Saturday, March 17, 2018


Another nice warm morning with some clouds around but no signs of the rain the weather folks promised for this morning.
I got chores done and  then hubbie left early to pick up #2 son and drop him off at the rental place to pick up the moving truck he rented for the weekend.
I am all decked out in my green for our St. Patricks day celebration at market today.
As I  went out the driveway I had to stop and make a picture of RL helping her dad run the mini track hoe he was using to clean up their yard.
Market was pretty busy today and we had lots of goodies for our customers to sample along with free coffee.

IR came in with her green outfit on and we matched perfectly !!!
Daughter didn't stay long and they left to go watch the little boy that son-in-love is mentoring play a soccer game and then took him to the Carl Sandburg's home to pet the goats.
Hubbie left to make our weekly Sam's Club shopping stop and then home to help #1 son in his yard.
Son cut down a Willow tree in the front yard that was dying and he and g-son were cleaning up the mess when hubbie arrived.

I left market on time and came straight home. It was a scary sight to see #1 son hanging on the steep bank behind his house cleaning it off.
Daughter was here when I arrived getting hubbie to fix her lower bumper guard that was falling off her SUV.
#2 son came in shortly after to load his pick-up and hubbie's pick-up with things to go up to his house. Hubbie and I haven't seen inside of the house yet .
We picked up daughter and IR on the way there, she wanted to see his house also.
It is a long drive up the mountain to their house but the house certainly is very nice with many of the latest upgrades.

IR picked out this room with comfy thick carpet to claim for hers.
Tif  joined us after she got off work and IR was glad to have someone new to carry her around !
We all left son's house and hubbie and I came home to get the chores done.  It is still near 70 degrees but there is a whipping wind that makes it feel uncomfortable outside.
After chores we had some of the Irish potato soup that the vendor at market sells on Saturday with some crumbled bacon added and it was very good.
We finished the evening resting and watching basketball games on TV. 
Thankful for the blessings of this busy day and thankful for the safety of #1 son in his work today as well thankful for the happiness on #2 son's face as he shows off his new home.
God is good all the time !!!!
God Bless and Good Night

Friday, March 16, 2018


A beautiful warm morning greeted us this morning as the girls arrived. I got chores done and then took RL to pre-school.
I had breakfast then fed IR when I got home . She wasn't interested in a nap this morning so she watched hubbie and I clean house from her walker where she was helping clean off all the shelves and anything else she could reach !!

She was a little fussy again today but not as bad as yesterday thankfully.
It was lunch time when I finished mopping the floors and after we waited for the floors to dry we all had lunch.
After lunch hubbie went in the living room to try and get IR to take a nap and I started my baking.
I baked 6 caramel, 2 chocolate, 2 pound , a pan o brownies and 3 dozen cookies to donate to our St. Patrick's Day celebration tomorrow.
When I went in the living to join Hubbie and IR to watch UNC/ Lipscom in their first game in the NCAA tournament . UNC won the game by a large margin as they are the #2 seed and Lipscom was a #15 seed.
Daughter came in from work and watched the game with us before she and IR headed home.
As I sat there I noticed the outside temperature is almost the same as the inside this evening.
Hubbie and I spent the evening outside getting the chores done and then working on some little jobs in the really nice weather. I fixed another brooder box for another Silkie hen that is setting. I actually have 3 hens that want to set and I may let them all but I will start them at different times.
Unfortunately for the first little red hen I think her eggs must have too cold last week because so far she has no chicks even after I distinctly heard peeping a couple days ago. I am letting her set a few more days just in case I marked the date wrong and keeping my fingers crossed. I might buy her a few chicks just so she hasn't wasted her time on these eggs.
This is moving weekend for #2 son and TIF as they move into their new home so it will be a busy weekend helping them with that.
I can't wait to see their new house. #2 son came by this morning to pick up some of his tools and he said he wasn't thrilled with the location on top of the mountain but it was surely a very nice house.
When I came  inside tonight I spent the evening icing my cakes and getting things ready for market tomorrow.
Thankful for the blessings of this day and for the love and graciousness of my Loving Savior.
God Bless and Good Night

Thursday, March 15, 2018


Thursday morning again so soon and both g-daughters were in testy moods this morning, especially IR.
As I went out to get the chores done while hubbie got the girls fed and ready to leave he put IR in her bouncy while he got things ready. IR was not happy about being in the bouncy this morning and started to cry loudly. RL was cute trying to console her with hugs and kisses but when that didn't work she also started crying saying IR's crying was hurting her ears !!!
We finally got both girls in the Honda and we headed to RL's school. Thankfully about a mile out the road the crying subsided for the rest of the trip.
RL was glad to be back in school today and went in happily.
IR finally went to sleep between Mud Creek Church and the Curb Market. She slept while hubbie and I unloaded and got things set up.
She woke up still in a bad mood so we fed her early thinking maybe she was hungry. There is no doubt when she isn't feeling well by the look on her face !!!

She finally took another short nap and that helped her mood for a little while and the bouncy at market was okay with Baby Bum music on the laptop.

With the morning temperature at 26 degrees this morning I am in flannel again today still waiting on the warm spring temps to arrive.
Hubbie and I took turns with g-daughter all day as Connie, other g-ma , was out of town today.
I had a pretty good selling day today surprisingly and am very thankful.
#2 son came by market on his way to close on his new house. 
Hubbie and I switched vehicles and he took the Honda and took IR home and I took his truck to run my errands to the bank, PO, Aldi and Walmart on my way home. I made it home at 4:00 and we got things put away.
Daughter had a benefits meeting after school today and she came in right after I got here from her meeting.
IR was still out of sorts even after daughter fed her. Hopefully she is just cutting another tooth.
After daughter left hubbie and I watched the news and then got the evening chores done.
The wind has started to blow really hard again and really cooled the evening off.
I am very thankful for the blessings for this day .
God Bless and Good Night.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018


Wow !!! What a surprise we woke up to this morning. An early text from daughter telling me school was on a 3-hour delay woke me but I didn't get enough awake to check outside then.
A little later when I got another text canceling school all day I had to get up and see what was going on outside.
Snow flakes were pouring down and there was snow blowing all around even down on the road .

As I did chores around 8:30 the sun was peaking out every once and a while to help get rid of the snow quickly. I looked all around for a "snow bow" but didn't see one as the snow kept on coming down even with the intermittent sunshine.

Although the snow was pretty light in our area other parts of the county just a couple miles away got hammered and the roads were snow covered.

This was the predictions for snow totals around the area but I think these totals were low in most places as the snow continued most of the day in some areas.

Daughter went in to work about 10:00 and brought IR here. D-in-love decided to take the day off and keep her kids home.
I baked cakes this morning, 3 caramel, 2 pound and a pan of lemon bars.
The roads might be slick in places in the morning so I didn't want to overbake.
After lunch I had my yearly dermatologist appointment for my skin check. Thankfully he found nothing this year and that made me very happy.
Daughter was off work and here when I got back. Hubbie went over to get a haircut but the barber was closed today. I'm sure he had to stay home and keep his 2 kids.
We all watched the early news then daughter left and hubbie and I did chores early in a very chilly evening. The temp is supposed to get down to mid 20's tonight with wind chills in the single digits.
I did weekly paperwork and paid bills then watched Survivor on TV before icing my cakes.
I picked up a couple orders for tomorrow so maybe it will be a good day after all.
Thankful for the blessings of this day and for a clear report from the doctor today.
God Bless and Good Night

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


Up early to greet the g-daughter's thankful that the wind died down and we still have our electric this morning.
The sun is just coming up now as I wait until later to get out to do the chores.
Both girls were happy this morning and I got chores done and RL and I were off to her pre-school right on time.
It is 24 degrees this morning so it is back to the winter coats and gloves .
I came home and had my breakfast and fed IR who only took a very short nap this morning.
I need to get some crafts cut out down in my sewing shop but will pass on that until a warmer day.
I looked through photos to find March decade pics until it was time to go pick up RL.
Hubbie who was also bored with the cold temps keeping him inside rode with me so that maybe IR would go to sleep and take a longer nap.
She did go to sleep before we picked up RL and thankfully slept through RL's attempts at waking her until RL herself went to sleep.
We came home and carried both inside. IR woke up as soon as we sat down to have our lunch and RL came walking into the kitchen as I put the dishes from lunch in the sink.
Hubbie and I both played with the girls all afternoon until their mom's came after them.
We did chores early in case Aa had to work late as Re had music practice at church and she was going to bring the kids over here until Aa got off work.
Aa did get home in time for her to get to church so hubbie and I had a quiet evening.
When I went through decade pics this morning the earliest I found photos for March was in 1988.
With 2 birthdays in March there is always pics from that month. This particular year we had a joint party for #2 son, who's birthday is on the 1st and daughter who's birthday is the 26th.
I made and decorated their cakes according to a design they chose. Clowns for son who turned 5 and a teddy bear for daughter who was turning 3.

All their cousins celebrated with them.

My mom was always at their parties.
I also found this pic my aunt Carol, mom's sister, sent mom in a letter. That is aunt Carol second from left in the red jacket in her and uncle Bob's new travel trailer.
An early bedtime on the second day of daylight savings time is on order for tonight as I try to rid my eyes of the redness and clear my head from the time change.
Thankful for the blessings of this day and the wonderful memories that made life such a joy.
God Bless and Good Night

Monday, March 12, 2018


UGGGGG !!!!!   That alarm sounding an hour earlier coupled with total darkness out the bedroom window and the sound of rain gently falling on the metal roofing wasn't an inviting way to start the week !!!
As I dragged myself out of the warm bed to greet both sleepy g-daughters I really wished the time would stay the same one way of the other. This time change thing is really rough on babies and old folks !!!!
I actually had to wait until enough daylight came to go out and get the chores done. Thankfully the rain has slacked to a sprinkle but it is really cold and windy.
As I took G-daughter RL to pre-school my Honda thermometer said it was 34 degrees, just barely escaping the below freezing temps that caused many schools to be closed this morning in the surrounding counties.
RL made it to preschool without going back to sleep which was a surprise since her mom said she didn't go to sleep last night until 11:00.
I came home and had my breakfast and fed IR hers before I got the weekly laundry started.
Hubbie got IR down for her morning nap and then he carried more firewood down from the shed. Winter seems to be back and is going to be slow to give up his grip as all week we are supposed to have cold temps and wind.

When I went to pick up RL the snowflakes were flying around and the wind was starting to blow harder making it jar the 25 year old memory of the blizzard of 1993.
It's hard to believe that it has been 25 years and this blizzard is still so fresh in our memories that it seems like last year. With a full blown cattle farming operation and 3 small kids we definitely made some memories during that blizzard with a week without power and all the hungry cattle , goats, chickens, dogs and cats to feed and keep unfrozen water to. And we discovered just how many 5 gallon buckets of snow it takes to melt enough water to flush a commode !!!

Even looking at the kids it still just doesn't seem like it has been that long ago.
When we got home hubbie, IR and I had lunch while RL napped.  Then IR conked out !!
This definitely looks like the first Monday of daylight savings time around our house right now.

After good naps that allowed me to finish the laundry  the girls were off and running once again.
Now with the knowledge that she can move around in her walker RL has a little shadow everywhere she goes !!!!   So far RL thinks its really cute that IR wants to be near her all the time, we'll see how long that last ???  !!!!
After both moms came after the girls hubbie and I watched the early news and the wind gust that seemed to be getting harder and harder outside the windows.
We quickly got chores done and got back inside out from under all the weaving trees and falling limbs.
Praying that we keep our electric tonight as the predicted upper 20's temps and wind will be extremely cold.
Thankful for the blessings of this day and for the grace of a Loving Lord.
God Bless and Good Night