Thursday, June 30, 2016


Time for another market day, seems these come up really fast these days !!!  I got chores done and headed off to market even a few minutes early today.
I have a couple large orders so I should have a pretty good sales day. When I pulled into the parking lot I was definitely glad for my orders because the vacant parking lot reminded me of a January market day !!
I got set up and got out the laptop for something to do.  D-in-love brought the kids by on their way to the Elk's Club Pool where they were meeting friends for a nice swim time.
I had a good day of sales with business finally picking up and with my orders that all got picked up I am happy.
I left market and ran regular errands then I added a stop at the Co-op for some bentonite clay and comfrey sauve to try on my spider bite.
As I drove from there to Aldi I got in a very heavy rain and hail storm . The roads quickly became rivers as the drains couldn't hold all the water.
I sat in Aldi's parking lot for about 30 minutes waiting for the storm to pass. I wondered what it was doing at our house watching the pea sized hail bounce off my hood.
After leaving there and heading for Walmart which is on our side of town the rain had stopped and the sun was shining. While I was shopping however the rain made it there, but thankfully not as heavy as the rains earlier.
As I drove home the roads became drier and arriving at home we had only a sprinkle.
Hubbie was already here and #2 son was here picking up more wood for more signage for the wedding.
After he left hubbie and I unloaded the Honda and put things away. As we watched the news we decided to get the chores done as we could hear thunder in the distance and the news radar looked like rain was headed our way.
A friend stopped by and brought a ladder for us to use in the wedding to hold pictures and flowers.
As I blog tonight the thought dawned on me that this month is over !!!   My  oh  My how time is flying by right now, I'm hoping it is just because we are super busy with the  wedding plans !!!
As I type this post tonight the rain outside is pouring down and the wind is blowing in a really bad storm around here.
June 2016 has been a good month over all for the family with a few "bumps" put in.
G-son finished the 3rd grade and aced his EOG's . He was ready for summer fun and we started off with a trip to pet the goats at Carl Sandburgs  then he had cub scout camp for a week in the very hot weather.
D-in-love started working only 2 days a week so that made my g-daughter time less. She is crawling everywhere now and is hard to keep up with.

I had my annual physical and got vitamin D pills plus a warning to lower my bad cholesterol by October.
We had a couple wedding showers amoung all the other wedding projects we are getting done as the time draws closer.
We celebrated 2 birthday's this month. Hubbie and I were treated to a dinner out at Cracker Barrel for his birthday and Father's day which are always close together as his birthday is the 15th. Also Aa got a year older today as he celebrated a birthday.
The weather has been hot and dry this month leaving us in a drought with several high temperature records.
On the downside I was biten by a Brown Recluse Spider and had to take antibiotics and am still fighting the infection .
#2 son's house was struck by lightening this past Monday and he is still trying to assess all the damage.
Our downsides are very very minor to a lot of folks after the crazy weather all around the country this month with killer tornadoes and wildfires claiming many lives around the country.
I thank God every day for all the blessings He sees fit to send my way . I strive each day to glorify His name in all that I do.  Looking forward to His plans next month.
God Bless and Good Night


Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Got to sleep until 8:00 this morning as d-in-love is off and keeping the kids waiting for the heat pump repairman to get there this morning. As I stretched and listened to the morning news on the clock radio I got the news that an earthquake had happened really close to us just after midnight this morning. It was just south of East Flat Rock and registered 2.1. No damage was reported.
I did chores, had a leisurely breakfast out in the sunroom enjoying the sounds of early morning.
I took a long walk as the sun fought the clouds for position this morning.

The yard smells wonderful this  time of year with all the Mimosa trees bending low cover with fragrant blossoms.

I came back inside and spread all the blackberries on baking sheets to freeze before starting the baking for the day.

I baked 12 caramel,1 pound and 1 blackberry wine cake before having a late lunch.
I went up and gleaned the garden and found some  yellow squash ready along with a couple small white cucumbers.
I cleaned the living room and was just finishing mopping the floor when d-in-love called and ask if the kids could come here while she went to the grocery store.
We stayed inside and watched a really bad storm skirt our area to the east. I'm thankful this one moved around us.
Unfortunately for the friends whose blackberry farm we picked at Sunday they were hit by hail during this storm. Hopefully it won't be too bad and totally ruin the crop.
We do need rain badly but when it all falls at once it runs off it doesn't help much and we are ending this month down almost 6 inches below normal rainfall and in a drought already for the summer.

After d-in-love picked up the kids  hubbie and I watched the news then did chores. I put some beets in the pressure pot for supper and had a piece of chicken breast with them for a yummy supper.
I ended  the day doing weekly paperwork, paying bills, icing cakes and getting things ready for market.
I guess I need to finish the decade pics for this month with the June 2006 photos. We had a nice ski boat then and went to the lake every chance we got with the kids. This is a trip with daughter. She was a good water skier.
Our 4-legged kids always went with us. We discovered Dolly could not swim , maybe because of her bad hips so she had to wear a "doggy" life jacket.
Bernie also loved the water and relaxing with daughter and me.
When I look at these pics of the dogs back in their younger days it makes me sad to see them now as Dolly is completely blind and Bernie suffers with his enlarged heart.
But these pics also make me glad that these two little dogs have had a great life with us and have been shown lots of love.
I am very thankful for the blessings of this day and the good report I received today from the bone density scan I had Monday. There has been  no change in my bone thinning over the past 2 years.
I'm forever grateful to my loving Lord for watching over me continuously.
God Bless and Good Night.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


After the kids got here early this morning I fixed g-son his breakfast of waffles and chocolate milk and then took g-daughter back to bed with me. D-in-love said she had been up since 6am and needed to sleep more.
She did go right back to sleep but just before the 8am alarm sounded she was wide awake after a short 30 minutes of extra sleep.
She played in her entertainment saucer while I did chores then we had breakfast.  She loves to be in the same room as her brother so I brought this playpen up for her to play in.
G-son was happy to play with her for a while in it.
She was excited about something new !!!
I cleaned house while they entertained themselves this afternoon. I got everything cleaned but the living room and that can wait until tomorrow when d-in-love is off .
G-daughter did not want to sleep longer than 30 minutes at either of her naps today so she was a bit fussy this afternoon but her wonderful big brother let her sit with him and watch TV and that made her happy.
After d-in-love picked them up hubbie and I did chores and had supper. The clouds make the sky really pretty tonight but thankfully we have had no storms today, only a light shower early this morning.
Thankful for all the blessings of this day and looking forward to what God has in my plan for tomorrow !!
God Bless and Good

Monday, June 27, 2016


The 7am alarm sounded early today. D-in-love brought both the kids by and hubbie and I both got up with them.
I had to be at the Asheville Imaging Center at 8:45 for my bone density scan so I did chores early and got ready.
We left it up to g-son to decide if he wanted to go or for him ,g-daughter and hubbie to stay home.
He decided he wanted to go so off all of us went. I arrived right on time and was in and out as usual in about 30 minutes. While I was inside hubbie and the kids were roaming the parking lot. G-daughter thought it was the funniest thing for her brother to sit on her lap.

We then headed to Goodwill so g-son could look for more of the "sickbrick " legos this store has.
I saw these chairs and tried to think of a way I could use them. Sadly they were left behind !!

We fed g-daughter in the parking lot then made stops at Walmart and Southern States.
The kids were both really good so we stopped at chic f-la for g-sons lunch then came home and ate left overs from yesterday for ours.
G-daughter took an hour nap after lunch while I got laundry started. Hubbie went up to his shop to work on some of the wedding decor.
It started storming and drove him back inside the house. The thunder and lightening was really close and the rain poured down leaving 1 1/2 inchs in the gauge in about 15 minutes with the wind blowing it sideways. This is looking out the bay window under our front porch.
The yard looked like a lake.
The loud thunder woke g-daughter and her and g-son passed the storm time away playing .

The wrestling matchs have already begun.
They were glad when the TV would work again after the hard rains drowned out the satelite.
I finished 4 loads of laundry today before d-in-love picked the kids up. G-daughter had another 30 minute nap and she had to wait for to wake up before they went home.
The air conditioning repair man came this evening and they are going to have to replace the motor in their unit so they are still without air conditioning and are thankful for the 70's temps today.
After they all left hubbie and I surveyed for damage and found our driveway washed badly with all the ditches full of gravel. I got a shovel and worked in a light mist to reopen the ditches for the next rain.
Things look like they grown several inches just this afternoon with the refreshing rain.

I finished chores and had supper before I got a call from #2 son asking how bad the storm was today. Lightening apparently struck his house. He said it blew apart one of his Direct TV boxes, threw a couple circuit breakers and now he has 3 kitchen receptacles that won't work that weren't on either of the blown circuit breakers plus his big TV in the living room won't work.

Hubbie and I rode up to his house to help him look for more damage but didn't find anything.
We came home to a nice cool evening.
To update on my Brown Recluse Spider bite. It has been a week since the bite , I have been on two different types of medicine for 4 days and this is what the bite looks like today. Some of the surface is starting to form hard scabs over seemingly smooth skin, the redness is larger than before but a lighter shade of red. These critters bites cause nasty things to happen to your skin. I got a scare today as I fund another brown spider in the house but after looking at it under a magnifying glass it was not a Brown Recluse so I feel much better about that.

To get in more decade pics for June before the end of the month tonight is June 1996 All Star baseball. #2 son played each year in these games and this year they won the state tournament.

Grateful to God that we were spared any damage from the storms today and thankful for all the days blessings especially the rain.
God Bless and Good Night.