Sunday, August 1, 2021


 The air feels different this morning as I get out to get chores done. We have a front moving through our area and it is going to drop our high temperatures into the mid 70's by Tuesday. The air isn't as humid as it has been. After chores I had breakfast then started getting things ready for lunch. I made a cucumber salad and an apple crisp for dessert.  We had a roast beef in the crock pot and fixed corn on the cob and mashed potatoes plus hubbie made slaw from one of our last cabbages from the garden.  We actually forgot to fix fresh green beans . With all the baskets of bean setting in the kitchen I have no idea how that happened !     Everyone made it to lunch except #2 son and Tif .  

The kids all came in baring birthday gifts for me today and made my day very special.

CA and BB were too busy to have their pictures made but they were here also.
We all ate and then headed outside in the cool breeze under the covered patio to break green beans. Re had brought a bucket of her beans over here and daughter helped her break hers and d-in-love and IR helped me break a basket of mine.

The other kids were swinging and playing with Pawpaw.

We got all these beans broke before everyone went their separate ways for the afternoon.  Hubbie and I finished breaking the last basket of beans we picked yesterday and filled 3 large bowls and 1 medium sized bowl so I probably will have about 4 canner runs for tomorrow.
We got evening chores done and I finally got a peak at this white Silkie's hatch so far. She has 2 guineas and 2 silkie chicks. Their was one dead guinea in the nest and a couple unhatched eggs that I left under her for a couple more days.
We finished chores and finished the evening back out in the covered patio enjoying this mild evening weather. 
Thankful for a wonderful Sunday filled with many undeserved blessings and praying for family and friends who are fighting the covid virus right now.
God Bless and Good Night

Saturday, July 31, 2021


 Up to another hot day. I got chores done and was very thankful that my sore back is better this morning. I had a leisurely breakfast then made a cake and egg delivery. On the way home we stopped at the corn field and picked enough corn for tomorrow's lunch . We came home and I washed out all the bowls and pots we used yesterday for the corn and cleaned up the covered patio. I decided to let the sun help dry the bowls and pots.

I watered all my inside plants and the plants in the backyard. These last few 90 degree days have certainly dried things out. I put away laundry and then had a BLT for lunch.  After lunch I pulled grass and weeds out of the back steps. Daughter brought the girls over mid afternoon when it got a little cloudy to help pick green beans. I am picking the second picking of these half runners to can on Monday. IR was a big help picking but got too hot today.

She had to take a couple popsicle breaks today but was still a great helper.  I am glad she loves gardening.  We finished with 1 and 1/2 bushels this time which was a bushel less than the first picking which is pretty normal. After we finished picking hubbie sprayed them so they will continue to at least give us fresh beans to eat.
#1 son's family stopped by after their tubing trip today down Green River. RL went along this time and did very well for her first time. After everyone left hubbie and I  had to run to get the bowls and pots off the lawn chairs as a surprise shower came through out area. We waited until the short shower was over and got chores done. 
After chores we sat out in the covered patio and broke beans. I put the broken beans in the frig to wait until Monday for canning. 
As I shut up the hens tonight I saw this guy who is always watching me when I pass his way. He is a huge black spider and is always in his web hole so maybe he is smart enough to know it wouldn't be good for him to surprise me !!!

And before the day ends I have to wish myself a happy birthday as I turn a year older today. All the grand girls sang to me today and that was the greatest gift I could have received .
Thankful for a wonderfully blessed birthday 
God Bless and Good Night

Friday, July 30, 2021


 Up early to get chores done and have breakfast with IR and CA who are here while their mom meets with her insurance agent. I left at 9:45 to drive to Asheville for my annual OBGYN appointment. I really like my doctor but still got almost sick driving over there. I have such bad cases of "white coat syndrone" even with this doctor who is like an old friend. I figured my blood pressure would be out the roof but surprisingly it was 124/78 which is about normal for me.  The exam went well and I was on my way home in about an hour . I got home just in time for lunch with daughter and the girls.  After we ate we headed over to the corn field to gather our season's corn. IR loved gathering corn.

CA helped by filling the bags for us.

Farming is lots more fun with helpers like these two.

We came home and parked the truck in the shade of the barn  to shuck the corn. I had to make a cake delivery before I could help with the corn shucking. As I waited on my customer the Ring camera went off and I looked to find these two 4-wheeling around the driveway in their jeep.
When I got home we all shucked corn with sweat dripping off our chins in another 90 degree afternoon even in the shade but IR hung in there until all the corn was shucked.

Daughter took the girls home for naps and hubbie and I sat up our corn fixin stages.
It is shady and a cool breeze is blowing this afternoon so we decided to get at least some of it put in the freezer.  We are putting up on the cob corn this year only because we have cut off corn left from last year.  We took breaks for chores and then had to run to Walmart for more food vacuum bags but we ended up finishing around 7:30 and had it all in the freezer. I didn't get a picture and I lost count of the bags but we think we put up about 55 bags of 5 ears each for our winter meals. The kids all love corn on the cob and we ran out of it last year but I don't remember how many bags we put up.
Thankful for the garden bounty we are experiencing this year and thankful for the ability to put away food for later that I know exactly who has handled it.
I am very tired tonight and my back muscles are screaming loudly but I still had to ice 2 chocolate cakes and get them ready to be delivered tomorrow.  I finished the evening with a heating pad on my back for a while before bed time.
Thankful for the wonderful blessings of this day and praying for family and friends with the covid virus.
God Bless and Good Night

Thursday, July 29, 2021


 Up to a bright sunny hot morning. I got chores done and then I had breakfast before loading the cake orders in the Honda and heading out to the Curb Market.  I met 3 customers there today and checked inside to see if any of my money plant had sold but it was still all there. One of the neighbor vendors said there has been little traffic through the hot market on the past week's market days.  We left there and made stops at the PO to buy stamps and mail my last regular car payment on my Honda Pilot. Then we stopped at the bank and checked out the Amazon sale place because we were the only customers there this morning. Hubbie found a couple things and I picked up a couple things for daughter but didn't find anything for myself. We headed home to have lunch then go swimming with the kids. Daughter's neighbors are so nice to let us use their pool. IR is getting braver and was getting her face in the water today. I got in with them for a while then turned them over to Aunt A. 

RL is getting better and better swimming and diving. There was a couple neighbor young boys there today also and they were teaching her to somersault into the water.

CA loves the water but didn't like being the only one that had to wear her swimmies today.

We brought CA home with us so IR and RL could get ready to go to gymnastics for the last time this summer. CA went to sleep on the way home and slept until her mom and dad came to pick her up. D-in-love-A brought RL up to visit and tell us all about the gymnastics class.  After they all left hubbie and I got chores done and then while hubbie sprayed in the garden I picked blackberries and blueberries.

It has been another 90 degree day and it is very humid this evening.  I watered some plants and then we came inside.  I baked a couple chocolate cakes tonight and iced 6 caramel cakes. I am tired tonight after a full day of activity.
Thankful for the blessings of this day and praying for the covid affected family and friends.
God Bless and Good Night

Wednesday, July 28, 2021


 Up to a sunny hot morning to get chores done. I had a quick breakfast with RL before loading up and going over to pick up IR and CA to go with us on our weekly errand run today. We are going to the dump / recycle center today and to meet an egg customer and pick up a few things at Sav Mor so that tomorrow I can drive my Honda to take some more things to the market and finish our errands.  It didn't take long to get things done today and we picked up lunch on the way home. The girls were hungry and enjoyed their lunches of corn dogs and fries today.  After lunch daughter came over and we took the older girls outside to play while CA napped. These girls don't mind the 90 degree heat today as they  drank cold drinks and explored.

After the girls left I walked around the yard admiring the color still braving this heat wave. This very large Crepe Myrtle is full of blooms.
The Butterfly bushes are still providing multiple blooms for all the butterflys and bees.
I have some late blooming Hosta's that have white blossoms instead of the typical purple.
These Rose of Sharon bushes are starting to show their pretty color . This was is the late afternoon and this little bee was doing his job keeping these pollinated.

This is the same blooms later this evening as I finished chores. I didn't realize Rose of Sharon blooms closed in the evening.

Also I discovered these little cuties during chore time today. This Silkie mama has several guinea eggs and a couple silkie eggs under her and these 2 little cuties were sticking the heads out from under mama as I peeked in to check on mama. I wasn't expecting any hatching until the weekend but the warmer weather probably speeded up hatching.
Our garden harvest each day is getting bigger these days and we are so thankful we did get over an inch of rain before these 90 degree days got here.
I pulled up the Red Swan bush bean plants this evening and gave them to the chickens. I have picked beans from them 4 times so they were pretty spent and the chickens got to enjoy the few beans they put back on.  We are really competing with all kinds of insect pest this year, seems hubbie is spraying something everyday and we are still finding holes in tomatoes and cucumber vines are still wilting away. We try to spray only organic but have had to get some liquid sevin to help with the onslot of bugs this season.
I watered all the potted plants in the front yard and then came inside to figure the weekly bills and then iced coconut cakes and baked more caramel cakes.
Thankful for another blessed beyond belief day and praying hard tonight for family members and friends that have contracted the dreaded covid virus.
God Bless and Good Night