Thursday, January 17, 2019


Up to a cold early morning to get the grandgirls settled in and g-son off to school with daughter. I got chores done under a beautiful but warning sunrise . This red sky and clouds are bringing rain later today.

Hubbie got market things loaded and we were off. I dropped RL by pre-school on my way to market to meet hubbie and IR.
Connie, IR's other g-ma is sick today so IR will be going with hubbie to run his errands today, which I'm sure they both will enjoy.
They left early to go get started and hopefully get home by lunch time.
Market was really slow today with the cold and about 11:00 sleet and a light rain began falling almost assuring us of no customer traffic. I did sell a few things of which I am very thankful for.
I did some board work to prepare for the annual stock holders meeting and then loaded up at 1:30 and headed out. I made a stop at the PO and  Aldi to pick up some baking supplies. It was really sleeting hard when I started toward home but it had stopped and was only a light rain by the time I got here.
Hubbie and IR were upstairs playing so I unloaded and put everything away by myself today.
It was almost 3:00 by the time I finished so I took a break and stayed inside with IR while hubbie got his chores done early. After he finished I got mine done in the rain.
We were going to g-son's last regular season wrestling match over at Flat Rock middle school.
This could very well be his last wrestling match of the year because they lost this match putting them into a 3-way tie with Flat Rock and Rugby for first place in their side of the conference. Only 2 teams will go to the conference team finals on Tuesday so I have no idea how they will pick who goes.
The boys showed the weight of the loss as they watched. G-son is 3rd from left the first sitting up.
We left the match when it was over and dropped IR off with her dad at their apartment on the way home.
We finished chores by flashlight and then had a light supper before crashing in front of the TV for the evening.
I don't feel well tonight and I hope it is just tiredness and not a bug creeping up on me.
I am headed to an early bedtime.
Thankful for the blessings of this day.
God Bless and Good Night

Wednesday, January 16, 2019


Brrrr, it's cold this morning at 24 degrees and the heavy frost looks like snow .
I got chores done and took RL to pre-school. The bridges over the interstate we crossed were white with frost and looked like they might be slick but thankfully we made it without any trouble. I stopped at Ingles on the way home for gas and some baking supplies for today.
I came home and had a quick breakfast of oatmeal and coffee and then went over to Markeeta's to get my hair cut.  She is always so accommodating when I call for an appointment and we always enjoy a nice visit.
I came home to find hubbie and IR outside walking the dogs and playing on the slides.
I started my baking. I baked 3 caramel,  2 chocolate  , 2 pound cakes and 1 pan of brownies before shutting the ovens down and  hubbie , IR and I had lunch. I bought a half of turkey breast this morning on sale in Ingles and I had it cooked in the pressure pot to go with the rice and vegetables left over from yesterday. It was a good lunch and even IR thought so.
After we ate IR went down for a nap giving hubbie time to gather the trash and get things loaded for his weekly dump run and I worked on paperwork. I finished the 2018 business figures . I was actually surprised to be as good as they were in a couple areas so I can call it a successful 2018 year of business.
I also did weekly paperwork and paid bills.
IR woke up just as hubbie came back inside and we sat in the living room and relaxed and watched IR play with her "pop" book.

The days IR is here alone it is obvious how much she misses having her cousin RL here to play with.
To IR's delight RL came to visit for a little while so hubbie could put the car seat we had borrowed from Deb back in her car this afternoon.
Hubbie and I took turns getting the chores done this evening until daughter got here to pick up IR after her early practice.
Yesterday I moved the lone little female quail in with the pair of quails in the bigger cage so she would be warmer in the coming cold weather and tonight I was happy to see they have accepted her and they were all nestled together until the flash went off and they scattered.

I came inside and watched the news on the coming winter storm maned Harper who is bringing another shot of winter weather all across the country and bringing more rain to us this weekend.

 And ushering in the coldest temps of the season for the first of the week as we dip into the single digits Monday morning.
I spent the evening in the kitchen icing cakes and getting things ready for market.
Thankful for the blessings of this day and for the love of our precious Savior Jesus Christ.
God Bless and Good Night

Tuesday, January 15, 2019


Got the chores done and the ice broke off all the waterers just in time to take RL to pre-school. She was looking forward to seeing her friends again after an extended  weekend.
I came home to have my breakfast and then get some ironing done and house cleaning caught up.
Hubbie wanted to go by a local thrift shop on the way to pick up RL so we left about an hour early.
Hubbie found some slip on shoes like he has been looking for and I found a nice long all weather coat that I have been looking for so we counted today's thrifting trip a success. This is probably our favorite shop, it is run by the Humane Society and they have very high end nice things but their prices are higher than most thrift shops but if you catch a day like today when they are running a sale you can get some real deals at 50% off.
We picked up RL and headed to Burger King for lunch. Both girls were hungrier than usual today and ate all their food.
We left there and came home hoping both girls or at least one of them would take a nap but no deal. They both sat in the kitchen and played while hubbie and I ate our lunch of coconut Jasmine rice and roasted vegetables.
Hubbie rocked IR and RL and I sat in the big recliner and watched TV so at least the girls rested for a while but still no napping.
The girls played with blocks and I thought about the old saying about "pay back" as I watched RL build a tall tower from the blocks as IR looked on.

I remembered back when g-son would spend time building towers with these same blocks and then his little sister, RL would love to knock his work over to his disappointment . Today IR couldn't wait for RL to finish her building work so she could return the favor to RL as she knocked her tower down. Hubbie tried to help hold it up to avoid RL's crying fit as it hit the floor but he wasn't successful.
D-in-love came to pick up RL and IR fell asleep just as they were leaving. I layed her on the couch and when hubbie came back in to watch the news I went outside to get the chores done.
Daughter came in while I was outside and let IR sleep her nap out before they headed home.
Today has been a nice sunny day but the high didn't get out of the upper 30's all day for a pretty cool day.
What's new about this map of this weekends weather ????  Nothing !!!!
Depending on when the cold temps get here from an artic front that is coming thru we might have another interesting time.
We watched part of the UNC / Notre Dame basketball game tonight but didn't make it to the end.
Thankful for the blessings of this day.
God Bless and Good Night

Monday, January 14, 2019


An early Monday morning this week even though schools are on a 2-hour delay. I got chores done and then headed over to meet daughter at her doctor's office for the important measuring ultrasound on baby #2 at 8:30.
D-in-love brought g-son and RL in just as I was leaving. Hubbie is taking g-son to school at 10:00 but RL is missing pre-school today as it isn't worth the drive across town after a 2-hour delay for her.
Daughter, son-in-love and IR were still in the waiting room when I arrived at the doctor's office.
The ultrasound confirmed a little girl and she is healthy and everything looks great with a June 8 due date.
Son-in-love left after the ultrasound and I stayed with daughter during the appointment.
IR and daughter patiently waiting for the doctor.
Everything was good and we left there and stopped by Aldi to pick up daughter and me a few groceries. Daughter had dropped her van off at Apple Tree Honda for an 8:30 oil change appointment and we went by to pick it up only to discover that it wasn't ready yet. We canceled the remainder of the service on the van because it was almost noon and daughter had a meeting at school at 12:30.
I don't know what is going on at Apple Tree Honda's service department but this is the exact reason hubbie now changes my oil because even with an appointment it took them 2-3 hours to change my oil and we always had at least one baby with us . When I first bought my Pilot from them in their old building they were better about getting things done in a timely manner but when they moved into their big new building the service has gotten gradually worse and worse so buyer be ware if you're looking for service on your honda from them .
Anyway we got her van and she took her groceries and I took IR and we headed home. IR slept all the way home for at least a short nap today.
When we got here the girls were so glad to see each other after the weekend.

I had a late salad for lunch and then got the weekly laundry started. I got 2 loads washed and 1 load dried before it was time to take turns with hubbie getting the chores done early.
G-son has a wrestling match today at Apple Valley against Hendersonville middle school.
D-in-love picked up RL to take her by home on the way and we met them and #1 son there.
G-son, in the middle, is looking at me during warm-ups when I was taking pictures.
It was 8th grader recognition tonight as this is their last regular season home match. There is a lot of 8th graders this year.
Apple Valley won the match that lasted longer than usual due to 2 different injured wrestlers ,one for each school. Pray these 2 young folks will be okay.
These 4 boys all are members of our church youth group and go to these opposing schools. We are all so very proud of these guys who are all fierce competitors but good friends off the mats.
G-son is 3rd one back.

Daughter came in and picked up IR after an early outing with her basketball team. 
Hubbie and I came home and finished chores by flashlight and then I finished the 3 loads of laundry for the week.
Thankful for the addition of another little member to our family and for all the other blessings of this day.
God Bless and Good Night

Sunday, January 13, 2019


Didn't get much sleep last night because of the pouring rain and mounting ice on everything it touched. The police scanner chattered all night with trees across roads , power line fires and trees on houses. I went to bed early not feeling well and slept until about 2:45 when the power blinked off turning the big outside light off which completely darkens our bedroom and always wakes me up.
I couldn't go back to sleep for over an hour just laying there listening for a big boom that would tell us our leaning pine tree had fallen on no telling what.
I remember looking at the clock just before 4am and then I slept until 8am. We couldn't believe our power was still on as we walked around the yard taking pics of all the ice.

It was beautiful but also could be deadly if some of the falling limbs hit you when they fell from the weight of all that ice.
Our big leaning pine tree was unbelievably still standing strong .
The roads looked okay but #1 son called and said we had better not venture out to church this morning as a car just spun around and ping ponged off the guard rails on the icy road.
Hubbie and I came back inside to hopefully let some of the ice melt off before we had to get under the power lines and sagging tree limbs to feed the chickens and dogs.
We ate our breakfast and just as we were finishing cleaning the dishes up the power went off. It was about 10am.  
We could now get out and do the feeding chores without fear of the live power line falling on us anyway. We hurried through the chores while listening to limbs break off the trees with loud pops. 
We came back inside a dark but warm house  thanks to this great little wood stove downstairs.
Hubbie and I both tried to nap and catch up on last night's lost sleep but with all the noisy sounds outside sleep was still pretty fleeting.
#2 son came by to check on us and said he had power at his house if we wanted to come home with him. But we decided to stick it out and get out the generator if the power wasn't back on by later afternoon and plug the freezers and refrigerators in.
Thankfully about 2pm the lights blinked back on. It is amazing how much you take for granted while you have power. Even a simple thing like washing your hands, getting a cup of coffee, flushing a toilet made impossible with no power.
We did get a true day of rest today with nothing to do for hours but star out the window and watch the birds at the feeders and the ice chunks falling from the trees.
We got out this evening to get the chores done and the woods are filled with ice that has fallen off the trees and the smell of fresh pine filled the air from all the limbs that have broken off the trees.

Back inside we decided to snack for supper since we ate a late lunch after the power came back on.
Everyone else except  #2 son and daughter lost power also today. Aa sent this pic this morning as BB helped clear wood from a tree that fell on the goat fence tearing it down.
Daughter sent this pic of IR with her cousin Addie who spent the afternoon with them after loosing power at her house.
We officially got 1/2 inch of ice and there was 1 inch of rain in my rain gauge this morning. 
Our area was hit the hardest and there are over 10,000 folks still without power tonight in the county with some not expecting it to be back on for a couple days.
Schools are on a 2 hour delay tomorrow baring any changes in the weather overnight to worsen conditions.
Thankful for the blessing of no more damage than we had and praying for all those who suffered worse damage and loss.
God Bless and Good Night

Saturday, January 12, 2019


Got to sleep in an extra hour this morning . The clouds are sure hanging low and the air definitely feels like winter weather is coming as I get the chores done.
We were a little late getting to market but the roads were pretty vacant and market was the same.
I took the opportunity of no customers to catch up on some market board business while hubbie was there to sit at the table.
Actually sales were okay today and I made the most for any January day so far at $86 .
Hubbie left before noon to stop by Ingles to pick up a few things in case we loose our power.
I left market at about 1:30 as we stood and watched a light rain start falling and sleet pellets bouncing off cars in the parking lot. We all decided it might be a good time to head home.
Hubbie was getting in more firewood when I got here and we got unloaded and put things away.
It isn't raining here yet so we came inside and got warm and watched some basketball. UNC lost big to Louisville and then we watched Duke sneak out a victory with a last second shot over Florida State.
It started raining lightly here about 4:30 so we got out and moved the big chicken tractor from under the power lines and got things all fed and put up.
These droplets aren't liquid anymore at 5:30 so this is not a good sign of things to come with the temperature dropping and the rain getting heavier !!!
When we watched the news tonight the forecast for our area had worsened a lot with the expectation of close to 1/2 inch of ice which will be devastating to trees and power lines.

We are preparing tonight to wake up with no power for sure and are praying that nothing gets hit by falling limbs and trees.
I pray for all the workers who have to be out in this storm and pray that they all are safe.
Thankful for the blessings of this day .
God Bless and Good Night

Friday, January 11, 2019


TGIF ,and whew it has been a long busy week.  I got chores done while the kids had breakfast then I took RL to pre-school. I stopped by Ingles on the way home to pick up a gallon of milk and a few other things for baking today.
I had my breakfast when I got home and then while hubbie and IR moved from room to room to outside I swept and mopped all the floors in the house.
We all went to pick up RL from pre-school. We stopped by Burger King for lunch then came home with 2 ill tempered tired little girls. I got IR to sleep by holding her down and rocking her.

But hubbie had no luck getting RL to nap so he took her outside so she wouldn't wake up IR.
They gathered firewood in and let Rocky out for a walk and fed the other dogs early.
I baked 1 pound cake and 1 pan of brownies for market tomorrow and then roasted some asparagus, carrots and cauliflower for a mid afternoon snack for hubbie and I .
D-in-love came in from work and took RL to the wrestling match. Hubbie , IR and I met them there. The match is at the high school tonight and they got to wrestle in the spotlight just like the high school team.
G-son gets to dress out with the team but he is still the second place wrestler in his weight class. He is the wrestler facing this way between the umpire and the word "The" .

Apple Valley won the match against Brevard and g-son acted very happy after the match.
Son-in-love met us in the parking lot to pick up IR as we were leaving the match.
We came home and finished up the chores by flashlight.
We still aren't sure what the weather will bring or when it will get here tomorrow. As we picked up RL today we noticed that they had already brined all the roads with the saltwater brine they use.
All the forecast are for the falling weather not to start until tomorrow evening so we'll cross our fingers and pray we don't get a major ice storm out of Gia.

We had a light supper then I got things ready for market and rested for the evening.
Thankful for the blessings of this day.
God Bless and Good Night