Monday, November 29, 2010


Cloudy,dreary day to start the week.
After chores and breakfast, Hubbie attacked the leaves for hopefully the last time,I always get nervous when he goes up on the roof to blow them out of the gutters. That metal roofing can get really slick it its wet.
I worked on my Christmas decorations all day. I want to get enough done today so I can finish early tomorrow and clean the house since I didn't do any house work last week.
Some of the things I got finished were this snow village scene.

This ceramic Nativity Scene is one of my favorite decorations.
This old coca cola crate that usually holds my old doll collection makes a perfect place for part of my snowman collection.
Bernie is already enjoying the Christmas pillows I put out.
By late afternoon the rain had moved in and the temperatures were in the mid 30's. We were wondering if possibly this rain was going to be ice of snow !!
As darkness fell the temperatures slowly started to raise,at 11:30 it is 42 so no only rain for us this time I guess. We are under a flash flood watch for tomorrow because of heavy rain that is coming. They are predicting 4" with high winds, might get interesting.
I have to deliver a cake tomorrow morning for a Southern Living Magazine photo shoot and then I can stay home the rest of the day. Sounds like it will be a good inside work day!
I have my trees all up but no decorations on them yet,hopefully by this time tomorrow night I will be done at least with the inside.
I finished the Christmas gift project I've been working on tonight and got those on their way. I'll have pictures after Christmas because it's a surprise !!!!
I can't believe there is just one day left in November, this month has flown by !
We had a near flood at this same time last year . The ground is very dry and we need rain so I'm hoping it falls gradually and I think we'll avoid the flooding again.
Thankful tonight for God's blessings today and for giving me and hubbie steady footing as we both climbed around high places.
Good Night and God Bless.


Julie Harward said...

I love your snowmen in the Coke a Cola wagon..cute! And the dog...I love to stay in on cold place like home! ;D

Gail said...

What wonderful decorations!

A photo shoot...tell me more, please.

Country Mouse Studio said...

that is a beautiful nativity scene, I'd love to see one of your cakes too :O)

Grace on the Narrow Path said...

My goodness your decorations are simply lovely. What a honor to have a cake in Southern Living!!! You are truly blessed my friend.
PS Let me know as soon as you get snow. LOL

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Love all of your sweet little decorations... Isn't Christmas just WONDERFUL??? We are all decorated here --but haven't taken any pictures yet... I just love this time of year!!!!

We have had boo-koos of rain last night and today.. We had a flood warning for our area for awhile. Crazy!!!! AND--it's going to get cold tonight... Not sure about any snow flurries though... It's IFFY.

We finally bought the bullet a couple of years ago and bought those covers for our gutters... It was worth every penny --just to keep George off of that roof... Tell your hubby to be careful.