Sunday, January 21, 2018


A comfortably warm Sunday morning chore time at 36 degrees. However there was a thin layer of ice on the water pans from the overnight below freezing temps.
After chores I had breakfast then hubbie and I mixed potatoes, onions and carrots with the beef stew that had been cooking all night in the crock pot.
He also made a pan of cornbread so things would be ready to eat as soon as everyone gets here after church.
We had a good church service this morning and it is as always great to catch up with all the neighbors in church.
We came home to a lunch with everyone except Tif as she was working delivering packages today.
All the kids got along very well today even these two who are usually at odds with whatever the other one is playing with !!
After everyone left hubbie and I relaxed for the afternoon. I was expecting a sunny warm afternoon to call me outside but instead we got a warm, humid  cloudy afternoon that wasn't inviting at all so we took advantage and just rested to get ready to get back in the routine this week.
Daughter's family got back from their weekend at Great Wolf Lodge and g-daughter IR decided today she did like playing in the water.

 She is so good when they travel and is always so happy !!!
This is a good time to begin my decade post for the xxx8 years . Starting with an uncle that I never knew birthday on January 3,1898.
Homer was my dad's closest brother and I heard my dad tell many many stories of the adventures that he and Homer had in their younger days.

Thankful for the blessings of this day and for the church family that I know will always be with me in all that I do.
God Bless and Good Night

Saturday, January 20, 2018


Up on this Saturday morning to get chores done and get to market. The temps warmed up over night from 27 when we went to bed last night to 37 at 8am this morning.
We made it to market on time and it was busy for a little while and had me wandering if I had baked enough. But business slowed and I had plenty but had a decent day making $114 with not very many customers coming through market. My market table looks definitely different in this season than any other during the year.

I left market and went to Big Lots to shop their 20% off everything sale.  I needed an oil diffuser and they had some so I got that along with several other things I found on sale.  I also had to get gas and some things for our lunch tomorrow at Ingles on the way home. I also took my salt covered Honda through the carwash since there was only one car in line. It was a colorful wash today !!!

Hubbie was working in our fire wood supply and came down and helped me unload then he started our generator and let it run awhile to make sure it was still okay. The way this winter is going we will probably need this before the season is over.
I got my diffuser set up and put some orange oil in it and enjoyed relaxing for a few minutes in front of it.
We got the chores done on a warm 57 degree evening but the wind was making it feel cooler.
Daughter's family is at Great Wolf Lodge with a couple other of son-in-love's brothers celebrating Jason's birthday. These are the three cousins that are there.
Daughter said IR wasn't a fan of the water at all there.
Hubbie and I spent a quiet evening watching the news and then just relaxing.
Speaking of IR she is celebrating her 7 month birthday today !
Thankful for the blessings of this day and for the love and grace of Jesus Christ.
God Bless and Good Night.

Friday, January 19, 2018


This day got off to a very early start when our security camera dinged at 2am waking both of us out of sound sleeps. This sound usually doesn't wake me up but with Rocky being gone and the hope that this might be him coming home I guess we were both sleeping a little lighter. I picked up my phone and looked at the pic of what was making the noise and was relieved to see Rocky coming up the steps.

Hubbie went up and put him in his lot so we slept well the remainder of the night.
Thankfully we got to sleep in another no school morning today. The roads are still very icy this morning with the temperature hovering in the mid 20's overnight.
I got the chores done and was having breakfast when daughter came by with IR so she could go to work.  D-in-love is taking RL back to the doctor today because she has gotten gradually worse of her sickness all week.
After IR had her breakfast she took a nap and hubbie and I got ready to head into town to get some errands ran.
IR slept through the stop at he vet's office for Bernie meds and the grocery stop at Aldi then woke up while hubbie went into to Sam's Club to get our list from there.
She was happy to get home and get out of the carseat and have a snack cookie.

I got right back in the car and went over to get my "ears lowered" as my dad used to say every time he got a haircut. I had an appointment Wednesday but the snow canceled it so we rescheduled for today and  Marketa did a good job as usual.

Back home daughter came in relieved from closing on her house. She is officially an apartment dweller for the time being.
We took IR in the stroller and helped hubbie unload his truck from yesterday. We still have only a few things in the basement that we need to get stored somewhere and we will be done with this move!
After she left we got the evening chores done in the nice 55 degree sunshine that felt so good after the freezing cloudy days of the past week.
There is still plenty of snow hiding around in the shady areas but with the almost 60 degrees predicted for Sunday I think this all will be history by the first of the week.

Jaxon, the newest winter storm is gearing up to spread snow , ice and rain all across the country but thankfully for us it is all rain with mild temps .

Daughter went out to the 25 year celebration of the "Lady Knight" basketball era tonight at he high school. This is some pics of the girls that made it back to join in the celebration tonight as they were recognized between the games.

These were the girls that played when daughter played , she is the second player standing from left in the gray sweater. The other girls are from left her cousin Lori , daughter, Dena, Coach Moon, Nickie, and Rhondria
Rhondria was one of daughter's best friends all through school and they are still really good friends.
Rhondria was one of daughter's brides maids.

I did my baking tonight as I wanted to see if any orders came in today. I baked 3 caramel,
1 chocolate, 1 pound , 2 breads and a pan of brownies. It is going to be a very nice day tomorrow but the weather folks are saying it could start out icy with freezing drizzle early in the morning so no telling what the sales will be like at market.
Doing both the baking and icing at night reminds me of how I used to do when daughter was home and we were taking turns in the kitchen.
I got things finished up by 11:00 and got into a hot tub to soak my muscles and get ready for a good night's sleep as everything is in it's proper place tonight.
Thankful that daughter's house closing went well and for God's guidance in her next step.
Thankful for all my blessings of this day and for the health that I am blessed with.
God Bless and Good Night.

Thursday, January 18, 2018


Extra sleep this cold morning felt good as hubbie and I both are getting spoiled with these leisurely quiet mornings.
Although schools are closed today and it is an optional workday they asked employees not to come to work before 10am to give them time to clear some of the ice around the schools.
We did chores on another 11 degree freezing morning but thankfully the wind has calmed down. Overnight wind gust put ripples in the snow.

This scene doesn't look any different than it did yesterday morning and neither does the road which still looks like a sled run.

#1 son didn't work today , there isn't much grading work to be done with all this snow and ice on the ground so he stayed home with his 2 kids while d-in-love went to work at the elementary school.
Daughter was afraid to try it out our road so she took IR to school with her in hopes IR would take a nice nap so she could get some work done.
This is going up our road to the high school.
And this was the entrance to the school, thankfully she made it okay with her all-wheel drive.

Hubbie and I spent the morning doing housework here. I advertised the 7 roosters from the late Fall hatch and with the bad weather haven't had much interest but today a man called and wanted all of them. I told him it would be better to come after them Saturday but he insisted on coming today.
He only made it half way up the driveway so hubbie and I caught them and took them down to meet him in hubbie's truck.
At least they are gone and I don't have to worry about someone being here on Saturday to deal with it.
We ate lunch then got ready to head over to daughter's house to begin the last of the moving and cleaning. Her closing is tomorrow at 2pm.
The sun is shining brightly and it has just got above the freezing point to 33 degrees as we started out.
The roads are still very icy and I decided to park my Honda up at the church on the road her house is on until we saw how bad the curves were on the road. As we approached the curves we saw a couple trucks stop to take them out of 4-wheel drive so we knew it must be bad. Hubbie put his in 4-wheel and we eased around a wrecker that was pulling a truck from the ditch in one of the curves and we made it, whew!!!
Thankfully most of her driveway gets morning sun and had the snow melted off it but hubbie had brought a shovel just in case he needed it and he had to shovel the snow away from the garage doors so we wouldn't slip and fall going in and out.
Daughter got off work early and came in right behind us and thankfully IR decided to take a good nap and let us all work.  Son-in-love also got off work early and was there to help.

All four of us worked from 2:00 until 4:45 to get everything out and the house cleaned. It looks really good for the walk through in the morning at 11am.

It was kind of sad to see it sell but after the icy road getting to it I am glad for them to move closer to work and get off that hill.
Now I pray that God's will be done in their next house hunt.
When hubbie and I got home it was a late chore time again. As we were doing the chores we turned Rocky, Tif's dog out of his lot for his daily run and today he looked like a possessed dog and took off in a flash and wouldn't heed any of our calls and whistles as he usually does.
We hurriedly finished out chores  and then walked around the farm calling and looking for him until well after dark finding no signs at all of him. It was as if he had disappeared.
We came inside and called all the neighbors but no one had seen him which is really weird.
He does have a tag on him with #2 son's phone number on it so hopefully someone will find him and call. Also we will try to track him in the morning in the snow to see which direction he went.
Hubbie and I are both really pooped tonight but are happy everything worked out and prayerfully the closing will go as scheduled tomorrow.
We watched a NC State / Wake Forest basketball game which State won and then headed for bed.
Thankful for the blessings of safe travel for everyone today and for the never ending love and care of a Wonderful Savior.
God Bless and Good Night.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


That early pinging sound on my phone sounded this morning and I didn't even have to look at it to know what it was saying as I had been up to go to the bathroom a couple hours early and saw the pouring snow and the already white covering on everything outside I knew schools were not opening today.
It was a good morning to snuggle down for a few more zzz's .
When we did get outside the snow was still falling and it looked like a winter wonderland out here with almost 4" of snow covering and clinging to everything.

The road below our house looks really treacherous this morning.
Hubbie got out the leaf blower and blew paths to the chicken pens and cleared some spaces in the yard for the dogs so they could get out of the snow.
The hens were not excited at all to come out of their warm houses even after I had shoveled some of the snow away from all the houses.
It stayed really cold about 19 degrees and blew snow for most of the day. My snow flowers bloomed today for sure !!!

And this photo was taken a little after noon and as you can see in the pic the snow was still coming down pretty hard.

Of course with school closed no one worked today except #2 son and Tif who delivered mail all day. Tif took this pic from the route she ran on Sugarloaf Mountain today.

I took the afternoon to go through all my old pics and papers to look for the 2018 decade memories for my monthly posts. 
I really needed to clean house but that is not a favorite snow day activity so that was put off until another day.
About mid afternoon hubbie and #1 son who get cabin fever easily took off to Ingles to get some things for a supper d-in-love was making us. There they go on the icy road.
EL, BB and AD braved the cold temps and had some fun in the snow.

I made a couple trips up to the chicken pens with hot water to make sure everything got a warm drink in the frigid weather.
The sun finally made an appearance late this afternoon and made for a lovely snowy sunset.
Look at that road down there , it looks exactly the same as it did this morning with no scraping or treatments of any kind today and hubbie and son said even the main roads were really bad when they went out this afternoon. This is the same spot for a pic this morning.
After all the chores were done and things were shut in their warm houses hubbie and I walked down to #1 son's house for potato soup and chili with cheese biscuits d-in-love made. It was really yummy and really hit the spot.
We met g-son's new tortoise that he got yesterday. This one came from a local reptile store and he was a really healthy looking little tortoise. It is a Red Footed Tortoise and grows slow.
This snow came with the "I" winter storm, Inga which swept across the country and today caused some snow cover in all 48 continental states.

Unfortunately Inga was a deadly storm in which 4 folks lost their lives as snow blanketed places in the south that very seldom ever get snow and made roads very slick.
Our area stayed under warnings all day and places more south and east of us got more snow than our 4 inches.
As hubbie and I walked back to the house tonight the snow made the night light up as if it were daylight. I love walking at night in the snow, it feels magical but tonight was a very cold night to be out at 12 degrees already at 8:30,  it made our faces hurt by the time we got inside our house. It was nice to stoke up the fires in both wood stoves and kick back for the evening with another lazy morning on the menu as schools are closed again and the teachers and employees aren't to come in until after 10am so they can get some of the ice and snow from around the schools.
Thankful for the blessings of this day and for the wonderful blanket of pure white that covered the earth around here today and made all things seem so quiet and calm.
God Bless and Good Night.