Thursday, June 21, 2018


Market day Thursday came early but thankfully I slept all night even after my nap yesterday afternoon so I feel rested and ready to go.
Son-in-love brought IR by this morning on his way to work just before 8am because daughter got up at 4:00 this morning to drive to Burlington to a teachers workshop on a new online class she is teaching and won't be back until tonight.
We got ready and headed out to the market only a few minutes late.
IR was in a good mood and smiled and waved to everyone when we arrived. Hubbie carried all the things inside while I held her then he took her over and I got set up.
We had a pretty good selling day for the amount of folks who came in. Thankfully I had 3 orders for multiple cakes that added to the totals.
IR was a good sport all day as hubbie helped Bobby with the managers job in the absence of daughter. The three of them took good care of things I'm sure !!!
She wore out just before lunch and took a good nap.
The clouds have hung around all day keeping the temperature in the low 80's for a break from the really hot weather but the humidity is very high as a cold front pushes through our area.
We left at closing time and hubbie went by the dump to make his weekly drop off and IR went with me to stop by the bank and PO on our way home as the rain started lightly falling.
IR was in a great playful mood all afternoon until her daddy picked her up about 6:00 when he got off work. Unfortunately she has discovered her squealer !!!!
D-in-love stopped by with RL and g-son after a day at Otter water park in Greenville, SC and the kids were pretty tired.
Hubbie and I did chores then after waiting to shut the chicken house doors and helping some of the new residence get back inside the houses hubbie and I made a trip to Walmart for my baking supplies for tomorrow. I have several orders already and more are coming in tonight.
We didn't get back until 10:30 so I am blogging and then getting in bed for another long busy day tomorrow.
This is the first day of summer 2018 even though it has really felt like summer for a while now. Today is the longest day light of the year and tomorrow the days begin to get shorter.

Thankful for all the blessings of this day and for the grace of good health.
God Bless and Good Night

Wednesday, June 20, 2018


A 6am alarm jangled us awake today. We are going to the Pickens Flea market and wanted to get an extra early start because of the heat .
I did chores and then we headed over to daughters to pick up her and IR who were going with us.
We are leaving over an hour earlier than we usually do to make this trip and the morning air is actually cool.
The market wasn't near as crowded as it is in cooler seasons but there were a lot of vendors there and some good deals.
We found several things we had went looking for except the main thing I was needing was flavoring and the lady that usually has it wasn't there today.
We got peaches, plums, bread for the freezer and many other things on our rounds.
IR went to sleep and slept much of the trip there ,we rigged up a battery operated fan daughter had brought and kept her cool in the stroller while we shopped.
By 11:00 am most vendors were packing up and getting out of the mid 90's sunshine.
WE don't look too bad for a really sweaty day.
IR still was happily getting a breeze from her fan.
This is our load …..
We didn't feel like eating any lunch as hot as we were so we just headed home.
We got home around 1:00 and dropped daughter and IR off at her apartment.  They were going to the open gym for the basketball team.
Hubbie and I stopped by Ingles and got some lunch to bring home. We unloaded the Honda then had our lunch.
I put all our new things away and then we both crashed for awhile as a thunder storm moved in.
We only got 2/10ths inch of rain with several loud claps of thunder but it was very relaxing to nap to.
After basketball practice and after the storm passed daughter and d-in-love took all the kids swimming.
By chance these two bathing beauties wore the same bathing suit today.

RL loves the pool.....
Hubbie and I did chores then I iced cakes and got things ready for market.
I moved the youngest chicks and their mama hen out into the Silkie lot this evening. I decided to put all the chicks in this protected lot until cooler weather arrives and I can sell some of the older hens.
Today is a special day for our family as last year on this day this little girl made her entrance into the world and our lives.

When I look at her now it's hard to believe at this time just a year ago she was just a tiny newborn.

Thankful for all the blessings of this day and for the traveling mercies.
God Bless and Good Night

Tuesday, June 19, 2018


Heard IR coming in early as daughter dropped her off on her way to manage the market today.
I got chores done and then we had breakfast.
I needed to go get chicken feed this morning so we fed IR her morning bottle then made the trip. She went to sleep as soon as we got on the road and slept the entire time until we got home.
We picked up the feed then stopped at the Goodwill store just up the street to look for raincoats.
We didn't find any raincoats but of course found a couple other things.
We came home with a couple road detours around a bridge project.
We got here just in time to have lunch and IR was hungry after her long nap.
Then her and hubbie swung until the heat of the day ran them inside.
Another hot humid day and a good day to find inside things to work on. I did my ironing before daughter came after IR then hubbie had an eye doctor exam at 3:30 so we headed there.
While he was in the office I went to Go Grocery to pick up some eggs to bake with and then stopped in the consignment shop next door to the doctor.
I helped hubbie pick out new frames when he came out of the exam. He hasn't had an exam in 4 years so his vision changed enough to need new glasses but his eye health was very good.
We left there and stopped by another Goodwill on the way home but still no luck in finding raincoats or boots.
Back home the sky was dark and the clouds looked threatening but we got no rain.
We watched the news then did chores. I moved some bigger chicks into the hen lot and put blue leg bands on them for the 2018 hatch.
I baked some cakes tonight to get a jump on Thursday's orders. I baked 2 chocolate, 1 pound and 1 blackberry wine cake.
The heat of the day has hubbie and me pretty wiped out tonight so we are headed to an early bedtime.
Back in June of 1978 my cousin Debbie lived with me. This is a picture of Deb with Ginger my little female poodle.
A couple friends who were at our house a lot were Isabelle.....
And Joy.....
And we are in this picture with some more of our friends. I have no idea what is going on here but I am the only one smiling ???
Fun times back then and friends for life.
Thankful for God's blessings today and everyday present and past as well as future.
God Bless and Good Night

Monday, June 18, 2018


Monday morning comes earlier every week it seems. G-son and g-daughter RL were here extra early at 7am this morning so d-in-love could begin her 10 hour day.
I did chores then we all had breakfast. I gave g-son a choice of three things to do today, park , Carl Sandburg's, or swimming at daughter's.  I was thinking he might be tired of swimming pools but that is what he chose.
We got things ready and got our swim suits on and headed over to her apartment.
G-daughter IR is mesmerized by g-son's attentions right now and it is so cute how she looks at him so intently.

RL is also a real water lover and she has so much fun.

IR got this float for her birthday yesterday and she loved riding around on the water in it.

It didn't take long this morning even in the cool pool water for the heat of the day to wear everyone out.

Daughter and IR went to pick up Addie from camp and the rest of us went to the Ingles next door to the pool to have lunch.
We knew if we didn't feed RL before we got in the car to come home she would go to sleep without lunch.
We ate and she fell right to sleep as soon as we hit the road.
She slept a good nap when we got home while I got the weekly laundry started and g-son and hubbie stayed outside.
Today was the hottest day of the year so far with a temp over 91 degrees.
When g-daughter RL woke up she wanted to play outside for a while.
We had some cold cantaloupe for a snack on a hot summer day.
Daughter brought IR and Addie over to use the computer and all the kids had fun in the new swing.
I took time this afternoon to put a call in to Duke Power to get them to schedule an appointment for someone to check the burned power line as each time it rains our lights blink dim and bright alternately so we think the line may be burned worse than originally thought.
The man I talked to had a hard time understanding what I was asking them to do so I totally expected to have to put in another report before anything was done. However much to our surprise a Duke Power truck came driving up about 8:00 this evening.
Come to find out they now work a second shift and with no power outages and the good weather of today he had time to check our line out.
He found the problem wasn't actually the burned line but he patched it anyway but the real problem was the fuse the squirrels keep knocking out on top of our transformer. It was really loose and flopping around in the wind causing the voltage to fluctuate.  So we got both problems solved at the same time. I'm sure the neighbors weren't real happy as their power also had to be turned off for the 45 minutes it took to fix these lines.

Hubbie and I spent a restful evening.
Thankful for the blessing of this day.
God Bless and Good Night

Sunday, June 17, 2018


No church today so we can help set up IR's birthday pool party. That also was an opportunity to sleep in a little and get rested up the coming week.
I got chores done then had breakfast before hubbie and I both started gathering all the things for the party.
Since most of daughter's things are packed away in storage at different locations we will supply most of the containers. We also loaded 2 pop up tent canopys for shade and IR's highchair along with a huge cooler to keep ice and water in.
Daughter made her cake and cupcakes last night and they are so pretty and go with the mermaid theme party.
Daughter came over and helped us search out some of the things she wanted.
Hubbie and I had a light lunch and then headed over to the Flex Fitness center pool. Son-in-love knows the owners of this gym and they agreed to rent the pool to us for IR's first party.
It is a very nice large pool and looks so clean.
We all got busy and got things all set up. #2 son came early to lend a hand with the tents and tables.
It was very hot and sunny until some clouds with a passing thunder storm cooled us off for a little while.
#2 son , d-in-love and RL had to cool off early in the pool.

IR was hot and didn't know why she couldn't get her swimsuit on and get in the cool water.
Thankfully the storm passed to the north of us and we had a beautiful afternoon for a pool party and all the guest enjoyed it very much.

The guest of honor didn't know what to think about getting to make a mess out of her cake but she happily took the opportunity.

 I took my big camera for some pics and hubbie used my phone to take pics.

It's hard to believe a year has already passed this coming Wednesday when this little girl came into the world on the June 20,2017.
Hubbie, d-in-love, g-daughter RL, g-son...
 Tif and #2 son...
G-son and RL playing with hubbie's brother's g-kids.
 Noah and RL the youngest cousins.

And IR finally got her pool time with daddy and some friends.
By the time we got things cleaned up it was almost 5:00 and we were all sweaty and pooped and very thankful we were only about 5 minutes from home.
We unloaded and I washed up all the containers before taking a break.  I sat out in the covered patio and watched another storm move past out area and felt the coolness of the rain from the storm. These days my sitting buddy is Pumpkin the cat. I think he thought there was another cat about to invade his lap territory by the look on his face as he looked into the camera !!!!
Today is also Father's day and I am thankfully blessed to have been surrounded with wonderfully loving dad's. From my dad who I am very thankful to for the foundation he laid for my life.
For my father-in-law who took a genuine interest in my kids and showed them what a devoted grandfather looked like.
For my husband who has been the best father to my three kids that any mother could ever hope to have help raise her children.
And for my #1 son who is a hardworking dad who loves his family more than anything.
And for my son-in-love who has been a wonderful addition to our family and exactly the kind and loving husband and father I prayed for to my daughter and g-daughter to have.
I feel like the most blessed mother and grandmother on earth tonight and never let a day slip by without a humble ,grateful prayer to The One who put all these men in my life, thank You Lord !!
God Bless and Good Night