Thursday, October 19, 2017


Both g-daughters were here extra early this morning. The temp again was 36 but there was no evidence of frost today around here.
I did chores and got ready for market. We made it to RL's pre-school on time today and my nephew who had just arrived with his son sat in the car with IR while I walked RL in to her class room, Thanks Aaron !!
I met hubbie at market and since there were no customers yet and IR was getting hungry fussy we fed her before getting set up.
Connie, Josh's mom, arrived just as she finished her bottle and took her to daughter's house to stay with her today.
After we got set up hubbie left to get his errands done. I had a slower day today as expected with the colder weather moving in but I am thankful for all I did sell.
I left market and ran my errands at the bank and PO and Aldi and Walmart then stopped at Farm Bureau and paid some insurances policies.
I made it home at 4:30 and hubbie helped me unload. We rested and watched the news then did chores.
I had to work on our security camera this evening as after a recharge yesterday it was only taking black videos of traffic in and out today. I think I got it fixed by re-setting it.
I also watered all the plants I brought inside the other day and got them set up for their winter stay inside.
Since this is one of those rare no pic days it is a good time to start the decade pics for October. The first year I found any pics was 1987 and of course with 3 little ones and a birthday and Halloween their were plenty of them.
First the 6th birthday of #1 son with a party at our house with all the family.

He is held by Goldie Pryor , his maternal grandmother in this pic.

At that time I was still working at Norton Diamond Tool Division and #2 son and daughter were at a daycare ran by a friend of mine, Sheila Corn and she was taking #1 son who was in Kindergarten to Edneyville Elementary and picking him up since my work hours wouldn't allow me to do either.
She had pics made of all the kids at the daycare that year and it was the first time daughter had smiled in a photo.

She even had a pic made of #1 son after school .
He also had his school picture made that year.
His kindergarten teacher was Mrs. Hamilton and he had a great first year of school.
Of course they dressed up for Halloween and went trick or treating at a few family houses.
As I found these two pictures from that year they sure jarred a lot of old memories for me as I looked across our pasture at my dad's old barn that he built all by himself and we used it for several years when we started farming. I remember spending alot of time in this old barn with my dad stacking hay bales and feeding cattle. I remember all the wood shavings for the chicken house were dumped in the upstairs of this barn and he would back a trailer pulled by his Alis Chalmers WD45 tractor under a trap door in the barn floor and we would get to kick the shavings down into the trailer. I can't tell you how many times my older brother and I went sliding through that trap door into that wagon giggling all the way and landing on those soft shavings.

Thankful for all the old memories that bring smiles to my face each month when I do these decade pics and I humbly thank my Awesome God for the life He led me through.
God Bless and Good night


Wednesday, October 18, 2017


There was some spotty frost around the farm this morning but the garden was sparred because it is at the edge of the woods but the upper pasture had some sparkle from ole Jack Frost with the rising sun.

G-daughters were both here early and happy today.

 RL was ready to get to her pre-school and sang songs all the way there.
My low tire emblem was lit up and after driving thru several stations that were charging $1 for air I finally found free air at Quality gas house but I couldn't find my tire gauge that I have in my Honda so after several attempts to get the light off I gave up and went home to let hubbie check it out with his gauge and air tank.
While he checked my tire I fed IR her first bottle.
The tire was supposed to have 35lbs of air and only had 28lbs so hopefully I let some air out of it when I tired to put air in at Quality and I don't have a nail of something in it. He aired it up and we will keep a check on it.
IR was watching her favorite TV ,Daniel Tiger and I started baking cakes. I baked 6 caramel, 2 chocolate, 5 pound and 1 blackberry wine cake before having a late lunch.
After IR woke up and had her afternoon bottle we decided today would be a good day to see if we could get a good pic of her at the pumpkin farm nearby.
She was very co-operative for a few good pics.

We made it home before schools let out to beat all the traffic and settled in to wait for her mom.
Daughter fed her and then I went with her back out to the high school for her to keep score at the last volleyball game of the season.
G-daughter loves making new friends at the games.

I came home right after the game and did the chores. The white Silkie hatched 6 chicks but one was already dead this evening and she also had one egg that didn't hatch so she has five little black chicks.
That's a very good percentage for hatch as out of the 14 eggs I put under the 2 hens I have 12 chicks.
As I was finishing up chores hubbie came outside and yelled for me to look in the southern sky and we could see the space shuttle gliding across the sky. All I had was my cell phone but in this pic I circled the light from the shuttle.

I came inside after chores and did weekly paperwork and paid bills before icing my cakes and getting things ready for market. I also watched part of Survivor with hubbie before ending the night at about 11:30.
Thankful for the blessings of this day.
God Bless and Good Night

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Thankfully I woke up more clear headed and feeling much better after a long nights sleep.
I felt so bad last night I just said a prayer that the weather forecasters would be correct with their 38 degree temperature predictions for overnight and no frost here because I just couldn't muster the energy to get my plants inside or glean the peppers from the garden.
Well the forecasters missed it by 3 degrees as it was 35 degrees here this morning but I saw no frost on our farm.
I did chores and then took g-daughter RL to school and on the way there I did see some frosty fields along the way, whew thankfully we were sparred . When I got home g-daughter IR was more than ready for her first bottle of the day and then happily took a long nap to celebrate her 17 week birthday.

While she napped I had breakfast then hubbie and I cleaned house. It is nice to have him helping with this job as it sure makes it go faster. I mopped us out into the cool morning about 11:00.
We all went along to pick up g-daughter RL at 11:45 and then while both girls napped in the Honda we went to Southern States to get chicken feed.
We came home and got the feed unloaded and then brought the girls inside.
This one is not having a good day !!!!!!!
After lunch both girls cuddled with Neena and my SHIRT SAYS IT ALL !!!!!!!
I think we are all a little under the weather today so we pretty much just cuddled and let the afternoon pass us by today.
After the girls were both picked up I decided  I didn't want to take another chance with the weather forecast to be even colder tonight at 35 degrees with frost warnings .

So hubbie and I gathered all the plants inside that over winter in the little green house area in our basement.

Then we gathered all the peppers from the plants in the garden. Seems my peppers always do great in the late season .
Hubbie has more Hot Banana peppers to pickle and I will freeze the Bell Peppers for use in soups and sauces this winter.
After all this we did chores and I heard little peeps coming from the 2nd setting Silkies brooder box but didn't want to open it and let the cold air in.
We came inside and I went looking for decade pics tonight since this is past the middle of the month and about time !!!
I am feeling much better but tired again tonight so an early bedtime is on my agenda again tonight without the Nyquil dose of the last couple nights which I'm feeling like won't be necessary tonight.
Thankful for the blessings of this day and for the strength God blesses hubbie and I with each day as we strive to honor Him in all we do.
God Bless and Good Night.

Monday, October 16, 2017


My yucky head cold is still hanging on this morning as I sneezed and coughed myself awake before either g-daughter got here.
G-son was staying home from school today as expected with his coughing and sneezing.
It is really nice to have your big brother to play with before you leave for pre-school.
RL was excited to go to school and when we pulled into the parking lot of Mud Creek Baptist Church she said "school day, yay" .
I came home and ate breakfast and fed g-daughter IR then got g-son set up with his toys where he wouldn't wake IR from her morning nap.
I got laundry started and hubbie called in the refills on Bernie's meds so hopefully we can pick then up on the way home from picking up g-daughter RL.
I am feeling pretty run down today and feel like I am moving twice as slow as usual.
We all left to go pick up g-daughter RL and stopped back by to pick up Bernie's meds then came home to have lunch.
Both g-daughters were sleeping so g-son, hubbie and I had lunch.
I did more laundry and fixed IR her afternoon bottle while RL still slept.
G-son went outside to ride his wagon down the steep driveway.
RL woke up just as IR was going back down for another nap. IR had a big weekend and she acts pretty tired today plus she has a little runny nose along with the rest of us.
When daughter came in from work and woke IR up g-son wanted to have his birthday cake with his sister and his cousin. He successfully blew out all 11 candles with one puff so he should get his wish.

How did 11 years pass so quickly ?????  We are so proud of the young man g-son is turning into and wish him all the best in the years to come.
Also this young man who turned 36 years old today and we are also very proud of the hard working dad and husband he has become.
This is #1 son at 11 years old.
A very happy birthday to both our boys today as they get a year older and more handsome each day.
Today has been a taste of Fall with sunshine but temps stretching to reach 60 degrees today. It was 59 when I got home from picking up g-daughter RL at noon today.
After chores I crashed on the couch and then went to bed very early hopefully I will feel better tomorrow.
Thankful for the blessings of this day and for these 2 birthday boys today.
God Bless and Good Night

Sunday, October 15, 2017


Uhhhhhh !!!  Thankful for the dose of  Nyquil I took last night that got me a good nights sleep. I still woke this morning with a hoarse voice and runny nose.
I got chores done and had breakfast then got the chicken and noodles in the crock pot for lunch.
Hubbie shucked the last corn on the cob probably of the season for us to have also.
We got ready and headed to church. The sermon continued in Mathew 7 verses 21-23 today and what your qualifications will be to present before God to get into Heaven.
We came home and had lunch with #1 son's family and Aa.
After everyone left I layed down for the afternoon to try and get a leg up on this cold.
Daughter came by and picked up her dogs which have spent the weekend here while she and son-in-love went to Mocksville, NC to visit one of son-in-love's brothers Brad and his family.
They left Friday evening and got home late morning today.
Hubbie and I got the chores done early and picked up g-son who is turning 11 years old tomorrow and met #2 son, Tif, daughter and son-lin-love at Cracker Barrel for a birthday dinner . G-son has such a load of homework it is hard for him to go out through the week.
G-son and I played a game of checkers while we waited.

We had an extended wait tonight to be seated but there was a lot of folks there but after we were seated there were open tables everywhere. I thing a lot of folks got aggravated with the wait time and left.
G-son enjoyed his pancakes and bacon and cleaned his plate quickly. We all enjoyed our food and then g-son did some shopping with the money he got for his birthday.
As we left we all posed for our annual birthday pic.
 We all had a good time even with my cold and g-son is coming down with it now also as he was coughing and continually catching his runny nose tonight.
We said good bye to everyone and headed home with g-son who was a very happy boy with several birthday purchases and a full belly.
When we dropped him off we went in so he could open his presents from his mom and dad.

He was a really happy birthday boy now with a new skateboard and some other things.
And was a sweet brother and let little sister help open the packages and share in his joy.
Hubbie and I came home and relaxed until we both took more Nyquil and got into bed early.
Thankful for the safe travel for daughter and son-in-love this weekend and thankful for the joy of grandchildren and all the laughter they bring. I have a loving , gracious Lord and I praise His wonderful name each day.
God Bless and Good Night

Saturday, October 14, 2017


Feels like we are gradually getting our cool Fall morning air in here as I head out to get chores done this morning. By the looks of the 7-day forecast we are going to go from releasing school early when the air conditioning breaks down because of the heat and humidity to having to turn the heaters on all in less than a weeks time.

Market was really busy today early and I was afraid I was actually going to sell out before noon but I didn't but I did have a very good day.
Hubbie left early to go to g-son's soccer game at Jackson Park. He said they lost the game 3-2 but g-son played really well.
Mid October is always very busy even though the leaves around here aren't changing color yet.
With the unseasonal warm weather we have had this year there are a lot of flowers still blooming.

The fans went off in market and I was dressed too warmly for the day and with a runny nose the heat just made me feel worse. I was definitely glad to see 2:00 roll around.
Another summer like day with very high temps.

After market I made stops at Sav Mor and Ingles. Aldi has gotten so crowded on Saturdays I will go back there one morning this week if I need baking supplies from there .
I made it home at 3:15, hubbie helped me unload and then we both crashed to rest for awhile.
We both got up at 5:00 and I put a couple sweet potatoes in the oven and hubbie put some chicken breast on the grill and some corn on the stove for supper. We thought #1 son and the kids would be up for supper since d-in-love is photographing a wedding this evening so we cooked some extra and sure enough they arrived just after we started cooking.
G-son loves to ride this wagon down the driveway. I can't believe he still gets those long legs curled up in it.
 I got g-daughter RL this little tractor that g-son used to call "his green one" and she took right off on it with the biggest smile on her face !!!

She helped me feed the chickens and gather the eggs before we all came inside to have supper.
We checked on the new chicks and managed to get a pic of some of them tonight.
 After we ate RL found a sheet a stickers !!

They stayed here until d-in-love came home from the wedding. She made some really good pictures .
One of g-son's teachers, Mr. Rhodes married a cousin of sis-in-law Sandys and a friend of my kids, Amy Beth. They made a really sweet couple.
By the time they were ready to leave the kids were both pooped and watching music on the I-pad.
After they left hubbie and I relaxed for the evening.
Thankful for all the blessings of this day and for the love of a glorious , loving Savior.
God Bless and Good Night