Monday, July 9, 2018


Early alarm this morning even on a vacation day because we have an appointment to ride the horse and buggy rides around the old town of Charleston at 9:00 today and it is 30 minutes from here if traffic is good.
We all were ready to go at 8:15 and headed out.
We crossed the Ravenel bridge on the way into Charleston.
Luckily we hit no traffic and arrived about 15 minutes early. Our horse was named Gary and he was a real sweet heart.

But IR wasn't sure what to think about this big animal.

Our guide was a true native of Charleston and very good in telling all about the route we were sent on.

We rode through some beautiful streets and he told us about all the old houses and that a house now in most of Charleston sold for double figured millions.

These ,what we call porches or verandas , there are called piazzas .And all houses are required to have wooded window shutters with the louvered ones on the upper floor and solid ones on the bottom.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

We learned so many interesting facts on this tour I truly enjoyed it and I think everyone else did also.
Well …… except for the girls and IR said this is what she thought of all the information !!!
IR and RL went to sleep on the hour long ride but before they dozed off they found each others hands in a sweet show of cousin love.
When the ride was over we headed out to the old market place in downtown Charleston.
There were so many interesting booths in this large market place and we all found some things we couldn't do without.
I made some sweet grass flower purchases from the sweetgrass basket weavers that were plentiful in the market place.

After we shopped there we went to the Crab House restaurant to have lunch. Another delicious meal.
We made our way down to the Battery where there was a cruise ship loading to set sale.
The kids had sno-cones to help beat the heat.

We found Pawpaw's place !!!
Sadly son-in-love had to leave and head back home to go to work tomorrow when we got back to our cars.
We all came back to the condos and headed for the pool to cool off in the heat of the day.

After a while at the pool we hit the beach .
IR got to try out her new smart Trik and she loved it.
RL had to have a turn in it also.
We walked down to an ice cream shop this evening and then relaxed for the evening watching this gorgeous sunset as there is still a few clouds hanging around from Chris the tropical storm.

Thankful for another wonderful blessed vacation day.
God Bless and Good Night

Sunday, July 8, 2018


Early alarm to get things done and get on the road. The weather is beautiful this morning and feels like a spring or fall morning .
We got chores done, grabbed a breakfast smoothie and put the last items in the Honda. By the time we headed out even after getting up at 7:00 it was 9:15 when we finally hit the road.
Traffic was light and we made one stop just inside the SC line to fill up with gas and let hubbie get a breakfast sandwich.
When we hit the interstate we were very fortunate with no traffic hold ups and light traffic most of the way.
We pulled into Isle of Palms at 12:45, wow what a wonderful shorter trip than usual for our vacation.
Everyone was on the beach and just getting the canopy took down and coming inside for lunch.
After we had lunch sandwiches hubbie, daughter ,son-in-love, IR, g-son and I headed out to the pool.
RL, d-in-love and #1 son went to their condo for naps.
The kids are loving the pool play.

IR got tired of the pool and we sat and played for a while.

Pawpaw and g-son had fun playing in the pool.

When RL woke up she was ready for playtime also.

When the kids got tired of the pool we went for a walk on the beach.
It certainly is a lot more crowded than we are used to but we made our way to a lesser crowded stretch and had a good walk. We watched the clouds closely to see which way the rain was headed.
We also watched dolpins frolicking in the surf .
We walked out on the pier to see if #1 son was catching any fish and he had only caught one mullet.

We came inside and daughter, son-in-love , IR, hubbie and I went out to a nice restaurant to have dinner for their anniversary. The wait was 30 minutes but the food was really good.
IR thought it was amazing !!!
After we left the restaurant we made some pics at the Isle of Palms city center.
We walked out on the beach walkway beach walkway  but had missed the sunset. the clouds are still hanging around.
All the clouds out over the ocean are the outer bands of now named tropical storm Chris who is still stationary and spinning off the coast . Luckily the predictions are for him to head out to see in a couple days.

We watched #1 son, RL and g-son play in the pool tonight while daughter and son-in-love got IR to sleep.

All in all a great first day of vacation.
Thankful for the traveling mercies granted today by my loving gracious Savior.
God Bless and Good Night