Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Woke to pouring rain and it has not stopped all day,the roads are flooded tonight and the rain is still coming down with no signs of stopping.
Early this morning when I made my cake deliveries the fields were already full of water.There was no creek or stream any where near this orchard but there was plenty of water.
This was what it looked like driving this morning,I was glad to get home out of this mess.
And yes !! Look for next Thanksgiving's issue of Southern Living magazine and you'll find one of my caramel cakes on the menu for dinner.

I did laundry and housework today along with putting up more decorations.Got the living room tree all decorated and moved my snowman collection into the bay window behind it.The stockings are all hung (in our case) behind the wood stove.My Santa collection now more than fills the mantle .Have you ever seen a poinsetta blooming cactus????
This is a real cactus that I have in the living room and every Christmas I stick poinsetta blossoms all over it and use it as a conversation piece during the holidays.My 12 days of Christmas rug and Christmas quilt chair cover.Smaller quilt makes a seat cover for the couch.This square table cloth that I no longer have a table that it will fit makes a good cover for my entry way bench.I'm hoping it doesn't get really cold before Christmas and we have the need to build a fire in this stove, I'll have a lot of things to relocate !!

I can't believe it is the last day of November,only 1 more month in this year !!! Where has the time gone????
A look back at this month shows a busy one, as the weather has been very mild and dry so outside work could be done easily.
We cleaned off a place where we used to have a chicken lot and made a new one for my hens and silkies.Now I can sit in the sunroom and watch my chickens in their lots.
Hubbie and I made one of our bi-annual trips to the Pickens flea market.
Tore down an old chicken house and wood shed that were eye sores and covered with poison ivy vines.
Had a very nice Thanksgiving and ended the month with Christmas Open House at the Curb Market.Finished the month putting up Christmas Decorations.
The weather turned bad on this last day with pouring rain and we have a major flood tonight and it is still raining.The driver of this car was able to get out safely, I pray that others will be so fortunate.
Wondering what daylight will bring??
Praying for flood victims tonight and giving thanks that I don't have to be out on the roads tonight.
Good Night and God Bless.

Monday, November 29, 2010


Cloudy,dreary day to start the week.
After chores and breakfast, Hubbie attacked the leaves for hopefully the last time,I always get nervous when he goes up on the roof to blow them out of the gutters. That metal roofing can get really slick it its wet.
I worked on my Christmas decorations all day. I want to get enough done today so I can finish early tomorrow and clean the house since I didn't do any house work last week.
Some of the things I got finished were this snow village scene.

This ceramic Nativity Scene is one of my favorite decorations.
This old coca cola crate that usually holds my old doll collection makes a perfect place for part of my snowman collection.
Bernie is already enjoying the Christmas pillows I put out.
By late afternoon the rain had moved in and the temperatures were in the mid 30's. We were wondering if possibly this rain was going to be ice of snow !!
As darkness fell the temperatures slowly started to raise,at 11:30 it is 42 so no only rain for us this time I guess. We are under a flash flood watch for tomorrow because of heavy rain that is coming. They are predicting 4" with high winds, might get interesting.
I have to deliver a cake tomorrow morning for a Southern Living Magazine photo shoot and then I can stay home the rest of the day. Sounds like it will be a good inside work day!
I have my trees all up but no decorations on them yet,hopefully by this time tomorrow night I will be done at least with the inside.
I finished the Christmas gift project I've been working on tonight and got those on their way. I'll have pictures after Christmas because it's a surprise !!!!
I can't believe there is just one day left in November, this month has flown by !
We had a near flood at this same time last year . The ground is very dry and we need rain so I'm hoping it falls gradually and I think we'll avoid the flooding again.
Thankful tonight for God's blessings today and for giving me and hubbie steady footing as we both climbed around high places.
Good Night and God Bless.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Woke to a cold 22 degree morning. As I did chores my water buckets were frozen over today. I always empty the waterers at night if it is going to get below freezing overnight,it makes them easier to refill.
Sat with a friend at church this morning who has been traveling around working for the national park system. Her and her hubbie have a travel trailer they pull around and work in the different parks, where they get paid plus free parking for their RV. They have spent time in Alaska and Massachusetts in the last year. It took them 10 days to drive to Alaska at 400 miles a day.
I made a casserole for lunch from the left over turkey and dressing and it was very good.
Both sons and g-son were here for lunch.
After we ate g-son wanted to help me get out Christmas decorations. We got almost all the back yard decorations put up before he got cold and went inside to play with his Pawpaw while I walked the dogs.
As I walked today I thought about how different things look this time of year.
Some folks say it is depressing but I see things this time of year that you can't see any other time.Today I noticed this serpent like vine climbing this tree trunk.I noticed how these red rose hips stood out with their bright red color clinging to leafless branches.
And if you can't find beauty in the trees or bushes all you have to do is turn your attention skyward.As the setting sun reflected off these jet streams it caused them to look like sparkling diamonds in the deep blue fall sky.And the sunsets this time of year,well who could doubt the love of God while gazing out over the mountains watching the day come to an end in a blaze of glory.

G-son spent the evening with us while his mom and dad did some shopping. He loves helping with the feeding chores around the farm.
After he left hubbie and I had a late supper and watched a Carolina b-ball game, they barely won.
We watched some of Sarah Palin's Alaska reality show before I wrote my few Avon orders up.
As I listen to the news tonight, this story on Christmas tree farms brought back pleasant memories for me.While our kids grew up we always made a family trip to a tree farm to pick out and cut or dig our Christmas tree. The kids looked forward to the trip for weeks. We usually dug our tree and have several still planted around our yard.
The smell of a fresh tree is wonderful but with the kids all grown and hubbie's bad back and my bad knees our tree now comes out of a box each year.
I have to admit the quickness of getting it up, already with lights on it and the not having to remember to water it and not having to worry about all the needles falling off before Christmas or it drying out and catching fire, do kind of take the place of the nice smell.
If I was younger and had small children I'd do it all over again, every year I'd be making a trip to that tree farm with shovel in hand !!!!
The thermometer says it is 29 degrees at 11:30, tonight is going to get colder than last night. I hope all the animals are snuggled together in their beds!
So grateful tonight for all God does for us without judging us and doesn't expect anything in return but our love.
Good Night and God Bless.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Expecting a busy market day hubbie and I were up and at it early this morning,getting chores done and cakes loaded for market. It was too cold last night to put them in the van before we went to bed, they might have froze at 25 degrees !
Daughter beat us there and was waiting when we arrived.
There was a huge crowd all day but they didn't spend much money,we had a surprisingly slow day.The isles were packed all day, this was the first really cold day we've had,the temperatures stayed in the 40's all day but the sun was bright.Daughter sits behind our table.
#1 son brought g-son by on his way to take his deer to the taxidermist and he wanted to ride the horse and buggy (which was really a wagon) this many times, holding up both hands.Off on his first ride..These were 2 beautiful horses and very well behaved as they weaved in and out of the traffic downtown.This man provided Christmas music on the inside while being accompanied by his dad who played the dulcimer,they were very good.Waiting for ride #2 !And their off on ride #2.I joined them while they waited for a wagon load of riders.By the end of the day hubbie joined them on the last ride.By the end of the day G-son was on a first name basis with the owners of the horse and wagon, he had a wonderful time and was in awe of those large horses.

Tonight is supposed to even colder than last night's 25 ,brrrr !!!
I know that isn't really that cold but after being 70 degrees on Thursday it makes it sure feel cold !
After I left market I made a couple of stops and made it home around 4.
I left Sadie in her lot all day today because her and Annie were seen by daughter way down the road yesterday. So when I got things put away I let her out and took her and Annie on a walk around our pasture. I need to get back to walking everyday and if I need to walk the dogs maybe that give me the extra incentive I need.
When we got back I put both of them up and closed up all my chicken houses before I came inside.
Hubbie and I spent a relaxing evening and I'm almost finished with the Christmas project I've been working on.
Thanking God for a wonderfully blessed day.
Good Night and God Bless.

Friday, November 26, 2010


Today started off cloudy and cool with misty rain. After chores I iced cakes while hubbie worked on the barn door .
After lunch we went to Tractor Supply to pick up feed and came straight back home. The roads are not so crowded now thankfully.
Daughter was one of the ones out at 4 am and she said it was unreal how many people were shopping at that hour. No thank you, not for me !!
Hubbie and I cleaned church this afternoon.
The temperature has steadily went down all day.This may be the coldest night of the season,it is 36 degrees at 10:30.
Had a little excitement tonight, #1 son killed the biggest deer he has ever killed,a 9 point.As you can see by the smile on his face,he was happy. Thankful for this bright spot in his life right now !!Of course g-son had to share the excitement. This head will be on #1 son's wall soon !!
That will be our Christmas present to him !
After he and hubbie washed all the meat,they covered it with ice in a large cooler and put the head in there also. He will take it to the taxidermist tomorrow. He will cut and package the meat tomorrow also.
I hate it for the poor deer but I have to admit I said a silent prayer of thanks for that smile on son's face.

In November 2000 #2 son was in to his senior year, daughter was a sophomore and both were playing basketball with games starting around Thanksgiving. #1 son had a job working for a local construction company.Hubbie loves Beagles and someone had just given him 2 puppies that year.#2 son bowls in a charity event with his Key Club.Daughter takes a shot during a game. We spent lots of nights in the gym.Daughter helps keep goodies supplied during Christmas Open House at the Curb Market on the Saturday after Thanksgiving in 2000.

And speaking of Christmas open house it is tomorrow for this year and I have 2 coconut cakes left to ice.
Thankful for God's love tonight.
Good Night and God Bless.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


What a beautiful Thanksgiving morning, sun is bright and temperatures are very warm for this time of year, high of 70 degrees today.
I cooked all morning, turkey, dressing, homemade cranberry sauce, sweet potato casserole, deviled eggs, mashed potatoes, green beans, gravy, fruit salad, blueberry jello salad with sweet tea to drink. YUMMY !!! If I do say so !!!!
#2 son,and daughter were here to enjoy it with us as #1 son's family is spending the day in Tennessee with d-in-love's in-laws from the other side of her family this time.
After lunch #2 son helped hubbie move some things around outside before he went home.
Daughter did her baking this afternoon. I worked in the greenhouse, getting all my potted perennials in there for the winter. It will help them survive if we have another winter like last year.My green house is not heated but it stays about 10 degrees warmer in there than the temperature outside.
I try to sit the most tender ones on something because heat rises. Last week when I went in there to water there was a wren in there and I have not been able to figure out how she got in there. Maybe the last time I had the door open because she was sure glad to get out.Our winter garden is doing exceptionally well this year,we still have some broccoli and we try to eat greens at least once a week, we both love them.We have Curly Mustard, Rape, Kale and collards.We even have a few hardy pears still hanging on a leafless tree. Look at that beautiful blue sky !!!This has been a wonderful Thanksgiving day,I am so thankful for all that I have and especially for a Loving Lord that has blessed me with all that I have.
Looking up into the beautiful sky I felt so humbled by all the Glory of our Lord and the graciousness of His love for us.

As daylight waned and darkness took its place we enjoyed leftovers and then I worked on my Christmas project again and then baked cakes tonight so I won't have so much to do tomorrow.
You won't find me in any of the shopping crowds in the morning,I did not see anything in any of the ads I needed enough to fight the crowds. By the time I get up in the morning the craziness will be over.
We do need to go to Tractor Supply for feed tomorrow,but not early!One of the lucky ones !!!!
Good Night and God Bless.