Sunday, May 20, 2018


A little extra sleep this morning felt sooooo  good. Sunday mornings are always slow and easy around here.
I got chores done, had breakfast then cooked some scalloped potatoes for lunch and left them in the oven to keep warm.
We headed to church on a nice warm cloudy morning.
We had a young man that has recently been called to be God's servant from his job as a highway patrolman preaching the sermon today and he did a great job. Kyle Smith definitely has a servants heart as I have watched him for several years since he and his family joined our church several years ago. Even while he was working for the highway patrol he always managed to serve in any way he could at church. So I wasn't surprised when he announced he felt called by God. I was a little worried that his demeanor of quiet and humble wouldn't give him the voice projection he would need to preach but today after hearing him preach those fears vanished because he did a great job.
We came home to a lunch or roast beef, corn on the cob, green beans, scalloped potatoes, biscuits and sour dough bread toast.
#1 son's family and Aa's family joined us  and the kids all had a great time together.
After everyone left hubbie broke the golden rule and mowed the grass today since this is the first non-rainy day this week  and tomorrow has another high percentage of rain prediction. This is surely how everyone in our area feels.

I took a break and sat on the porch in my favorite rocking chair. Unfortunately the view from the porch is now completely blocked by the lush greenery of spring and summer.
Now our "porch settin" will have to move to the covered patio so we can look down over the road and out into the mountains.
When hubbie finished mowing we made a trip to Tractor Supply to pick up some fencing and overhead netting for the new guinea house lot.
We came home and watched the news which is still filled with the Friday night flooding pics in Polk County which now clearly show the devastation there.

We got chores done in a light sprinkle of rain but that is all we have gotten today for the rain free'est day in a week.
This little nugget turned 11 months old today as her family returned home from a weekend visit to some family in Mocksville,NC.
To continue with some of the May decade memories here is my report card at the end of my 8th grade year.

Back then the 7th thru 12th grades were in the same building and I knew the seniors that were graduating because we actually all went to school together . This is the 1968 graduation ceremony program and a list of the graduating seniors.

Going into another week counting my blessings and prayerfully asking for God's grace for my family as we move toward the end of another month.
God Bless and Good Night

Saturday, May 19, 2018


At least the sound of rain didn't wake us up this morning but the clouds were still here and the evidence of the 2 inches more of overnight rain were obvious when we looked around and down to the bottom pastures.

We got the chores done and got ready to go to market . We took the main roads since most of the back roads we usually drive are closed from flooding this morning. This is a picture of  one of the flooded roads in our area.
Market was slow as I figured it would be with all the rain, flooding and closed roads. They did get the interstate back open this morning. 
The damage in Polk county is devastating and one lady lost her life when her house was hit by an eight foot wall of mud and water.

 Most of the roads are covered with mud , water and slide debris.

A heavy rain shower came in town just before we left market but thankfully stopped before it was time to load up.
I came straight home today and hubbie helped me unload to beat the rain that looked like it was coming our way.
We only got a short shower this afternoon to add only .10 inch to our total for the day.
Hubbie hoed weeds in the garden before they get too much of a jump on the vegetables. He also made the door for my guinea house.
I moved the teenage chickens to a new on the ground cage tonight but they wouldn't come out of the box in there for a picture tonight.
I cleaned up their old cage and got it covered until I need it again.
When chores were finished we came inside and had the vegetable soup I bought from the soup vendor for supper and then relaxed for the evening.
Thankfully #2 son and Tif got back tonight safely from their vacation.
I am very thankful that we were spared any damaging rain fall last night and praying for all the folks that did sustain the damage and loss.
God Bless and Good Night

Friday, May 18, 2018


Thankfully back to the 2-g-daughter morning today. RL seems to be much better and is able to eat and drink pretty much anything she wants this morning.
IR was sooo happy to see her and had such a big smile on her face when she first saw her .

While the girls played hubbie and I did some house cleaning this morning waiting for the rain to stop and the DOT to get all the fallen trees out of the roads since alot of the worst damage seemed to be up toward #2 son's house and we needed to go check on his house.
RL elected to have her morning snack out on the porch with "Meow Meow" as she calls the cat.

I emptied another 1.4 inches from our rain gauge at choretime this morning and the ground is certainly saturated all around.
Just before noon we decided to drive up to #2 son's house to give it a final check before he gets back from Florida on Saturday.
This is the site of one of the trees in the road on Davis Mountian  road on the way to his house.

Both girls went to sleep on the way there so they got naps in while we checked out everything in and around his house. Hubbie had to unstop one of his gutters that had been running over but thankfully that was the only thing we found from all the heavy rains.
We headed back home and ran through a couple showers that added to the sogginess of the day.
The girls woke up when we got home so we all had lunch. This is RL's smorgasbord for what she thought she could eat and she ate most of it along with some ice water to make her mouth feel better.

After lunch hubbie took the girls outside to enjoy part of the day with no rain showers. RL loves batting the ball with this tennis racket. We are going to have to work on keeping her eyes open and on the ball though !!!!!!

While they played I baked, 12 caramel, 3 chocolate, 2 pound, 1 blackberry wine, 2 blueberry and 1 pan of brownies.
RL wanted to help me count the eggs when they all came inside when another rain shower started.

After the girls were picked up hubbie and I did the chores early as we heard distant thunder starting up.
Just as we got inside and started our supper the storms made it to our area. Thankfully the rain wasn't so heavy here but we did get some bad thunder and lightening that lasted all evening.
I iced my cakes and got things ready for market.
Daughter called when they arrived at son-in-love's brothers house in Mocksville,NC for a weekend visit. I was worried that they would run into the rough weather on their way there. Thankfully they got there okay but she said it was really bad coming off the mountain in the heavy rains.
I am so glad they went earlier this afternoon because just after dark tonight the interstate that they had traveled had to close after several cars got trapped in 4 foot of water that flooded the interstate.
Mudslides and flooding inundated Polk county this evening .

The rain here was heavy at times and I am sure the creek is flooding but in the darkness we can't see it but can hear it's distinct roaring sound it makes when it jumps it's banks.
I made it to bed just after midnight and am very thankful that the rains have slacked and the thunder and lightening seems to have passed.
#2 son and Tif are spending their last night of their Florida vacation tonight and tried to make a family pic but Bear didn't co-operate !!

Thankful for the blessings of this day and for the healing of RL and her hand ,foot and mouth disease blisters and praying for traveling mercies for son and Tif as they travel home tomorrow.
God Bless and Good Night

Thursday, May 17, 2018


Another one g-daughter morning as RL is still really sick and her dad is staying home with her today while d-in-love goes on a field trip to Carowinds with g-son and his fifth grade class.
I was surprised to be greeted by sunshine this morning after all the rain predictions for today. I got chores done and hubbie, IR and I headed out to market.
Connie, other g-ma came in right after us and took IR for the day.
We got set up and then hubbie worked on moving some things around in the market office.
Customers were scarce as I expected with the rainy day forecast and the week after Mother's Day.
Me and a couple of the other board members got some things ready for our Old Timey day celebration coming up the first weekend in June.
I ended up having a decent day after all and I am very thankful for all that we did sell.
We left market and hubbie went to the recycle center and dump and Sam's Club, I went to the bank, PO, Ingles, Aldi and Walmart to get groceries and baking supplies.
I didn't get home until abut 4:30. I called #1 son from Walmart to check on g-daughter RL and see if she wanted some ice cream from Mcdonalds ,but he said they were getting ready to go out and he would get her something.
She is doing better today and eating and drinking better. At least there is a little smile on that face.
I got chores done just before the rains started falling. It rained so hard and thundered and lightened so bad I didn't get back out to shut the doors on the chicken houses.
This was just the beginning of the waves of heavy rain that we have had tonight.
I bought our first watermelon today and it was a good one for an early melon. Even g-daughter RL wanted some so her dad had to come up and get her some eggs and watermelon , I hope she ate it when he got back.
G-son and d-in-love got back late this evening from their fun day at Carowinds and by the look on g-son's face in these pics I would say this was his best school day yet !!!

Flood warnings are back up tonight for our county and with the sound of the pouring rain I'm sure they are warranted . Hopefully everyone will stay safe and stay out of the water.
No rainy day problems for #2 son and Tif as they went on a dolphin watching tour today and got really up close and personal with the dolphin.

Daughter and g-daughter IR participated in a yoga class this afternoon right after school with her sis-in-law Kristen and her daughter Addie , they are in the picture on the left.

Thankful for the blessings of this day and for the comfort in knowing that God is in control.
God Bless and Good Night

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Got a rude before the alarm early awakening this morning around 6:45 as #1 son came up the drive bringing g-son up here for hubbie to take to school since d-in-love was staying home with RL this morning and son came running in the house saying we had a big fire above our shed on a power line.
I jumped up and we saw the flames in 3 spots on three different wires where a tree top had broken out in the 3 inches of heavy rain that had fallen overnight and dropped on the power lines.
Hubbie went to have a look and make sure there was no fire in the shed. I called Duke Energy to get them on their way hopefully before the line burned apart. Daughter came in with IR and she took g-son and his friend who rides with him every morning on to school.
Soon after they left our power went off so we figured the line had burned apart and settled in to do without power for probably the entire day with the rain pouring down outside.
Thankfully the power truck came shortly and went down to cut the main power off and try to get the tree cut off the lines with the help of hubbie and hubbie's chainsaw.
IR and I sat out in the sunroom the lightest room and waited.

Thankfully the fire didn't burn the line entirely apart and they were able to get our power turned back on in about an hour. The burned limbs looked really bad and the power line is obviously charred and burned but the power man said it was fine. I might call and have it re-checked when the weather clears up.

This is the tree that the top fell out off and you can see the power lines .
We have some clean up to do when the rain stops.

We had breakfast and waited for the heavy rains to slack a little to get out and get the morning feeding chores done.
As we watched a break in the rains for our area we headed up to #2 son's house to pick up some things he had for us . The road up to his house was filled with rushing water and there were several spontaneous waterfalls coming off the side of the mountain he lives on.
We left there and made it back home without any problems but we stayed on the main roads as we heard on the news that several side roads were flooding and had fallen trees in them.
We had lunch then I did some ironing . I was trying to wait out more heavy rain in case the power went out again as there was another spot on up our power line that was sparking and smoking with leaves touching it.
The power company in our area has really dropped the ball on keeping the lines cleared lately and when I call to ask them to come clear our lines they tell me I am on a rotation and they will get here when it's my turn .  We have been waiting now for several years for "our turn" !!!
I started my baking and baked 3 caramel, 2 pound and 1 pan of brownies with crossed fingers that the power would stay on.
Our pastures were flooding pretty badly but all the tall buttercups hid a lot of the flood waters.

Our flooding was nothing compared to the flooding in the south end of town where they have allowed a couple big grocery stores to fill flood plains and build on higher ground. This caused a lot of flooding for the surrounding areas today when about 6 inches of rain fell in less than 18 hours.

Some roads also collapsed with the roaring water.
Home was a good place to stay today and we were fortunate we could do that while all the rain was falling.
Thankfully about mid afternoon the rain stopped and let everything dry out a little in the mid 70's temps which felt pretty cool compared to the mid 80's we have been having. There was another almost 3 inches in the gauge for a total for here of almost 6 inches since the rains began yesterday afternoon.
We did chores early so we could go to supper with son-in-love and some more family for his 38th birthday. We went to a place across town and it was an adventure getting around all the flooded roads to get there but the food was excellent at the Flat Rock Wood Room.
IR was having trouble deciding what she wanted to order.
G-son went with us and son-in-love's mom and dad, sister, sis-in-law Kristen and 2 nieces and another nephew attended.  We had a great time and everyone enjoyed the food and fellowship.
We dropped g-son at his house and went in to check on G-daughter RL who had to make a trip to the doctor this afternoon because she is refusing to eat, drink or even talk with the blisters in her mouth.
The doctor prescribed a numbing gel for her mouth to hopefully lesson her pain so she can eat and drink something.
She is exhausted from not eating or drinking and not sleeping .
Tonight I did weekly paperwork, paid bills, watched Survivor on TV then iced cakes and got things ready for market.
#2 son and Tif had another beautiful day on the beach.

I am thankful for the blessings of this day and the protective hand of God in all the adversity of this day. Praying for RL that her mouth feels better in the morning and she gets on the road to recovery quickly.
God Bless and Good Night