came in for most of the day from a dog sitting job in Asheville. She got her 2 tables that the neighbor had given up some time ago. We original thought they weren't going to offer her the tables but they did so now she has 2 tables and I have 2 tables so we have plenty of selling space. She worked on the market computer most of the day getting some things they needed set up.
After market I made a couple grocery and supply stops,picked up my Avon order and headed home about 3:30. Hubbie helped me unload and get things put away.
A lady and her 2 daughters came after 3 of the Silkie chicks. Those little girls were surely excited to have their own little chicks.
Hubbie and I grilled the last 2 packs of fresh shrimp that daughter brought back from Beaufort,SC and #1 son and g-son came by to help us eat it with cole slaw and baked potatoes.
After chores we got a slight sprinkle of rain and that was all thankfully for today. There is water standing everywhere.
We do not need any more water from hurricane Issac but he seems to be zeroing in on our area. Not good timing with the Apple Festival this coming weekend that keeps many of the area apple farmers in business.
Hopefully there will be a path change tomorrow when he finally  gets into the gulf of Mexico but for now this is the chosen path,bummer !!
The island of Haiti took a direct hit with flooding and high winds in their already down trodden state still from the earth quake years ago there was not much to protect them from the water and wind.

Actually Issac isn't even hurricane strength yet but he is a huge storm and is predicted to get quite a bit stronger when it gets into the warm gulf waters.
God has a plan for Issac and he will go as God directs that's one thing for sure.
Praying for g-son tonight that he gets over this virus and is able to start school on time Tuesday.
Good Night and God Bless.

Friday, August 24, 2012


G-son and I stayed in bed a little while this morning after he got here,I think this week has been tiring for both of us.
After chores and breakfast I did my exercise tape and then walked in the nice sunshine under blue skies today.
We had lunch and then I baked cakes, 40 layers and 2 pound cakes. I have a few orders tomorrow so maybe it will be a good day.
#1 son got off work at noon today to take g-son to the "meet the teacher" hour at his school. He has been excited all morning about getting to go back to school. I just hope he likes it as much as he did pre-school.
I finished baking at about 3:00 and found myself alone and with time to take a much needed "me" break. There are things that need to be done but they can wait.
I found myself wondering around the house picking up things and doing little jobs that had been put off in my "me" time but oh well at least I didn't have to hurry !!
#1 son and g-son came back and gave me a good report on the meet the teacher experience.
G-son had a hard time leaving his new friends already.
Just as I started evening chores so did the rain for today.
It poured again ,over an 1 inch in about 30 minutes!!  This must be the monsoon season that I didn't know we had !

Then we had a steamy sunset as the clouds moved south of us.
The gulleys in our drives just keep getting deeper but anything we put in them just washes right out.

After the rain I finished chores and iced all my cakes. I had a pretty late night,getting finished about 11:30 so this is being written Saturday and back dated.
Grateful for the blessings of the day.