Sunday, October 23, 2016


Bernie had a haircut at a bad time on the coolest night of the season so far so he had to have a little help keeping warm through the night. He enjoyed it and has worn it all day today even if he doesn't look happy !!
At least it didn't get cold enough overnight to frost this morning. The temp here at 7am was 38 ,it probably got a little lower before the sun started its warm up but there was no frost.
Hubbie and I put some of the plants I just sat inside the front door back outside until the temperature gets back down again which isn't in the foreseeable  forecast.
We did chores and had breakfast while the pan of lasagna cooked in the oven.
Church was good today from the book of Ezra.
After church #1 son's family were our only guest for lunch of lasagna , garlic toast and salad.
After we ate we met daughter and Josh at Jackson Park with all the bikes for a bike ride.
G-son has been asking to do this again since we did it on Labor day so today is a beautiful day for a ride.
We took off from the park this time so we wouldn't have any trouble finding a parking spot for all three vehicles.

A lot of this trail runs along the banks of what is commonly called Mud Creek but the Indian name for this waterway is Oklawaha . In fact this trail is called the Oklawaha greenway.
The water level is this creek looked good today despite the drought.
G-daughter who hadn't taken a nap all day refused to sleep on the 2 hour ride afraid she would miss something !!
We got home and got unloaded with enough time left to have a nice cup of hot tea and sit on the porch to enjoy the rest of this wonderful day. My knee thankfully did great with no pain and only a touch of soreness tonight. The most sore part tonight is my left hip but that is probably because I was tensed up trying to protect that knee !!!
I am grateful this evening for a wonderful Sunday and feel so blessed tonight.
God Bless and Good Night.

Saturday, October 22, 2016


BRRRR !!!!  A windy 41 degrees this morning is really chilly as I head out to get the chores done and head off to market.
Market was pretty good today but a little slower than the past couple Saturdays .
It was a nice sunny day and the wind died down some but it stayed pretty chilly all day not getting out of the 50's .
I made a stop at Aldi on the way home for next weeks baking supplies. A smaller purchase than I have had in a long time as I really expect business to slow next week.
Hubbie helped me unload and get things put away then we groomed Bernie. Doing one of the dogs at a time about a month apart isn't so bad .
I worked some more downstairs today emptying some more shelves so I could put some of the plastic containers and tupperware from the upstairs cabinet down there for easy access.
With the first "frost" warning of the season I moved some of my most tender plants inside .

 I hate to move all the plants inside because after tonight there is no more near 30's temps for at least 2 weeks.
But with the prediction of mid 30's I get nervous for some of the plants.
We also gleaned the garden and got 1/2 bushel of bell peppers. We are out of the pepper/onion relish I canned so these will be great to restock that supply.
We are crossing our fingers for our tomatoes as they are still bearing some and have a lot of green ones still on them. We were going to cover them if the wind ever died enough not to blow the covers off but that didn't happen so we are just hoping it doesn't get that cold up on the hill.
It is still 48 degrees at 10:30 so I am hoping for only upper 30's lows.
The first cold spell and my first scratchy throat tonight , yuck !!!  Loading up on the Airborne.
Thankful for a blessed day .
God Bless and Good Night.

Friday, October 21, 2016


Loud bumps and bangs woke me early this morning as the wind blew sticks and acorns all across our metal roof. I moved my Honda down below the house so the limbs and what ever this hard wind blows down won't hit it.
After chores, breakfast and devotions I took a "guarded" walk trying to dodge the falling debris .
The weather station says 23 mph winds but when I look up at the angrily swirling tree tops it looks more like the wind is twice that speed !

The ground is beginning to get its colorful Fall carpet !!

These are the same areas I took pics from last Friday and the colors haven't really changed much in this past week.

But some of the trees like this Persimmon is gloriously colorful.

Fall is a beautiful time of year regardless of what color it is !!

Back inside I treated myself to a slice of this bread I found tucked away and cover up in the corner of the freezer when I defrosted the other day and it was delicious covered with some of my homemade apple butter.

After that I spent the rest of the morning baking cakes. I baked 6 caramel, 2 pound and 2 blackberry wine cakes.
This is a pivotal week in my business, it could be good or very good but it could also be slow !!!
As October ends it usually takes most of my business with it.
The wind is still blowing like crazy and after I cleaned out my refrigerator and took some of the discards up to the chicken lots I really was surprised I didn't find some dead hens as one of the lots was full of huge Oak tree limbs that had blown down.
I hurried back to the safety of the house .
I have been trying to get a chance to get my hair cut for a couple weeks now so I thought I would give Markeeta a call and see if by some chance she would have an opening for today. She had had a cancelation at 3:00 so that worked for me.  While I waited for 3:00 I did my sewing project for the day, this large bonnet.
 I like how she layers my hair to keep it from getting so frizzy.

I bought some  sliding baskets at Lowes last Thursday and want to improve this cluttered up cabinet with them. It is a bottom cabinet and the lower shelf I can't even see what is in there except what is in the very front.

I took all these containers out of here and threw some away then matched them with their lids .
While I waited for hubbie to get home from work to bring the drill in and screw the frames to the sliding baskets down I worked a little more downstairs re-arranging some more things down there as emptied space down there is going to come into play when I move things from the kitchen to create clearer counter tops and easier access to the things we use regularly.
When hubbie came in we discovered the runners on one of the sliding baskets I had was missing a rubber washer so hubbie took it back to Lowes to exchange it. We finally got the baskets in and this will make finding things in here much much easier and hepled move things around to clear some counter space.

After chores I iced my cakes and got ready for an earlier bedtime that is really strange for a Friday night.
Thankful for the wonderful blessings of this day and for His wonderful grace.
God Bless and Good Night

Thursday, October 20, 2016


Up extra early with Dolly this morning who has not had a good last couple days and nights. We can't figure out what is going on with her as she seems to never be able to get settled down .
When hubbie went to pick up refills on Bernie's meds yesterday they added another one to try and reduce the fluid more around his heart, he already takes 2 human Lasix pills a day but is still puffy all over with fluid.  Hopefully this new pill will help him. These old ailing dogs are both really pitiful at times.
I did chores and got ready for market.
Market was okay today but with the amount of folks who came through it should have been a great day. We had two huge tour buses that gave us crowded isles but few sales. These folks don't have anywhere to store things they buy. I did sell a couple aprons that could be folded flat.
After I left market I shopped around a little at Habitat Re-Store, a furniture store in town and Big Lots for a storage bench to collect all the kids toys in the living room but had no luck finding what I want today.
I ran regular bank, PO, and baking supply shopping as well as a stop at Farm Bureau to pay three insurance policys and a stop at Ingles to get some on sale roast. Whew I felt like I had ran a race by the time I got home but I still got things unloaded and put away before hubbie got in from work.
This has been another record breaking hot day.

As the sunsets this evening we can say good bye probably for the season to these warm temperatures as tomorrow we start getting a cold front that is dropping temps below normal. No threat of frost yet though.

October 1986 was a busy exciting time in the life of our young family with #1 son's 5th birthday a trip to see hubbie's favorite race car driver and Halloween fun.

These three made life wonderful !!!
Curb Market's Old Timey Day was always the first Saturday in October back then and this is my mother in her booth  that year.
The Curb Market hasn't changed much.
This old car was on display that year also.
On a sad note for 1986 October one of my favorite cousins had a heart attack and died. This is my cousin, Sharon Walker's dad. Sharon was daughter's wedding director and she has always been one of my closer cousins and friends. Loren had the heart attack on the way home from a horse show where he , Sharon and her husband David had spent the weekend.
Thankful for old memories, good and bad .
God is good all the time, all the time God is good !!
God Bless and Good Night.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Ahhhhhh !! Wednesday mornings are nice when the alarm can be turned off a couple times before I need to get started.
After chores , breakfast and devotions I took a nice walk in the warm sunshine. My knee feels a lot better today thankfully.
I baked cakes to finish out the morning, I baked 12 caramel, 3 chocolate, 2 pound and 1 blackberry wine cake then had lunch.
The sun was battling the clouds for position so I decided to get some things done downstairs. I have had defrosting my freezer on my "to do" list for several days now and somehow it hasn't gotten done.
Today was the day !!  The hardest part of this job is getting everything out of the freezer and into the other refrigerators or coolers to keep it frozen. There is never too much ice in this freezer and it doesn't take it long to loosen enough to fall off the sides.

While I waited for the ice to loosen I vacuumed all the last years leaves from the inside greenhouse spot in the basement. (yes I an that far behind) !!
With the forecast for upper 30's a couple nights this weekend it reminded me that it probably won't be long until this space is filled again and I needed to get it ready just in case even this weekends temps could change.
Speaking of temps today's 84 degree high broke the 78 year old record of 83 degrees set back in 1938 on this date. I know is has been hot today and very out of normal for this late in October. These record and near record high temps are definitely not helping our drought situation around here.
The French Broad and Mills Rivers are at very low levels right now prompting voluntary water conservation for Henderson county residence.

As I did evening chores I noticed this sunset as the clouds seemed to be following the sun over the horizon.

I also noticed the bright purple color of these Beauty Berries this year. They seem brighter than usual to me.

I did weekly paperwork and paid bills before icing all my cakes this evening.
The only October 1978 photo I could find is this one of me in what looks like an old drug store.

Thankful to God for the blessings of this day and for the strength He gives me each and every day.
God Bless and Good Night.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


7am wake up call as g-daughter arrived all bright eyed and not thinking of going back to sleep today.
As we had our breakfast my friend Cheryl McGraw dropped by and brought me a bushel of my favorite apple. These Hoovers are so great for applesauce and apple butter or just to eat, yum yum. Thanks Cheryl !!!
G-daughter and I headed out to her day care and this Hunter's moon was still high in the sky at 8:15 this morning.
Back home I did chores and finished my breakfast. I took a nice walk in the quickly warming morning. I finished my morning doing housework and thinking about some storage ideas for around the house.
After I picked g-daughter up she went to sleep as soon as we got in the car . Hubbie was here when we got home , he had taken the afternoon off to stay with g-daughter while I went to my knee re-check appointment.
G-daughter slept for over an hour while we ate lunch and I did more housework before getting ready to go to the doctor.
I was again fortunate to find an empty waiting room and a very timely visit. Doctor used this model to help explain when he thinks is causing my knee pain and the tweeks I seem to be unable to avoid.
He said the x-ray showed the most arthritic damage was on the outside of my knee, the part that keeps giving me the most trouble.
We are going to give my knee more time to heal with the cortisone injection still working to strengthen the knee and me exercising to strengthen my thigh and calf muscles.
I do feel better and stronger with each passing day .
I stopped by Walgreens on my way home and replaced my heating pas that stopped working a couple nights ago as the doctor also said heat to relax everything at night was good.
As I made the drive back through Terry's Gap I noticed alot more leaf color than there was 2 weeks ago.
Especially near the top of the mountain.

Hubbie and g-daughter were happily playing when I got here. She was jealous of her Pawpaw's lap even with Bernie !!!

She is becoming a good little bird watcher !
After her mom picked her up I cleaned off the porches and put out my Fall decorations finally.

After chores I did my sewing for the day with this little red checked baby bonnet.
As I walked back up to shut the doors on my hen houses for the night a pungent smell roused some old memories as I was reminded what a "bear" smells like. All my cousins were bear hunters when I grew up and that is a smell you never forget !!!  Hubbie walked by on his way to the barn and he smelled it also. He shined the flashlight he had all around in the trees but we couldn't see the bear but by the smell he must have been near by or had just recently passed  by my chicken pens.
I rode my stationary bike tonight for 5 minutes after 5 minutes of stretching per docs orders. I am supposed to add 2 minutes each night up to 30 minutes.
My knee actually felt better after the 5 minutes of bike pedaling, the cortisone my still need to move around in there.
D-in-love sent me this pic tonight of g-son's 4th grade class picture. He is such a handsome boy !
Gosh he is growing waaaaayyyy to fast !!!!!!!
The weather is going from these few days of record breaking heat to a 20 degree drop for the  weekend for our roller coaster ride October !!

Thankful for the blessings of this day and praying for grace and love for all God's children as this election gets closer.
God Bless and Good Night.