Monday, February 19, 2018


Another rainy , dreary Monday morning. I am beginning to feel moldy with all these rainy days.
RL was the only g-daughter this morning as daughter didn't feel well yesterday and woke up this morning at 1:30 with body aches and a very painful sore throat and didn't work today.
I did chores and took RL to pre-school. I stopped at daughter's and picked up IR on my way home so daughter could go to minit clinic and take her SUV to the shop for the water leak it has.
IR watched me have my breakfast then I fed her.
I got laundry started while hubbie, who doesn't feel well again and has that nasty cough back, played with IR.
Daughter drove up in a new Impala that they gave her to drive while hers is being fixed.
She ate some left overs for lunch and took the antibiotic they gave her. Her flu test and strep throat test were negative but the doctor said she thinks she has a sinus infection. And maybe an early strep throat that the meds would take care of also.
She rode with us to go pick up RL while IR took a nap on the way. RL was surprised to see her aunt T along with me to pick her up.
She ate her chicken nuggets and then went right to sleep as soon as we started moving.
We came home and daughter and IR went home to get a nap in this afternoon.
I did more laundry while RL and hubbie slept this afternoon.
When she woke up I played with her as hubbie still doesn't feel good until d-in-love came to pick her up. The day has been pretty nasty with a drizzle that left only 1/10ths inch in the gauge but made the mid 50's temps feel really cool.
We did  chores and then settled in for the evening to rest up for another day.
To finish up the decade series for this month I found some February 2008 pics of a skiing trip that all three of the kids went on with some of daughter's co-workers and friends at the WLOS TV station she worked in at that time.
In this first pic starting from the left was a friend and co-worked Suzanne and her husband, #2 son and daughter, #1 son and d-in-love and another of friend and co-worker.
#1 son and d-in-love
Daughter in white vest  and friend
And this is a photo of g-son at that time .
Each month I am reminded how glad I am to have started these decade pics as I am reminded of the kids and g-kids earlier years and activities.
Thankful for the blessings of this day.
God Bless and Good Night

Sunday, February 18, 2018


Up earlier this morning so I could fix a squash casserole to go with the beef stew for lunch. I canned some yellow squash when I needed to fill up a pressure canner of green beans last summer and I needed to use them so I googled a gluten free recipe for a squash casserole and came up with this one that turned our awesome and was so easy  !!!
I put it in the oven then went out to get the chores done and even had time to fix some eggs for breakfast when I got back inside.
We got ready for church and today was our quarterly nursery duty with #1 son.
We had an easy time today with only 3 little ones and one of them went to sleep and slept most of the time we were there.
We came home and had lunch with #1 son and Aa's family. G-son went home from church with a friend and d-in-love took RL home for an early nap.
The kids played outside for awhile in a really nice sunny low 60's afternoon before they headed home for their naps.
This is EL blowing bubbles as CO swings by.

After everyone left hubbie and I worked on fixing the green house hens an outside lot beside the green house so they could get out of the heat inside.
We worked until chore time so I will add the finishing touches tomorrow and make a pic.
While we worked I noticed the beautiful blue sky and the wispy clouds as the sun went down.

This is the little red Silkie that is sitting on 13 Silkie eggs in her brooder box. She is one of my biggest hens so I think she can cover this many small eggs.
After chores we came inside and had some left overs for supper before settling in for a restful evening.
Talked to daughter tonight and she is taking her car to the shop tomorrow for them to fix a water leak which filled her front floor boards with rain water. This is a typical Chevy Equinox problem according to how many folks are having the same problem with this vehicle on the internet.
Thankful for the blessings of this day and for the freedom to worship as we please with our church family.
God Bless and Good Night.

Saturday, February 17, 2018


Saturday market day and another rainy Saturday !!!
Out to get the chores done between showers and then off to market.
As we got closer to town the rain got heavier but when we got there a couple egg customers were waiting. Thankful for eggs to sell or these days would be pretty empty of sales.
I am however thankful for what I do sell on these days as today I did sell a couple caramel cakes, breads and cake halves and quarters to make about a $65 day.
Hubbie stayed and helped with the table while I exchanged a stock for a stock holder after the death of her mother.
He started talking to some friends and ended up staying the entire market time with me.
We loaded in a heavy rain shower and headed home without any stops in the rain.
We need to decide what we are cooking for lunch tomorrow and maybe go back to Ingles later tonight.
At home we had a cup of the vegetable beef soup that the manager's daughter sells at market for a late, late lunch and then relaxed for a rainy afternoon.
Daughter and d-in-love went to the Wee Trade sale last night and daughter picked up IR a walker the same as mine and she was enjoying it on a rainy inside day.
RL was also happy with her mom's purchase as she played with this doll house for hours today.

G-son didn't get left out either as d-in-love found him a new Operation game.
Hubbie and I got the evening chores done in a light rain and then made a trip to Ingles to get some groceries and items for tomorrow's lunch.
After we got everything put away we settled in to watch the UNC / Louisville basketball game.
The weather isn't looking like it will improve much for us in the coming week with the "N" winter storm Noah dropping today's rain .
Quickly followed by the "O" winter storm Oliver that was named today promising more rain by the middle of the week for us.

I guess the good in all this moisture is that it isn't snow or ice like some of the country is getting with these one right after the other storms.
Thankful for the blessings of this day and for the love of Jesus Christ my Wonderful, Graceful Savior.
God Bless and Good Night.

Friday, February 16, 2018


Friday mornings are always seemingly calm after our hectic Thursdays. Today RL was hard to get along with but she settled down on the way to school and was fine when we got there.
I came back home to a waiting for her breakfast IR and then I had my breakfast.
I was hungrier than usual today so I had eggs, grits and bacon for my energy boost for the day.
I cleaned house all morning until it was time for me to get ready for my yearly mammogram appointment. I am going to one of the facilities in Asheville this year so I can get the 3-D imaging.
I left early enough to locate the place in the downtown section of Biltmore Park Village.
I was in and out quickly after a pretty rough session of more intense squeezing than normal but I have found that each tech has a different technique and some are rougher than others.
Saying a prayer that my images will match the previous ones and there will be no call back.
I made a stop at a new thrift shop on my way home that had a big 50% off sale and found a couple things I couldn't live without for a big total of $9.
I made it home just in time to fix a bottle for IR's afternoon feeding  before I had a late lunch.
It is a nice warm day again today and even with the could cover we soared to a new record high for the second day in a row.

Unfortunately with the timing of my mammogram I missed g-son's award ceremony today. He made A honor roll and got the semester most improved student award in his class. We are all very proud of him.

Hubbie and IR took a nap after lunch and I washed windows and then relaxed out in the sunroom with the door open enjoying the fresh warm breeze coming in.
When daughter came in she and I rode over to Re's house to check out her new baby goats. She has some Nigerian Dwarf goats and this was the first to have babies. She had 4 little ones and they are all so adorable. AD definitely has a knack for goat kid mothering !!!!

EL held one just for a little bit and CO and BB didn't want to hold the squirmy, bleating little babies just yet.
And of course daughter fell in love all over again and I'm sure she had flashback memories of her days with our baby goats when she was younger.
Re put sock coats on all of them to help keep them warm overnight in case they wander out from under the heat lamp in the upper 30's temps predicted for the next couple nights.
Can't wait until they get a little bigger and we can make pics with IR and RL with them.
Daughter and I came home just as it started to sprinkle rain.
She went home and hubbie and I watched the news and waited for the rain shower to pass.
We got chores done thankfully without rain gear and then I got the first Silkie setter put in one of the brooder boxes and nicely snuggled down in fresh hay with all Silkie eggs under her so I will hopefully have chicks to sell in early spring. I will add tomorrow's eggs to the 7 she had today and she'll be set for the next 21 days of waiting !!
We came inside and relaxed for the evening.
With the prediction of the colder overnight and rainy Saturday I decided not to bake anything else tonight. This is still the week after a sweet filled Valentines day and I don't think there will be many customers at market tomorrow.
It feels strange to have a baking free Friday night and I just hope I don't regret my decision tomorrow.
Thankful for the blessings of this day and praying for a clear mammogram . Also still sending prayers to the families of the victims of the Florida high school shooting.
God Bless and Good Night

Thursday, February 15, 2018


Up and at it early this morning to get everything done and get the girls loaded and get to market on time.
It is a very foggy morning as we headed out !!!

Dropped RL at pre-school and IR and I made it to market early. Hubbie was already there and we got unloaded and set up while IR slept.
We woke her up and fed her breakfast because Connie her other g-ma has to drive right back down to Green Creek in Polk county to meet with a cabinet maker at her new house hoping IR would sleep through the meeting.
After she left with her hubbie visited with some friends then left to get his errands done and get the tires rotated on his truck.
I had a very slow day today as expected only selling a couple 1/4 cakes and some brownies but I did sell all my eggs today which made for an over $40 day.
Hubbie came back to market and brought our lunch of a sub sandwich about 1:00. We have a meeting at the bank at 2:00 so he hung around and helped me load back up and then went to our meeting.
After the bank business was done he left to make a stop at Sam's Club and I made stops at Sav Mor and Aldi for baking supplies and groceries.
He beat me home and helped daughter load Tipper her dog who is staying with us up for a vet appointment. Tipper is having ear troubles again.
He helped me unload and get things put away when I got home and then we rested and watched the early news until daughter got back with Tipper. The vet gave her 3 meds and a shot her poor ears were so infected. She thinks it is a food allergy maybe so daughter picked her up some different food on the way back here with her.
We went outside in the record breaking 79 degree temps in our shirt sleeves to do chores this evening!

Hubbie fed the cattle another roll of hay since Aa isn't going to get in from his trip to Arizona to a sod grass convention until later tonight.
G-son and G-daughter RL came to stay tonight while their mom went to music practice at church until their dad got home from work.
RL loved the warm evening outside with us finishing the chores.
Just after a couple days of the warmer than normal temps there is a lot of green things popping up such as these Chives in this pot .
And maybe it's just my longing this year for a warm spring but even the lawn and pasture grass seem to have more green today !!!
After #1 son picked the kids up hubbie watched the first Nascar race on TV so I blogged early through my continuous yawns and headed for an early bath and bedtime.
My thoughts and prayers go all the way south tonight to Parkland, Florida to the families and friends of the 17 victims of the another senseless school shooting at a high school yesterday.

Terrified students file by police offices with their hands up and visible.
A former 19 year old student at this high school who was kicked out brought an AR-15 assault riffle into the school and opened fire apparently randomly killing 2 teachers and 15 students and sending 14 more injured to area hospitals. 
What happens in the minds of these young men that make them take their anger out on innocent school staff and students is a mystery that probably will never be solved. 
The answer to this in my opinion has nothing to do with gun control, guns are everywhere and anyone who has enough money can get hold of these guns so we need to recognize the need for more mental health treatment and more education to recognize mental problems when they occur.
When Obama care was voted in mental health clinics and hospitals took a major hit and many closed leaving no one to deal with this problem in many places. We need to focus more on these needs and hopefully recognize more of these tendencies before they become mass killings.
I'll get off my soapbox now !!
I pray for the families of these high school students who had their lives cut so senselessly short and I pray for all our school staff and students that these shootings may be caught and stopped before anyone loses their life.
We need to get God back into our schools !!!!

Thankful for the blessings of this day and bathing my mammogram appointment for tomorrow in prayer tonight that it will be a clear one this year.
God Bless and Good Night.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Mine started off with the arrival of my 2 little sweet hearts as RL and IR were all ready for their day to get started.
I did chores and then took RL to pre school. I wasn't sure how her day would go because she wanted one of the Valentine snacks that her mom had fixed for all her classmates and couldn't understand why she had to give them all away ??
I left her and her teacher having a discussion about taking her coat off !!
I came home to find IR fast asleep so I had my breakfast and then did some ironing before she woke up for her breakfast.
I locked myself to the computer to see how much tax work I could get done today since IR was being a really good girl and other g-ma was picking up RL.
I only stopped for a short lunch and by 2:30 mine and hubbie's tax forms were finished and I breathed a big sigh of relief because with hubbie's retirement in the middle of this past year I wasn't sure how our taxes would go this year, but we didn't owe anything so we are very thankful that things worked out.
Daughter came to pick up IR and then hubbie and I went  out to get the chores done. This is all of the sun that we saw today as the clouds hung low all day in the 60 degree temps.
After chores I had some baking to do. I baked 1 pound cake and a pan of brownies since the day after Valentines is always a very slow day for sweet stuff sales.
I did weekly paperwork and paid bills before watching parts of a couple basketball games of ACC teams that we don't pull for but enjoy watching.
Guess who got Valentine flowers from her dad and was soooo thrilled !!!!!
She is growing up way too fast !!!!
As this day comes to an end when love is on everyone's mind I am very thankful for the folks in my life that I love and that love me but most of all I am thankful that I have a Heavenly Father who loves me unconditionally and will always be my side in all that I do.
God Bless, Good Night and Happy Valentines Day

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Thankful to a better night of sleep I felt better this morning when the girls arrived.
Another 2/10ths inch of rain fell over night to add to the totals of the last few days of this system that hopefully will exit the area today.
After chores I took RL to pre-school and then came home to get IR her breakfast and then have mine.
The heartburn from yesterday was so bad I feel really tender today in my upper stomach and chest.
After getting IR settled down with hubbie I started tax work for the month. Since this is my tax month and it is close to half over I decided I had better get started. #2 son had given me all his papers so I worked on his today. His will take longer this year with the sale of some land he had plus his home.
I worked all morning until it was time to pick up RL. Hubbie and IR rode with me and RL is always so glad to see them along for the ride.
Both girls were fast asleep when we got home so hubbie carried them inside and we had a quiet lunch again today.
IR was the first to wake up for her lunch .
I worked more on son's taxes until RL woke up .
The girls played together really nicely today.

RL loves IR so much and she was so excited that she can stand up with some help now , she said now I can hug her standing up !!!!
After their mom's picked them up hubbie and I did chores then watched the news. We surely have some up and down temps this week hopefully everyone won't get sick again from this !!! Our high temp today was 46 degrees !
Tonight I got another job done for this month that I am late getting started on. The decade pics for February xxx8's are few but I did find some in a couple years.
In 1988 our family attended Fellowship Baptist church where my sis-in-law Gloria's father was pastor and we had our church directory pics made in February.

Thankful for the blessings of this day.
God Bless and Good Night.