Thursday, December 8, 2016


G-daughter arrived to get this Thursday market day off to an early start. I am taking her to her little play school morning on my way to market and other g-ma is picking her up today.
Good morning sunrise !!!

G-daughter  was in a very good mood this morning and co-operated in playing while I did chores and got ready for market. She likes to talk to her friend in the bathroom mirror and sometimes tries to find her behind the mirror !!!!

On the way to market there was a Christmas song on the radio that was being sung by a child. G-daughter started singing with it and then kept singing all the way to town, it was the cutest thing !
Market was pretty slow today but I had a couple orders picked up so I am thankful for a decent sales day.
While in market the temperature kept getting colder as the wind got higher outside and penetrated these un-insulated cement block walls.
I packed up a few minutes early and was glad to feel the heater in the Honda. I ran regular errands and stopped at Sav Mor and Aldi for baking supplies and groceries.
I have a couple orders for Saturday but the thought hit me today I don't have any Christmas orders yet at all, hmmmmm ??? ?
I made it home and got unloaded and had about 30 minutes to snuggle with the 4-legged kids before it was time to start chores.
Brrrrrrrr !!!! it is cold this evening with the wind blowing the low 30's temps causing the chill factor to be in the single digits.
The sunset looked almost the same as the sunrise today with a little more color.
Thankful for the blessings of this day and praying hard for Re's family tonight as the visitations started for the her sister tonight.
God Bless, Good Night and Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 7, 2016


My extra sleep morning was not to be this morning as for some reason I woke wide awake around 7:30. As I lay there waiting and hoping for sleep to come back the phone rang and when I saw #2 son's name my heart sank. Each time I get a call from him or Aa I get the same feeling because they don't call often and each time they do I think something must be wrong.
And something was wrong this morning at least it wasn't anything to do with son today but rather it was about my nephew. All the mail carriers are having to go into work very early around 5:30 each morning to try to keep up with all the Amazon packages that are ordered this time of year. So sometimes delivering in the darkness of the morning can be hazardous. This morning the mail lady that took early morning packages to my nephew Aaron's house unfortunately had got bitten by Aaron's dog when she startled her. The dog named Bailey is very old and slow so the mail lady had called #2 son who she worked with since she noticed the last names were the same as she hated to called the sheriff dept. The bite wasn't that bad but she just wanted to be sure the dog was current on her rabies shot. Son called me for phone numbers for sis-in-law since my nephew was at work.
Unfortunately even after sis-in-law went down there and verified the rabies vaccinations were current the sheriff still had to be called. He was really nice but said the dog would still need to be put up for 10 days.
Sis-in-law called me to borrow our extra kennel so she could keep the dog at her house in it.
I got my day started with the regular routine of chores and breakfast then took a walk around the farm to admire the wintery scenery.
The garden is still supplying us with ample supplies of Kale greens and turnips.

The "view from here" is looking pretty forlorn now as the naked trees and brown grass are taking the opportunity to recharge during this dormant season.

I didn't walk long as not to aggravate my sore hip and knee into hurting again.
Back inside I baked 6 caramel , 2 wine cakes and 1 pound before having a late lunch.
Sis-in-law Sandy came over and brought some clothing racks to store in the barn and picked up the dog kennel about 4:00. After she left I did chores and finally got inside just as darkness fell. It is cloudy this evening and a light mist of rain fell for a little while but no measurable amount.
The "C" winter storm was named today as  Caly  covered the western states in large amounts of snowfall by evening.

I spent the chilly evening inside doing month ending and weekly paperwork before icing cakes and getting ready for market. The figures for November weren't too impressive but okay so for that I am thankful.
I got into bed right at midnight after this busy day.
Thankful for the strength God gives me each day and for the Reason for this Season.
God Bless, Good Night and Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


G-daughter arrived at 7am today and roused me out of a very short night's sleep. My hip that I fell on yesterday started hurting badly when I layed down last night. I couldn't get in any comfortable position to relieve the intense pain that got so bad it was starting to make me sick at my stomach. After trying ice, heat and muscle cream by 3am and almost sick I took Tylenol ,just praying it wouldn't make me sick like it usually does when my stomach is empty. Thankfully it eased the pain and didn't make me sick so around 4am I finally drifted off to sleep. I was left very concerned that I may have fractured my hip or worse but couldn't figure out why it had not bothered me during the day yesterday.
I didn't know what to expect when the phone rang saying g-daughter was here this morning. But as I gingerly eased out of bed I was only sore.
G-daughter was tired so we went back to bed until the 8am alarm sounded. She had breakfast while I got dressed and we headed for her per-school class .
She is always excited to get in the class to play with the other kids.
I came straight home and did chores and had my breakfast. I did some housecleaning and then took a break to try and not overwork my sore muscles.
This is a rainy morning and perfect for sipping hot tea and allowing the lights on the Christmas tree to be the only lights on this dreary morning.

I picked g-daughter up a few minutes early then made a stop at Ingles to pick up some fruit flavored wines and jello to make wine cakes for an order for Thursday. G-daughter was a happy shopper and admired everything !!!!

She went to sleep on the way home and had a good nap while I had lunch.
When she woke up she was really hungry and then we spent the afternoon playing.
As I took this picture I wished that Bernie wasn't sick and that she could have the same experience with this sweet dog as g-son used to have when he was her age.

After d-in-love picked her up I started chores and was joined by hubbie shortly when he got in from work.  Thankfully the rain stopped earlier today after leaving another 1 inch in the gauge. It is still very cloudy and damp .
G-daughter came back a little after 6:00 to stay while her dad coaches g-son's basketball team practice and her mom went to music practice at church.
We had a light supper and then I tried to fix my desktop computer with a call to AT&T like I usually do but got hold of a guy this time that didn't seem to know much more than I did so after an hour I finally hung up. I'll call again tomorrow and hopefully get it fixed. Meantime I have my laptop.
#1 son and g-son came to pick up a sleepy g-daughter and headed home for the evening.
I am grateful for the blessings of this day and for the birth of our SAVIOR .
God Bless, Good Night and Merry Christmas.

Monday, December 5, 2016


Monday morning again ?????  
This is how I have been feeling lately after each week just seems to fly by .
G-daughter was hear a little after 7am today and hubbie brought her back to bed to see if she would go back to sleep but she wasn't having that today so after about 30 minutes of just laying there wide eyed he got up to fix her breakfast while I did chores. There was 3/10ths inch of rain in the gauge this morning from the overnight rainfall.
The clouds are still hanging around this morning creating some foggy driving conditions.
G-daughter was enjoying the singing Christmas toys once again this morning.

I had breakfast and then we made an animal feed pick up trip to Southern States so g-daughter could get her morning nap in while she rode in the truck.
When we got back she was awake and ready for lunch. I started the weekly laundry and then the three of us went outside. I cut open all the pumpkins I have collected for their "chicken worming" seeds and scraped out all the seeds into freezer bags to save for next spring. I also put some in the chicken lots in case some of the hens missed them a couple weeks ago.
While I worked these two explored !!!
She finally wore those little short legs out and was ready for a nap. Hubbie decided to take one with her and they slept for an hour. I finished my pumpkin seed collecting and did more laundry.
When she woke up I had to laugh at her "bed head" hair. It is getting so long in the back but is slow growing on top !!!
 Miss Sassy pants !!!!!!!!!!!!

After d-in-love picked her up hubbie and I spent the evening getting all the chores done in a light rain. It was dark when we finally got back in the house and we were soaked. But I'm not complaining !! Don't think I will ever complain about rain again !!!!
As I sit here tonight I have several very stiff and sore spots after taking a fall this morning when I gathered some Kale leaves from the garden to give the Quail and hooked my foot on the low fence that surrounds the garden. I fell fast and hard on my back and with such force the back of my head slammed into the ground giving me quite a headache for a little while. The fingers on my right hand are swollen and sore and my lower abdomen is sore from the jarring fall. And of course my left knee which is the foot I hooked is swollen and very painful tonight. As long as I kept moving today nothing seemed to really be hurt but tonight when I sat down the sore spots have certainly come to life.
Asking for prayers tonight for Re's family as they are dealing with a very heart wrenching situation and can use all the prayers they can get that God intervene in the situation and work things out and also I pray that God wrap His loving comforting arms around each family member .
God Bless, Good Night and Merry Christmas

Sunday, December 4, 2016


A good Nyquil induced night's sleep made me feel much better this morning as we woke to the sound of rain on the roof.
 I heard my phone ping with a text message from daughter giving the news I already knew but was hoping wasn't as bad as it turned out to be. Just as I got in to bed last night the scanner blared with fire dept. tones for several local fire depts. to go to the Grand Highlands Club House as it was on fire after the folks nearby woke to an explosion. As I listened to the firemen as they arrived on scene I knew it was probably a huge fire. I drifted off to sleep after my dose of Nyquil before I heard how bad it was. When I got the text I couldn't believe my eyes that this was all there was left of this beautiful building.

 As you remember this is where daughter and Josh got married last July.


Thank goodness it was raining last night and kept the fire from spreading to any nearby houses as embers landed as far as 200 yards away.
I can't believe I am talking about another fire today , this has been such a scary season for fires all around us. Thankfully no one was injured in this fire as the folks at the wedding that was being held there last night left around 11:00 and the fire was discovered about midnight. The cause of the fire is yet to be determined.
 It was a cold rain as I hurried through the chores this morning.
Folks in parts of WNC farther north of us woke to the first measurable snowfall of the season this morning.
This is the second Sunday of the Advent season and the youth director and his wife lit the Preparation candle this morning to begin our service.
After church we had lunch of BBQ and all the fixins with #1 son's family, Aa's family, #2 son, daughter and Josh all here with only Tif missing as she was working today.
We all had a nice catch up visit after lunch. I got out all the Christmas toys and put batteries in them so g-daughter could have her turn with them and she enjoyed dancing to the music they played. Of course it was under the direction of older brother !!!

 Everyone left except daughter and she and I were going back to church to a wedding shower being given for our neighbor's daughter who is getting married in January, Sara Bradley.
This is the happy couple.
It was very nice shower with lots of good food and fellowship.
Hubbie went home with #2 son to help him work on Tif's mail carrying jeep that he was changing the brakes on.
Daughter and I  came home around 4:00 and she went home to rest , hubbie came home shortly after. We rested and watched it rain lightly until chore time.
I poured 1 & 2/10ths inch of rain from the gauge this evening. This has been a merciful rain that has fallen slow and soaked into the desperately dry earth without any run-off.
After a light left over supper we spent the evening relaxing.
I am so grateful to God for the blessings He gives me and during this season when I am reminded of the greatest gift ever given to mankind I am humbled by the fact that He sent His Son to be born only so He could die to save us from our sins  !!
God Bless, Good Night and Merry Christmas.

Saturday, December 3, 2016


7amcame really early after a mostly sleepless night and more coughing fits.  I pushed through chores and got ready for market.
There was a beautiful sunrise this morning !!

 I have several orders to fill today so there is no staying home sick today !!
Market was really slow early but warmed up a little as the parade goers came back through and bought some things.
I am thankful for all that I did sell.
I worked on catching up my blog writing while I was there between customers and did a little more Christmas shopping.
Hubbie got out of town and stopped at Sam's Club for some groceries. He tackled the leaves all over the yard for hopefully the last time this season.
As I looked for pictures of the parade to put on my blog I was surprised none of the media outlets had a picture of Santa Claus but everyone of them had a picture of this float which made my heart sing !
All the parade goers coming back through market said it was a good parade and everyone enjoyed it in the nice sunny weather with temps in the 40's.
 After market I stopped at Aldi for baking supplies for next week and made it home just after 3:00.
After we got things unloaded and put away I got out all the Christmas rugs, furniture covers, pillows and bed covers and changed everything out so it looks really festive in here now.
After we did chores and had a light supper of pinto beans and fresh kale greens from our winter garden.
I vacuumed the floors and then took a much needed rest on the couch with a heating pad on my Siatic nerve that has flared up tonight after all the vacuuming.
The news from the devastating Gatlinburg Tennessee fires just keeps getting worse as the death tole grew to 13 now and folks were allowed back into see if their houses and businesses were there or not. Unfortunately for many there was nothing left to see. These are some before and after the fire pictures .

I pray for these folks every day and can't imagine the burdens they now face.
I am very grateful to God for the love and blessings He sees fit to send my way each day.
God Bless, Good Night and Merry Christmas

Friday, December 2, 2016


Uhhhhh another coughing fit night leaves me feeling a little shaky again this morning. At least I can move at a slower pace getting things done this morning.
After chores and breakfast I felt better once again. I have come to the conclusion that my early morning ailments are because of all the drainage that occurs when I lay down and seems to stick in my throat . I don't cough much at all during the day.
While hubbie and I put out rolls of hay for the cattle I look up through the trees this morning it is evident that winter has arrived with all the bare branches stretching toward the sun for the fleeting warmth of the sun on most days now.

Back inside I baked cakes, 6 caramel, 2 chocolate, 1 coconut for some orders I have for tomorrow. The Christmas parade is tomorrow downtown so we will have more folks coming through than normal but sometimes they buy and sometimes they don't.
I had lunch then finished decking my halls as I got the sunroom decorated and got all the trees up and decorated.
The kitchen tree.....

The apple and snowflake sunroom trees........

When hubbie came home from work we loaded up all the empty plastic storage bins and put them back in the storage shed.
We did the chores and then rested while we watched the news.
Thankful for traveling mercies for Aa's family as they made it back home this evening after spending time in Ohio with Re's family for the last week and a half. Hubbie and I have cared for all their animals while they have been gone. Everything has been fine except their dog ,Casey who has obviously missed them so much. She lays at the gate of their driveway and watches each car that goes by hoping it is turning onto the drive.
Re said she was really happy when they finally turned into the driveway tonight.
The sunset tonight was really pretty on a now winter feeling evening.

Hubbie added building a fire in the downstairs wood stove to his tasks for the evening and by the way the forecast looks this will be a routine daily task for quite a while. The warmer than normal December earlier predictions have fallen by the wayside with a huge dip in the jet stream that is allowing very cold air to penetrate farther and farther south.

I spent the evening icing cakes and getting things ready for market. It will be another early alarm morning so we can get into town before the roads are all detoured around the parade route and before the parade goers fill the parking spots at market.
God is good all the time and I humbly thank Him for giving us his wonderful Son as our Savior from all our sins.
God Bless and Good Night