Tuesday, September 27, 2016


G-daughter arrived at 7am and she didn't feel well at all. D-in-love thinks a couple of 12 month molars are trying to come in causing her to have constant diarrhea. This started yesterday while she was here and today her little bottom is firey red and broken out and she is miserable. No pre-school for her today so we went back to bed . Bless her heart she layed her head on my arm and didn't move for 45 minutes, until the 8:00 alarm went off.
I got her some breakfast and then did chores. We got 6/10ths inch of rain overnight so that was a nice drink for everything.
G-daughter didn't eat much breakfast and just wanted to go to back to sleep. But as soon as I layed her in her crib she woke up and had another messy diaper.
By 10am she had had 3 major messy diapers and was constantly whining. Her mom got off work at lunch and came to get her and let her breast feed so she could get some fluids in her .
After they left I had lunch then spent the after noon cleaning house. I did manage a few minutes of  sewing time and got one little baby bonnet made for the day.
A storm came up late this afternoon and we had a lot of thunder and lightening but only a sprinkle of rain here.
I went to watch the volleyball came with West Henderson tonight.
Daughter's JV dropped 2 quick sets to loose their game.

Josh came out to watch the varsity so I stayed and watched with him. Their sets were exciting and close but North lost 3 out of 4 sets to take their second loss of the season both at the hands of West.
I need to get more decade pics on here so here are the September 1996 school pics of the kids.
Daughter was in the 6th grade enjoying her first year in middle school.
#2 son was in 8th grade starting his last year in middle school.
#1 son was in 9th grade starting his freshman year in high school.
He was on the JV football team and they had an undefeated year.

Wow, each time I look at these old photos I wonder how the years have gone by so fast ???
I'm proud of the hard working adults that all three of my kids have turned out to be.
Thankful for today's blessings and for the past blessings that these three kids brought into my life by the grace of a wonderful Heavenly Father.
God Bless and Good Night.

Monday, September 26, 2016


An early Monday morning as g-daughter arrived a little after 7am. Hubbie got her set up with breakfast while I did chores. A little after 8am BB and EL arrived so mom could sleep after working all night.
After everyone had breakfast it was playtime. EL didn't feel well this morning and was pretty subdued for awhile.
No sleeping around here !!!!!
And these two are very entertaining anytime they get together to watch !!!!!!

We went outside to enjoy the very nice not so hot morning. There was swinging.......

Bubbles ........

Wagon rides........
 Look ma No hands !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They were all pooped and ready for lunch when we got back inside.
After lunch Re came after BB and EL and g-daughter went down for a much needed nap but only slept 30 minutes in the crib. She was like a zombie after she woke up and just sat around the rest of the afternoon.
We could hear thunder in the distance and the clouds got really dark but the rains all went around our area.
Re had to be back at a staff meeting at 5:00 and EL and BB came back to stay while Aa finished work.
BB played under my feet while I fixed them supper. He reminds me so much of my #2 son when he does this as there were many days when I worked stepping over him and his trucks and tractors on my kitchen floor. And I remember some of the things BB does are the same as #2 son , like lining all the vehicles up in neat lines or parking them all in a row against the cabinets.
Just barely got chores done before the rain started this evening. It has rained pretty hard at times all evening so it will be interesting to check the rain gauge in the morning.
I did get our 3 loads of weekly laundry done today and to complete my list of to dos for today I got these 2 baby bonnets made tonight after all the kidos went home.
The presidential debate is taking over all the media channels tonight so I am going to bed early !!
Letting Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump fight it out without my attendance !
I will go to bed praying diligently for the future of our country tonight and every night as I don't believe either of these candidates are looking to Him for guidance.
God bless our country, God bless you and God bless me.
Good Night.

Sunday, September 25, 2016


Church was good today even with the flipflop in schedule we had to do. A planned ordination of a young man who was recently elected as one of the Deacons was planned but had to be canceled because this young man is a highway patrolman and was dispatched to Charlotte earlier this week to help with the unrest there. Be safe Kyle !
After church we had a small lunch bunch with only #1 son's family here for roast beef, baked potatoes, corn of the cob, green beans and biscuits.
After lunch they went home to rest before the g-son's soccer game this evening. Hubbie watched a football game and a race on TV (flip flopping back and forth) which drives me crazy !!!
 I took my new Southern Living magazine out on the porch and read in it.
We went to the soccer game at 4:30. #1 son is coaching today in the absence of the regular coach.

It was extremely hot and humid this afternoon and the boys all suffered as there was only one sub and they all kept asking to rest !!  The sun was bearing down on them the entire game. They played well and outlasted the other team for a 6-4 victory under the direction of #1 son.

G-daughter and daughter took a walk at half time and Stella helped g-daughter walk.

Hubbie and I stopped on the way home and washed my Honda. There was some sticky brown drops of something all over the hood and I was afraid it might have been coke but we think it was only sap.
Anyway I have a clean car now just in time for the rain that is predicted to start tomorrow.
As this last week of September starts we are hoping that it breaks this month long heat wave with predicted rain and cooler temps.

Josh and daughter came after their dogs who have spent the weekend with us while they visited one of Josh's brothers in Winston Salem for a birthday celebration.
The sky is really cloudy this evening and the air is really moisture laden so hopefully that is a sign of weather changes.
Thankful to god tonight for the wonderful blessings of this day and looking forward to beginning another week with Him guiding me along.
God Bless and Good Night

Saturday, September 24, 2016


Up an extra hour earlier this morning as I have no idea how many customers will come out to Market's first Heritage Day celebration or how early they will come.
We arrived at 8:30 about an hour earlier than usual. There was no crowd yet and we got set up and waited to see what this day would bring.

The aisles were pretty full of customers by mid morning.
This is a very pretty time of year in market.
My long time friend Virginia Thompson who is an Indian story teller and goes around to all the elementary schools to share the history of the Cherokee Indians set up her display on the tables next to mine so we had a nice visiting time between customers.
My cousin's band provided music once again and these three youngsters were very good singers.
A wood carver was set up selling his wears and demonstrating his skills.

A friend of the market, Danny Todd, brought his smoker and sold BBQ for lunch .
The crowds outside were significantly less than our usual Old Timey day crowds but the heat of the day probably had a lot to do with that.
The old record for high temperature on this day was set way back in 1895 and was 89 degrees, today we tied this record.
My sales were significantly less than a usual Old Timey day also but I am thankful for what I did sell.
After a hot day inside market I came straight home without any stops today to change out of my "heritage clothes" and get cooled off with a cool drink of coconut water. I thought on the way home I was going to get a migraine headache but thankfully got cooled off before it happened.
Hubbie had been mowing the lawn all day and had to take a shower after he helped me unload to get all the dust off him. The only thing that is growing is weeds and their seed heads are full of pollen and dust.
We relaxed out in the covered patio until #2 son stopped by for a visit to bring a chainsaw back and borrow a long handled saw to trim his driveway back some.
We did chores and then spent the rest of the evening relaxing.
Thankful to God today for a wonderful day and all the wonderful blessings.
God Bless and Good Night.