Thursday, November 16, 2017


I only heard one car come through the yard this morning and was surprised when daughter came in with both grand-girls with her. D-in-love was late for work and daughter just picked up RL as she went by their house.
RL was clingy again this morning but at least she ate a good breakfast.
We got chores done and got everything ready for market . I dropped RL off at pre-school and IR and I met hubbie at market as usual. IR slept through all our unloading and set-up and a little before 10:00 just as she was starting to stir and get ready for her morning bottle Connie came to pick her up. She was taking her straight home to feed her .
Market was pretty slow today but I added several more orders for Tuesday to my already pretty long list so that is good.
 I only had 2 orders for today and only one so far for Saturday. Looks like Tuesday will be the only big sales day so far.
A customer / friend brought me a little female Quail today to go with with one of my lone male Quails.
I carefully loaded her in the back of the Honda and put all my groceries in the back seat to keep from disturbing her too much.
I made stops at Aldi and Ingles on the way home for groceries and baking supplies.
The little quail was very glad to be released in with a new boy friend and he was also very glad to have a mate to snuggle with this winter.
Hubbie and I got everything else unloaded and put away then he finished the leaf  blowing and lawn mowing for hopefully the last time this season and put things away.
Daughter came over to stay while they showed her house again this evening. She ate supper with us and IR looked and felt so much better this evening.
We did chores and shut all the animals up for a below freezing night at a predicted 31 degrees.
The big news so far this week is the news that #2 son has agreed to a buying  offer on his house if things work out he needs to be out of the house by December 18th.
Thankful for the blessings of this day  .
God Bless and Good Night

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Up to greet both g-daughters hoping this will be a better day for both of them.
IR looks much better with her Pink Eye today and isn't coughing hardly at all.

RL is still clingy and doesn't have any appetite this morning. Her mom has the cough and sinus problems that we've had and I don't think RL is sleeping good with her mom coughing at night.
I did the chores and took RL to pre-school where she perked up and seemed happy to be there.
I stopped back by the vet's office to pick up some medicine for Bernie and check to see if the change in ordering his meds went through. We are going to get all his pills through the mail from a place called Valley Vet which does a lot of business with out vets office and can sell the pills at less than half the price we are paying now if things work out.
When I got home IR was ready to have her first bottle.
She settled down and went right to sleep after she ate and slept pretty much all morning. Her little body is wearing out fighting her sickness.
Hubbie went out to gather in kindling and firewood for this weekend's colder temps and I baked cakes. I baked 12 caramel, 3 chocolate, 4 pound , 2 blackberry wine and 1 pan of brownies. This holiday baking already brought out the back brace today.
This is a posture brace and does help with the pain I get from all the mixing and lifting.
I finished baking about 1:30 and we had a late lunch then IR had her afternoon bottle and wanted to play awhile. She acts like she feels so much better this afternoon and is back to her smiley , talkative self.
Daughter came after IR and while we were talking we heard a big boom that rattled the windows in the house.
On the news later we discovered than an explosion at a nearby plant had caused the boom. It is a miracle no one got hurt in this explosion and fire.

We did chores and I did weekly paperwork and paid bills then finished the evening icing cakes until about 11:30, yep it's the holidays !!!!
Thankful for the blessings of this day and for the strength God gives me each day to get the things I need to do done.
God Bless and Good Night

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


RL arrived extra early this morning as d-in-love wanted to get to work early to get things set up for the meeting of the new principle announcement this morning.
IR arrived at her regular time and looked pretty pitiful this morning with a badly swollen eye and still coughing.
Daughter went on to work but is calling for a doctor's appointment for IR as soon as their office opens.
I got the chores done and headed out to Mud Creek Church with RL to her per-school.
She was a happy girl as usual this morning.
When I got home daughter had already picked up IR to go to the doctor at 8:50.
Poor thing has an ear infection and Pink Eye.  Oh boy another very contagious sickness to pass around !!!
Daughter came back by here but is taking the day off to stay with IR.
Hubbie and I did some house cleaning when they left and then we went to pick up RL. We made a stop at a "truck load" discount shop on our way home but didn't find much there.
RL went soundly to sleep on the way home.
We ate our late lunch then hubbie went up to his shop to work on some projects and I did some ironing and some more house work that I could do quietly.
RL work up about 3:00 and wanted to be rocked so I rocked her back to sleep and she slept another 45 minutes until her brother came in. It was a good cool day for some snuggling time.

D-in-love is going to the doctor this afternoon to see if they will give her some medicine for her cough and ear ache so she dropped g-son off here.
I think he is getting sick again because he wrapped up in a blanket and layed on the couch all evening.
Hubbie and I took turns getting the chores done and watching the kids.
#1 son came to pick them up about 7:00.
Hubbie and I are both cold tonight . We think there is something wrong with our heat pump as it is not heating like it should but we don't think it is cold enough yet to have fires in the woodstoves.
The doctor said d-in-love had a virus but gave her 4 days of Prednisone to try and help her kick the virus.
After supper tonight I have one more of my antibiotic pills to take in the morning to finish them up and sadly I still have a cough and runny nose but my lungs thankfully are cleared up.
Thankful for the blessings of this day.
God Bless and Good Night

Monday, November 13, 2017


Monday morning , the beginning of another week !  Both grand girls arrived on time and we settled in for the morning.
I did chores while hubbie got RL her breakfast and IR watched from her bouncy seat on the kitchen table.
I took RL to school then came home to help with IR who is coughing today and daughter wanted to make sure she isn't running a fever.
I took her temp and it was normal and she isn't coughing that much and doesn't act really sick.
She's not as smiley as usual but that might be because it is Monday after a three day weekend with her mommy.
I got weekly laundry started then we went after RL at school. She ate and then with both girls asleep we went over to Southern States to get chicken feed.
I really had to stretch the feed this morning and  wanted to get home so I could give them a good feeding today before the sun started going down.
IR woke up and wanted her lunch bottle and RL woke up and wanted to be rocked back to sleep. Hubbie took RL and I fed IR before we had our lunch.
I did more laundry and then  rocked IR to sleep . Just as I was putting her in her swing RL woke up so hubbie took her outside to play on this sunny mid 50's afternoon.
IR is sleeping more peacefully than she has all day so maybe the cough is getting better. She was still sleeping when daughter came in from work.
RL came back inside and promptly woke IR up so she could talk to her !!!
She and hubbie took an ice cream break after playing outside all afternoon.

Daughter fed IR then left to go home and take care of a sick son-in-love who has the stomach bug today.
D-in-love came after RL and she is anticipating the announcement of the new principle at the elementary school she works at. They are supposed to make the announcement tomorrow morning.
After they all left we did evening chores. I need to wash all the waterers but it is too cold this evening.
I am still not feeling up to par and my energy level definitely needs a boost from something.
We rested for the evening and I am going to get a really early bedtime tonight to see if that will make me feel better tomorrow.
Thankful for the blessings of this day and for the love of a Wonderful Savior Jesus Christ.
God Bless and Good Night.

Sunday, November 12, 2017


Up to a dreary Sunday morning. I got chores done and had breakfast then filled 2 crock pots  with my mac and cheese and ham casserole that everyone loves.
Hubbie and I drove separately so that I could leave a little early and come home to stir the pots and add some cheese on top.
We had a guest speaker today named Dewey Thomas and he delivered a good sermon. Our Pastor is on a hunting trip to Texas with his dad and some friends.
We honored our veterans today and as always I am surprised at how many vets we have in our congregation. The flag was folded today as one of the vets told the significance of each fold.
We also dedicated all our Operation Christmas Child boxes as g-son and his class along with the smaller kids added their boxes to the totals. (g-son is in the black shirt with the boy in red)

I did sneak our a bit early and get home just ahead of everyone else to stir the crock pots and Aa met me here to take lunch back home to all the sick kids.
We ate with #1 son's family, #2 son and Tif and daughter and IR. Son-in-love has been in Kentucky all weekend with some of the kids from the boys and girls club visiting Berea college.
After everyone left hubbie and I vegged out on the cold drizzly Sunday afternoon.
There was no measurable rainfall but a steady drizzle fell all afternoon with the high temp of 49 degrees making an inside day feel good.
We finally bundled up and did chores this evening as all the animals acted like they just wanted to get in the warm houses and bed down for the night.
We had supper and then vegged out for the rest of the evening for a very restful Sunday.
As the cold air settles in our area the forecasters say the snow pack in Northern America is the largest that it has been in over a decade.
To show the difference just from last year this is the snow pack in the US at this time last year.
What a difference a year makes !!!!
Thankful for the blessings of this day and thankful for all the freedoms we have been gifted in this country that was founded on the belief in God.
God Bless and Good Night

Saturday, November 11, 2017


BBBBRRRR !!!! A cold 30 degree morning greeted me today as I went out to get the chores done before heading to market.
We made it to market on time and got set up with no one waiting on cakes.
The morning started out really slow but as the outside temperature warmed so did sales. Daughter and g-daughter IR came out to spend the day and help wait on customers. Hubbie left to get home and get some work done around the farm.
It is always nice to have daughter here so she and I can take turns with IR and the customers and she can go up town to get our lunch also. Today we got bagel sandwiches from McFarlands bakery and they were very good.
She left to go home and get something for #2 son and I left to pick up baking supplies and groceries at Aldi and Ingles on my way home.
When I got here hubbie was starting to dig our potatoes. We had a good year this year and have some very nice potatoes to show for it.
After we got unloaded and got things put away I went up to the garden to help with the potatoes. We got about half of them dug before it was chore time and were very happy with the amount of potatoes we are getting this year. We just planted the left overs from last year and some times that doesn't give such a good crop but this year we are very pleased with the amount so far with only half dug.

While we were in the garden daughter and IR came to spend the evening while their house was being shown and have supper with us.
We did chores and then boiled some of the little potatoes along with some of our fresh greens from the garden to go with slaw hubbie had made from a cabbage a market vendor gave me Thursday , some pinto beans from the pressure pot and some grilled pork chops I brought home today.
Fixing dry beans in my pressure pot is one of my favorite things to use it for. I cooked 2 cups of dried pinto beans in 45 minutes and they were perfectly cooked.
We all ate our fill while this little girl bounced and bounced some more !!!!
The sun set in a blaze of glory this evening.
#2 son is a wonderful craftsman and designed and built this dog house out of discarded pallets. It is insulated and cozy for Rocky the Australian Shepherd.
And he is sure a spoiled rotten dog by Tif !!!
Today is a special time to thank all the brave souls who choose to fight for the freedoms we have in this country. One day is certainly not the only time we all should be very grateful to these men and women who give their all so that we may have the freedoms that we do in this great country.
This saying rings very true in the wake of some of the disrespect that has been shown the flag that these folks have fought so long and hard to save.
Thankful to live in this country and for all the blessings that God gives each day.
God Bless and Good Night.

Friday, November 10, 2017


Got extra sleep this morning since schools are closed today in observance of Veterans Day tomorrow.
After chores we had breakfast and then went over to our friends apple farm to make come pics of daughter's family.
It was a cold morning at 44 degrees and windy. But  I think I got some good pictures.

After that early outside time we all came home for extra clothes before we headed up to Madison County to a place in the Pisgah National Forest called Max Patch.
As we traveled through Madison county my memories of coming up here often when I was a child with my father were stirred and it amazed me to see things had not changed that much in some of the places we drove through than I remembered all those years ago. Madison county is filled with old barns and as we passed by many of them I wanted to stop and get photographs of them all to preserve the history of them.
I also noticed how green the grass still looks up here and what a beautiful blue sky there was today.
 It took almost 2 hours to make the drive , most of the time consumed by the miles and miles of narrow dirt roads getting up the mountain to Max Patch where we had to drive very slow around all the blind switch back curves.
We finally made it to the parking area and were surprised by the number of folks who were up here on this cold day.
We chose this shorter trail to the top it was steeper but about half the distance of the more sloping trail.
The views were truly breath taking from up here but with my bronchitis still on the mend it was a slow climb for me but every time I stopped the views were worth the time I spent resting.

Once we made it to the top we were again surprised at the number of folks who were up here .
G-son found an island !!!!
We had a wonderful time looking around and enjoying the views and the clear crisp refreshing air on the mountain top. This is our hiking crew today. Sadly d-in-love started running a fever yesterday and stayed home with g-daughter today. #2 son and Tif as well as #1 son all had to work today.

Oh to have the energy of this guy !!!!

G-daughter was all bundled up enjoying the getting carried around.
Time to head back down the trail.
Driving back down the narrow roads didn't seem to take as long as driving up there and we hadn't eaten lunch yet so we stopped at Cracker Barrel in Candler to have a late lunch.
G-daughter modeled their UNC hair bows.
Both grands were sooo good today I am proud of both of them for making the trip so much fun.
We made it home with just enough daylight left to get the chores done. I took all the waterers out of the chicken lots ahead of the cold temps coming tonight so they won't freeze. I use just open pans in winter so I can break the ice from then.
Hubbie went up to #2 son's house to help him move a dog house he built for their new Australian Shepherd Tif's dad gave them.
We took it easy tonight and enjoyed an evening of rest.
Thankful for traveling mercies today and for the wonderful , beautiful world God created for us to enjoy.
God Bless and Good Night