Sunday, August 2, 2020


A slow leisure Sunday morning to get chores done and have breakfast.
We had cooked beef stew in the crockpot overnight so we added green beans, corn and biscuits plus I made a blueberry cobbler for dessert.

Everyone made it for lunch except daughter's family and we all had a nice visit.
After everyone left hubbie and I cleaned up the kitchen then we picked up d-in-love and RL and went up on the mountain to our blackberry friend's farm to pick up some honey they had just pulled off.
I got my winter supply of 4 quarts today since this will be the only time she will pull honey this year. She lost several of her hives of bees last winter and has waited this long to take any honey and won't take anymore this season hoping she won't loose any more bees this winter.
We stopped back by daughter's and let RL and IR play a little while before we headed home.
We left there and came home to sit out another rain storm today and then get chores done.
We ended the day getting 6/10ths inch of rain from a couple hard showers with sunshine in between.
After choretime tonight I had to move the last incubator chicks from the long brooder box into another box because a new waterer I put in their box leaked and made quite the mess in the box .
They will probably be much happier in the bigger box they are in now. I was going to use it for the hen and 10 baby guineas but I think I have a buyer for all 10 of these keets and he wants them next week.
I helped hubbie restake a couple tomato plants that blew over in the wind today and hubbie picked up another couple limbs loaded with pears that fell off the loaded Kiefer pear tree.
The moon seems to be all alone in the sky tonight.

We came inside and relaxed for the evening.
VBS started tonight and it looks like nothing we've ever seen before as RL , BB and IR's class was all virtual and they got to enjoy looking into a computer screen at one another and their teachers tonight.

It's definitely a strange world right now and I often wonder how much of this strangeness are these kids going to remember and how it will change the way they live their lives. I know g-son and EL are old enough to remember things and it is going to be very interesting to watch them grow up and see how they view things after things hopefully settle back down after this pandemic is over.
The covid 19 numbers are still rising in our county, state and country and July was the worse month for death totals since the pandemic started. Still there are so many folks out there that are refusing to take this threat seriously and are causing the spread to keep rising as they refuse to wear mask or practice social distancing.
It has really opened my eyes to how self - centered people are and how self righteous attitudes appear to be the rule of thumb in our society. Disrespect of your fellow man is running rampant right now and if this is a prelude to what the end of time will be like the old devil must be dancing a jig through the fires of hell .  If a small thing such as wearing a face mask to save your fellow man is viewed by so many as too much to ask I hate to think what would happen if the Lord makes some really hard request of us to save us at the end of time.  How many folks will question His request ???
Thankful that I have a wonderful Savior and praying that His grace shall forever be poured out on me and my family.
God Bless and Good Night

Saturday, August 1, 2020


Up early to pick up our curbside Sam's Club order that is ready an hour earlier than planned. We rushed through chores and headed there to pick it up.
We were the only car in the curbside pickup spots this morning.
We came home and put away our order and then we went up to the garden to pick vegtables for tomorrow's lunch. I picked green beans while hubbie dug some new potatoes. We are also taking dinner to sis-in-law Sandy on Monday so we gather extra things from the garden for them.
I talked to Sandy when we came inside and she said she is still very very sore and is having an especially hard time laying down because of the pain . Her sternum is broken right in the middle probably the hard hit caused her seat belt to break it.
Hubbie and I relaxed out in the covered patio until lunch time then we watched storm clouds pass us by while we did some housework.
I delivered the cupcakes I made to my friend for her wedding tomorrow and helped her set them up and get a few things organized for the wedding.
We came back by Walmart and picked up our curbside order there.
We came home and got chores done then grilled some steaks for supper.
It has been a pretty boring day around here today.
But tonight starring at this big bright full "Sturgeon" moon with the planet Jupiter shining brightly above it was a good way to end a Saturday.
Hello August 2020 !!!!!

Thankful for the blessings of this day.
God Bless and Good Night

Friday, July 31, 2020


Another beautiful sunny hot morning to end July and to mark my 66th birthday.
I had forgotten completely that today was my birthday until I received an early morning serenade from IR of Happy Birthday .
As I did chores I admired these late summer blooms of the Crepe Myrtles in the yard.
I also couldn't help but marvel at how green everything is this time of year. Some years by the end of July things are starting to loose their green.
I had oatmeal and fresh blueberries for breakfast before heading back out into the heat of the morning to pick the Panda beans in the garden. I only had a few of these seeds to plant but they have done really well and I am anxious to see how they taste dried.
 Hopefully they taste as good as they are pretty with their black and white markings.
I spread them out on this large screen in the sunroom to dry.
 I also picked these purple beans for our lunch.
After lunch I changed out our bed covers and started a load of laundry.
Then I was surprised by this little sweetie with who brought me a strawberry cheesecake milkshake from Cookout for my birthday.

Her and d-in-love drove up to Jump Off Rock while they waited on g-son to swim with a friend today.
The milkshake really hit the spot on a hot day and was so yummy !!
After they left I iced the rest of the cupcakes for my friend's wedding and got them all in the frig.
I talked to sis-in-law Sandy and she said she was really sore but was thankful for only a broken sternum.
I caught up on some little jobs around the house this afternoon until the skies started to grow dark and we hurried through chores a little early to beat the storm.
The worst of the storm went below us thankfully and we only got a pretty steady rain along with a thunder and lightening show.
While the storm went on I went through pics for decade pics and finally got them to download onto my computer so I will have to back date them and add them to the past couple months.
This has been a restful evening and I am very thankful for the blessings of this day and very grateful to God for allowing me these 66 years of undeserved blessing filled days.
God Bless and Good Night

Thursday, July 30, 2020


Up to get chores done and then grab a cup of coffee and breakfast bar once again as we head out the door for our Thursday errands and deliveries.
Our first stop today was a couple egg deliveries and the dump / recycle center was second on our list.
After that we stopped at the Dollar General we usually go to because we are usually the only customers in there. I needed a couple pretty plates to hold some extra cupcakes for the wedding I am helping with and we picked up several other things we needed.
Our last stop was the last egg delivery of this week and then home to have lunch.
After lunch d-in-love came up and we started icing the 125 cupcakes for the wedding favors.
I think they turned out pretty with the pretty little flowers we had already made and kept in the freezer.

This went quicker than I had expected and although it still took us all afternoon I figured it would take today and tomorrow afternoons. We finished the 100 and put them in the boxes and had 4 left over for the extra 25 she added this morning.
Whew !!! Thanks d-in-love for all the help so we could get them done today.
It rained this afternoon while we worked but only about 2/10ths of an inch here while other areas very close to us got really heavy rains in a short time.
Hubbie and I got chores done and I heard loud peeps coming from this mama's brooder box and discovered that the 10 guinea eggs she was sitting on all hatched .
This is the second family this pretty lady has raised this year.
The red hen in the old rabbit cage turned brooder box is still sitting on 5 of her eggs with 1 little chick hatched so far and this is day number 23 for her. At least she has 1 little chick to show for her sitting dedication .
Hubbie and I finished out the evening watching a beautiful sunset and watching more light rain fall.
I spent part of the evening once again this week baking more cupcakes for the extras ordered today and a cake for another friend for a next week birthday.
Thankful for the blessings of this day.
God Bless and Good Night

Wednesday, July 29, 2020


Up to another beautiful sunny hot July morning.

I got chores done and then grabbed a breakfast bar and a cup of coffee as we headed out to the market to get the weekly business done and deliver the supply order I got last week.
An egg customer picked up her eggs while we were there and I got to talk to another board member, Shannon who was there meeting one of his customers.
We went to our bank and then to the market bank before heading out of town. I noticed today the streets of downtown were pretty empty for this time of year.
We made a stop at Tractor Supply for hubbie to pick up a tube for one of his wood splitter tires and then our last stop was to pick up our curbside grocery order from Aldi. Each time I do this I am impressed at the ease of this way to grocery shop !!
We came home and had lunch then hubbie went up to work at his shop and I started changing all the furniture covers and decor from July and vacuuming all the furniture. I put away the pack and play that has been in the living room for the last several months and picked up all the toys strewn around the living room for the first time in quite a while. With the kids here every day there is no sense in picking up each day.
Hubbie came in and ran the vacuum all over the house while I continued to change out my decor from the red ,white and blue of July to the sunflowers for August.
It thundered and threatened to storm most of the afternoon but never did anything but sprinkle rain here.
I did a load of laundry and then watched the early news.
We got chores done and then walked down to #1 son's house and checked out his new bass that chipped in to buy him. He acted like he was really enjoying it.
I came home to get weekly bills paid and then start baking cupcakes for the wedding I'm helping out with . I got 50 of the 100 baked tonight.
The "I" tropical storm was named tonight as this one is predicted to cause some problems for the eastern US in the coming days.
The track of this storm is following right along the islands that we visited last December on our cruise and my heart goes out to these already devastated islands as they can't find time to recover from one hurricane until they are ravaged by another one. Thankfully this one doesn't seem to be gaining to much strength.
Thankful for all the blessings of this day.
God Bless and Good Night

Tuesday, July 28, 2020


Up to another sunny hot morning to get chores done and have breakfast before starting on my to do list for today.
First hubbie helped me get all the canned beans and squash carried downstairs and added to our pantry shelves.
Then I iced the 3 caramel cakes I made last night.
Next up was taking the bones and discard from the chicken we cooked Sunday out of the refrigerator and adding carrots, onions, and celery plus seasonings in the crock pot to make some delicious chicken broth.
Then I headed outside to help hubbie put a cover on the old guinea house. I have tried everyhting to keep this lot dry including recently hauling buckets filled with pine needles from the woods to cover the mud before I took the last pullets out of there.
We made the lot more sturdy and removed the netting from the top of it and added a large piece of a plastic sign to cover the entire lot. This will also hopefully help keep the door from warping anymore setting open out in the rain.
We came inside to have a late lunch and then delivered 2 of the cakes.
We came home and I did a load of laundry of an old quilt and pillow cases I had found at a sale .
While I was downstairs I bottled the herbs that I have been drying and gathered more fresh herbs to dry.
I bottled sage, oregano, peppermint, spearmint, mint julep and stevia leaves. I gathered more peppermint, spearmint, mint julep and Stevia and added some basil and mountain mint to continue my herb supply for the season.
We watched the early news while a light rain shower came through out area.
We got chores done and then d-in-love came up to help with some cup cake decorations for the friends wedding I am helping out with this weekend. They turned out pretty good I think.
These are in the freezer waiting to be added to the cupcakes when we get them made and iced.
Hubbie and I went in halves with Deb, g-son's other g-ma and we all bought him this new bass guitar he picked out and he was a very happy boy today.
Thanfully sis-in-law Sandy is home and only nursing a broken sternum today. After having the wreck yesterday that totaled her car . We are all thanking the good Lord that she wasn't hurt badly or killed.
Thankful for the blessings of this day and for protecting Sandy .
God Bless and Good Night

Monday, July 27, 2020


Up to welcome RL this morning. This is the last week of her mom's 2 day only work week. She starts full time next week.
I got chores done and found an injured hen. I had caught the hen that runs loose around the garden with the red rooster last night and put her in the camper cover tractor with the 3 hens and rooster that is in there. Since I just added a hen to that group a couple weeks ago I thought things would be fine to add this one also. I was wrong , evidently the residence of this tractor did not like this little hen at all and pecked a bloody hole in her back. I found her crouched in a corner of the lot trying to hide from the other hens and rooster.
We got her all doctored up and I put her in the empty condo box I had taken the silkie hen and 6 chicks out of to let her heal without any more damage. RL thought a coyote might have gotten to her last night. She kept petting her and talking to her while I put medicine on her.
I came back inside and had breakfast then gathered weekly laundry and got a loaf started .
Hubbie took RL outside with him to do some gardening before it gets too hot.
I got started on all these green beans.
I spent the entire day between canning in the kitchen and running up and down the stairs to get three loads of laundry done.
By 7:30 tonight I had 37 quarts of green beans and 5 quarts of zuchinni ready for the pantry shelves, whew !!!

Got some bad news tonight. This evening as hubbie's brother and sis-in-law Sandy, who I had just talked to earlier today, were on their way to one of their grandson's little league games and were t-boned by a driver who ran a red light. Bro-in-law seems to be okay but sis-in-law is still in the hospital tonight with a broken sternum and having test done on her heart . We are praying hard for her as I write this.
From the looks of her little car I can't believe they didn't get hurt worse than they did, God must have been watching out for them. They were in her Toyota Scion and were hit by a full sized pick-up truck.
I ended the night making 3 caramel cakes for a friend .
Whew , what a day and my back and legs are telling me how long I have been standing today.
Thankful for the blessing of health that allows me to work like I did today and praying hard tonight for sis-in-law Sandy.
God Bless and Good Night