Monday, August 29, 2016


First day of school today !!!  G-son is starting his 4th grade !!! Where has my baby boy gone ????
G-daughter looked sad to see him go off to school and leave her !
She wasn't sad long as her playmates BB and EL came to spend the morning while mom slept after working all night.

EL was also sad that g-son wasn't here to play with her  and looked everywhere for another playmate ????  And as I look at this picture I wonder where my little baby girl went ?????
She decided to play with the 2 littles and they were tickled to have her hide under the bouncy seat and scare them !!!
Didn't take BB long to figure out what was going on !!!
These two are going to be very special friends growing up.
After lunch we went outside to enjoy the nice day.

After Re picked up BB and EL g-daughter took a much needed 30 minute nap. The nap was way to short for as tired as she was and there was no one to play with now so she had a hard rest of the day.
The new bigger play area did help !!!

D-in-love picked her up about  4:20 and then EL and BB came back while mom went to a staff meeting.  Aa made it home from work to pick them up about 5:30.
After chores I tackled the 2 baskets of tomatoes from yesterday and ended up with 17 pints of canned tomatoes. There is still too much water in the tomatoes and they float in the jars.
I can see the end of my canning season coming into view as the garden produce is really slowing down now. I am very thankful for the abundance of produce that God has blessed us with this year.
I am ending the evening with blogging and then bath and bed.
Thankful for the blessings of this day and the fact that I am feeling stronger each day now as I think I have finally turned the corner from all the sickness. My hands, knees and feet have finally stopped pealing and are beginning to look normal again. All in God's good time !!!!
God Bless and Good Night

Sunday, August 28, 2016


Sunday morning today came waaayyy to early since I was up and down what seemed like all night last night with Dolly, one of the 4-legged kids who had a stomach ache and kept needing to go outside. Finally after a huge drink of cold water about 3:30 she settled down and it took me until 4:30 to settle down and get to sleep.
Hubbie and I fixed potatoes in the pressure pot and corn on the stove to get some things done early for lunch today.
Church was good today from Mathew 5 verse 13 about being the "salt" of the earth. Dr. David does a wonderful job of bringing a message. Today was "back to school" Sunday and we offered up prayers for all the students and school personel in our congregation. Hubbie is on the left in the red shirt and g-son is standing in front of him in the blue shirt.

After church we had lunch of fried country steak, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn and green beans. Aa's family and #2 son were our guest today. #1 son's family went to a meeting and first soccer practice for g-son right after church.
Aa's family went home and hubbie and #2 son worked on his truck for a while then took the big ladder and went up to his house to nail a loose log back on the high side of his house. While they had the ladder out we mounted my birthday present over the sunroom doors.Thanks EL and BB !!!

I enjoyed a nice vitamin D break out in the sunshine of the afternoon.
Hubbie finished out the afternoon watching a Nascar race on TV.
Before we went out to do the chores tonight we gave Dolly a haircut and bath. Her hair is pretty long and maybe that is making her too hot at night and adding to her restlessness.
After we finished her we did chores then gleaned the garden .  More tomato canning in my near future.

And I went ahead and gathered these winter squash in and put them in the basement where they will probably be safer from bugs and worms that are invading our late garden vegetables.
D-in-love sent me this pic of g-daughter as she was so excited to have some ice cream at the Sweet Frog in town.
As we watched the news tonight things are really heating up in the tropics and could make the upcoming week very interesting !!!
Gaston is the only named hurricane and it looks like he will turn out to sea but the "invest " off the east coast and the tropical depression in the gulf  could spell trouble depending on their strength and track over the next week .

To continue the August decade pictures back in 1996  #1 son was beginning his freshman year of football at North Henderson high school. He was #72 all through high school.

I remember those "football frenzy" nights like they were yesterday. This team went undefeated this year as they were a very good group of  football players. Son started on both defense and offense. He played defensive end and on offense he was a guard. It is fun to look back and in this football lineup it is fun to see that the man who owns the business son works for now is also a member of this team.Bringing to mind for sure that we never know what the future holds for us or who is in our future.
Grateful to God for all the wonderful memories and for all the blessings of this day.
God Bless and Good Night.

Saturday, August 27, 2016


Saturday market day breaks warm and sunny. Hubbie and I made it to market a few minutes early this morning but there were no lines of customers waiting.
Market was pretty slow all morning. Josh and daughter brought her baked goods in and stayed for a little while before heading home to do yardwork.
Hubbie visited with his friends until 11:30 then headed to Sam's Club and Walmart to do our weekly shopping.
It clouded up and cooled down a little bit by noon but we sellers were already wilted down by then in the 90 degree heat of the day.
I changed my table covering out today to the red checked I bought yesterday. This was at the end of the day and I didn't have too much left.

 I was very glad to see 2:00 come today in this heat.
I stopped at Aldi for baking supplies and then took the back way home to avoid all the traffic.
I ran through some very hard showers of rain on the way home. Hubbie had tried to bush hog this afternoon but got ran back to the house by passing showers.
It rained a pretty good shower this afternoon leaving about 2/10ths inch in the gauge and looks like we might get more rain overnight.
The storms are moving in from the east which is a strange direction for our weather to come.
I spent the afternoon relaxing in the sunroom with my 4-legged kids. Dolly does not act like she feels good at all but doesn't appear to be in any pain. She is just laying around.
After chores I tried to figure out a way to get all the wedding pictures downloaded to my Walgreens site but the way I found takes forever so I'm going to try something else.
It has thundered all evening but the storms so far have went to the south of our area.
Back in August 1986 we were still having summer fun with three little kids at the lake.

There was a drought that year and the lakes were very low.

I found these newspaper clippings in some old papers my mom saved about the Curb Market in August of that year.

And the kids all went to a day care owned by a friend of mine that year also and #1 son's class was pictures in an advertisement that month.
I am grateful for a good market sales day today and for all the other blessings that the Lord sent my way today.
God Bless and Good Night.

Friday, August 26, 2016


Up to a very nice morning today. After chores and breakfast I headed up on Sugarloaf mountain to my friends berry farm. I love the entrance to this place with his grandparents old house all decorated.

I got blackberries, red grapes, a pint of their last pull of honey and a watermelon that they grew, yum.
I went back by my favorite apple house on the way into town and got some of my favorite eating apples, Honeycrisp, and some white peaches there. I also was shopping for daughter in these two places.

My last stop of the day was Walmart as I had forgotten to buy some table cloth material when I was there yesterday.  I got some red and white check and some pretty Fall d├ęcor material to use for table cloths on my market tables.

It was almost lunchtime when I got home so I had a quick sandwich before beginning my baking for the day. I baked 12 caramel, 3 chocolate, 1 coconut, 4 pound and 1 blackberry wine cake and was finished by about 3:30.
Daughter came by for a visit and picked up all her produce I had gotten her this morning.
After she left I relaxed out in the sunshine for vitamin D but it was so hot I couldn't stand it long !!
When hubbie came in from work we rested and watched the news.
This second setting Silkie finally got off the nest and she also has 5 chicks !! Strange for both of the hens to have hatched 5 chicks each.

After chores I started icing all my cakes. My knee is hurting pretty badly tonight so I am happy to get into a hot bath and bed a little before midnight.
Thankful for the blessings of this day and for His love.
God Bless and Good night.