Saturday, January 31, 2015


This last day of the the first month of 2015 dawns cold but clear. More ice breaking as I hurry through chores and get ready for market. Hubbie is loading the van for me, then he is meeting a group of men volunteers from our church to re-roof one of our older church member's house. This house is just out the road from the church and it is a small house so maybe if enough men show up the job won't take long.
Daughter met me at market to help get things carried in and help with the early sales.
Her b-friend picked her up to go work out at the YMCA while I stayed at market. Sales were slow but okay today with the nice weather.
They came back and walked up town for lunch and brought me back a chicken salad sandwich which was very good.
As the market sales day ended we loaded all our goods in the van, then stayed for the annual market stockholder's meeting.
These meetings are not very informative and usually a waste of time but this year we are voting on a new board so we thought we would stay and voice our vote.
The meeting lasted about an hour and was concerning as the market financial report showed that our expenses were over $5,000 more than our income. Thankfully we do have money in the bank to fall back on in these years. We are paying off a loan for a new roof from several years ago and that is what is making the expenses so high.
Hopefully this year will be a better year.
Actually the same board members went back in with one addition to replace, Joel McGraw, one of the members who resigned this year.
The new board consist of : Ralph King, David Taylor, Steve Presley, Shannon Ball, Pat Walker.
After the meeting daughter left to pick up a pizza to have for their supper while her and b-friend Josh watch the basketball games this evening.
I came straight home. 
The roofing project was a success as about 20 men showed up to help and the job was finished about mid afternoon.
Hubbie helped unload the van then we cleaned out the older hen's house and dipped their legs in a strong insecticide to get rid of some leg mites that are showing up this winter.
Their feet and legs looked immediately better so hopefully this will stop this invasion of these little critters.
 We came inside and watched UNC blow an 18 point lead and get beat by Louisville in OT.
Then we watched Duke give Virginia their first loss of the season.  It's been a basketball night around here !!  A good relaxing way to end this month.
This is the first week of February weather predictions, not bad for the second month of winter !
As this January comes to an end and becomes part of history I am thankful for a month of health and safety for my family.
The weather hasn't been too bad, just alot of dreary cold days to go with only a few nice warm days but after all it is January. Only one delayed school day because of severe wind chills this month.
I made all 5 market day Saturdays and did pretty good sales for what is usually a really bad month.
We were blessed with the birth of a baby boy when Re and Aa weclome baby BB into the world on the 15th.
I attended all daughter's home basketball games this month to support her and her JV team. They have improved so much it is amazing.
I have done some deep cleaning this month and started moving things around downstairs to create a new sewing area to make it easier to get sewing work done where it is warmer.
Had some bad news from my annual mammogram as I was called back for more testing after the doctor spotted something in my right breast that wasn't there last year. The results from this will be in February's post. I am praying that it won't be breast cancer.
Grateful for today's blessings and thankful for a loving caring church family who looks out for one another.
Good Night and God Bless.

Friday, January 30, 2015


BRRRR  , The wind outside this morning will definitely "blow your hat in the creek" as my dad used to say.
The chill factor is still in the low teens with the mid 20's temps of the morning. None of the animals looked thrilled with me when I opened their warm house doors , letting the cold wind inside.
I was glad to get back inside my warm house and close the door behind me , that's for sure.
I spent the morning baking cakes, 2 chocolate , 5 pound and 1 blackberry wine cake before lunchtime.
As I waited for the last ones to come out of the ovens I looked for material to make a "draft dodger" order for tomorrow.  Draft dodgers are those long skinny stuffed noodles that stop the drafts under doors and windows.
These are the four I made today.
These are all for standard 36 inch doors.  It took longer to stuff the long narrow tubes than to do the sewing.
My back was hurting after I finished the handwork on these so I decided to take a hot tea and reading break. I finished a local history book I have been reading so I can move on to the second book by the same author.
When hubbie came home we did chores and then relaxed to watch the news. The wind damaged some town homes in Fletcher when a couple large pine trees blew down into them. #1 son and the DOT were called in to help move the trees to get the road open again. There was a picture of him in his trackhoe on the news tonight. Thankfully no one was injured in the homes the trees fell on.
Power was out in several places as trees fell all across the county in the high winds.
The high temperature today was 38 keeping the chill factor in the low 20's with wind gust up to 50mph.
It seems lately that I am introducing a new winter storm each day now. The 12th storm, Linus, formed and is heading across the country for the weekend. Bringing us only rain thankfully.
This is a picture out my living room window this afternoon. The sunshine looks very inviting but the wind made you change your mind about being outside in a hurry.
Annie is staying curled up against the wind while she enjoys the warm sunshine.The busy little birds emptied all the bird feeders today and then we watched them take cover in the birdhouses hanging on the porch out of the wind this evening.
I am very thankful that we kept our power through the day, unlike a lot of folks across the county.
As this month comes to an end I am looking forward to what God has in store for me and my family in the coming month.   Thankful for today's blessings.
Good Night and God Bless

Thursday, January 29, 2015


Out to do the chores in the 26 degree temps again. Breaking ice and hoping the sunshine will keep the water from re-freezing.
After breakfast I headed out to town to run my errands so I could get back home to have lunch.
Well you know what happens to "the best laid plans" .   After a drop at the P.O. I went to a jewelery store a friend suggested to have them look at a diamond I happen to find in my dryer vent Monday after doing a load of laundry that had a couple shirts that I bought from a consignment shop in it.
The diamond feels heavy and scratches glass so it is worth checking out. I was almost hoping it wasn't a real diamond since I would be on a guilt trip unless there was a way to find the owner. The shirts I bought were on sale at 1/2 price so that means the shop had had them for quite some time.
Anyway at this jewelery store their diamond tester was at another store in Brevard.
I went to another jeweler on Main Street downtown and they looked at it and said it wasn't a real diamond, but didn't have their tester either. 
To be sure I will try the first store on Saturday when they have their tester back.
Anyway I called hubbie and told him he couldn't retire yet !!! haha !!
While I was on main street I had to check out another of my favorite consignment shops called the Beehive. I like this store as they also have deep discounts on their clothing after a limited time.
I found a black vest I have been searching for there.
I also checked out Mast General store's sale, but didn't find much in there. I did get a can of Bag Balm for my chapped hands.
I left uptown and stopped at Aldi and Ingles for baking supplies and groceries , at CVS for a new camera card and Tractor Supply for more shavings for the hen houses and birdseed for my feathered friends.
I made it home for a late lunch around 2:00 after I got everything unloaded and put away.
I did some repair sewing that I had piled up and replaced some missing buttons on some things while waiting for g-son to get here.  His mom dropped him off on her way to a doctor's appointment.
He had a snack and then became absorbed in a TV program.
His teeth are really starting to look good making for a nice smile. ( even if it is painful,haha)
We went over to Re's to help make some pictures of baby BB. G-son played with little EL really good while we tried to get some good pics.
D-in-love came to pick him up and visited awhile before heading home for homework time.
Daughter came by also to help with the pictures while I entertained EL who couldn't understand why she wasn't getting all the attention ??
When daddy came in from work she was much happier, she is becoming quite the "daddy's girl".
Daughter dropped me off on her way home. I did chores and had some crackers and cheese for supper as I wasn't really hungry after my late lunch.
The weather has turned really windy again tonight as  a "clipper" system roars across the country. This ones name is Kari for the 11th storm of the winter season.
Unfortunately the same folks who are still digging out from Juno, the storm that dropped record breaking snowfall on the northeast are in the direct path of Kari.
These are some images of Boston and some surrounding areas that got all the snow, ice and coastal flooding from the Juno blizzard earlier.

Praying for these folks tonight as I know some of them are still without electricity and are facing more snow and high winds.
We are facing high winds tonight and tomorrow with the temperature not getting out of the 30's tomorrow.
I can hear the winds outside as I type this.
Grateful to God tonight for the blessings of this day.
Good Night and God Bless.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


I'm glad January is almost over as this is the dreariest month of the year usually and this month has lived up to that on many days. Even days like today when the sun shines but it is windy and cold outside, blaaa !!!
After chores and breakfast I started my yearly shredding project. I keep 10 years of tax / business records and each year one year has to be shredded to make room for the year that just passed. Not such a bad job but it is a slow job as I only have a small shredder and it overheats regularly ,so I can only do so much shredding then wait for the motor to cool down.
Had some good luck today when I ran across an envelope with my name on it and the word "thanks". It felt to thick to be empty and I was right as it had $12 in it.  These records are from 2004 so ,no way I would have any idea why I forgot to get the money out of it or who it was from. Just glad I didn't shred it.  And you can be sure I am more carefully looking at what I am shredding now !!
Between shedding runs I worked on getting more photos in albums. I have one more month until I am caught up with my prints. I need to get more prints and catch this project up before I tackle my next blog book project. Seems there is always something that is waiting to be done around here.
This evening after chores hubbie and I made a trip to Walmart and then met #2 son at Sam's Club to get supplies for his super bowl party Sunday . He is smoking a couple butts in our smoker to serve about 10-12 of his friends.
We came home and watched a Duke / Notre Dame ball game which N.D. won.  I don't really like Duke but do pull for them against teams outside NC.
It was a very good basketball game, very clean and well played by both teams.
After the game I did weekly paperwork and payed bills.
It is another cold night , 29 degrees at 11:00 but the wind has stopped blowing tonight thankfully.
Grateful to God tonight for the blessings of this day and for the love He gives all His children without expecting anything in return but our love for Him.

Good Night and God Bless.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


BRRRR !!!!  A really chilly morning at 26 degrees and still a bit windy as I get out to break the ice off all the waterers and hope everything gets a drink of cold water before it refreezes.
The ground is covered with a spattering of ice pellets this morning.
And the surrounding mountains are covered with Rime Ice.
I came inside and started my house cleaning after breakfast. I changed out all the furniture covers today and put away all the January/winter decor and got out the red roses and hearts for February's Valentines day.
I thought about getting some things done outside but changed my mind when I went out on the porch to shake out some rugs, at 38 degrees and still windy it was cold.
Re called and I went to Belks and Aldi with her to help take care of the kids while she shopped. In Belks she found a bunch of kids clothes at a great deal and then after a trip to Wendy's to get little EL some chicken nuggets for her supper I sat with EL and baby BB while Re shopped for our groceries in Aldi.
We got home around 7:45, hubbie walked over and helped get everything carried inside before we walked across the hill home.
Hubbie and I relaxed and watched TV tonight listening to the wind get really hard outside. It is 29 degrees at 11:00 and with the wind speeds sustained around 25mph the chill factor is reaching single digits in many areas.
Praying that the power doesn't get knocked out tonight in this cold wind.
Thankful today for the blessings of this day and asking for God's grace in the coming days.
Good Night and God Bless.

Monday, January 26, 2015


A cloudy cool morning today as I did chores and headed inside to have breakfast with hubbie before going over to Asheville to have my yearly mammogram.
My appointment was at 10:30 this morning. Hubbie decided he would ride along as we had several errands to run and it was too cold and nasty to do anything else today.
The rain started getting heavier as we crossed Hooper's Creek mountain into Buncombe county and by the time we got to the Breast Center in Asheville it was turning to sleet with the temperature around 34 degrees.
Today was the longest wait time I have ever had at this center. I still was back in the van before 30 minutes past my appointment time so that was good. Hubbie took the news paper and sat in the van and read it.
We stopped at a natural pharmacy and I picked up some liquid vitamins to start taking this time of year when I usually get so tired from the inactivity of winter time !!
I also made a stop at the Biltmore gatehouse to restock my supply of wassail mix from there and then on back to Henderson county to pick up chicken feed.
It was almost noon but we decided to check out the sales at Belks before we headed home for lunch.
We both found  some great deals at 75% off .
We had lunch when we got home then I started gathering laundry when the phone rang. Hubbie  answered it and it was for me. I figured it was a cake order, but I was wrong.  Not even worrying about a call from the breast center until tomorrow I was very surprised when the voice on the other line said they were calling to schedule a re-check mammogram. The doctor had seen something in my right breast so he wanted another mammogram and maybe an ultrasound.   The first appointment she had was next Tuesday morning.
I have walked this road before a couple years ago with my left breast. That time it was a harmless Lypoma , so I would ask you all for prayers that if it would be God's will that this will be the same result . Thanks in advance.  Fortunately I don't feel the same anxiety that I felt last time and that is good since I have to wait a week for the re-check.  Last time they called the next morning and told me to come immediately, I was physically ill by the time I got there.  This time I have totally put it in God's hands and as I have said many times on here, He is in total control and I can accept that.
This afternoon we had plans to do some work outside in the chicken pens but with the cold wind that was whipping in the upper 30's temperature I decided to stay inside and get the weekly laundry done. Hubbie did go out for a little while and get the old chicken manure all cleaned out of the compost bin and spread on the garden.
I did 4 loads of laundry and some housecleaning  until it was chore time this evening.
As we watched the news tonight I am thankful that we aren't having the blizzard that the northeastern states are getting ready for.
With up to three foot of snow and 75 mph plus winds the New York subway system is shutting down at 11:00 tonight , all the airports are already closed and also at 11:00 all roads in and out of the major cities in the path of this storm will be closed to any traffic except emergency vehicles.
As the storm was just getting to that area before dark tonight the snow was already starting to pile up quickly on the streets of NYC. Saying prayers for all these folks tonight.
 All we are getting from this storm in our area will be cold temps and high winds. The chill factor will be closed to single digits tonight and tomorrow only in the teens.
#2 son came by after work tonight and had a left over supper with us . He was getting off work late after going in late after a dentist appointment this morning. He had to have another tooth crowned.
Hubbie and I watched a UNC/ Syracuse basketball game tonight which UNC won.
Hubbie went to bed early tonight to get ready for another work week.
I also am tired and need to get ready for a busy day tomorrow.
Grateful for the ability to put all my concerns into the loving arms of my Heavenly Father and trust Him to be with me every step of this journey.
Good Night and God Bless.

Sunday, January 25, 2015


Up and out this morning to get the chores done and get ready for church.
A roast has been in the crock pot overnight and the potatoes, green beans, corn and biscuits will be cooked when we get home from church so there wasn't anything for me to do extra this morning except clean off the kitchen table which always seems to catch a lot of misc. items.
I was a greeter at church this morning and then we had a sermon continuing in Esther.  An elderly couple joined our church this morning and want to be Baptized , glory to God !!
An elderly man who is a member of our church needs the roof on his house replaced. All the materials have been donated and plans are in the works for volunteers to do the work next Saturday. #1 son and hubbie will be two of the volunteers, praying the weather co-operates !!
Lunch bunch was #1 son, d-in-love, g-son and daughter as #2 son was golfing on this sunny but cool, mid 40's day and both little EL and baby BB have low grade fevers so Aa and Re decided to keep them home.
They walked over later and let little EL play with g-son some as he was up at his dad's shop working on his Cub Scout pinewood derby car.
The wind picked up making it really cool suddenly so they headed home after just a short visit.
Baby BB still is not sleeping at night.
Hubbie and I did chores and then came inside out of the wind. There is a wind advisory and winter weather advisory for some of the counties west of our area but so far we are not expecting anything tonight except maybe a little rain.
The 10th winter storm of the season, named Juno, is set to bury the northeast in maybe record breaking snowfall amounts along with high winds.

I like snow but these amounts around Boston are a bit much ! Praying for all the folks in the path of this storm.
Our weather looks pretty average for this week.
Tonight has been a relaxing evening , all we did was give Bernie and Dolly their weekly baths.
Thanking the Lord for all my blessings of this day and for the love He gives me each day. Praying tonight that it be in God's will that my yearly mammogram tomorrow will be clear.
Good Night and God Bless.


Saturday, January 24, 2015


Off to market on this chilly 30 degree windy morning.  The roads were almost empty on the way into town which is always a bad sign for business.
Market was the slowest it's been since Christmas today. I guess the chilly wind and possible snow predictions had everyone hunkered down in their warm houses today.
Daughter and her boyfriend, Josh Queen, stopped by market for a nice visit and brought me a coffee.
I did finally have a couple sales other than the one order I had and the two cakes that fellow vendors bought so I am thankful for what I did make.
These are a couple boredom breaking pics I took this morning !!! Maybe the absence of sellers has something to do with the lack of customers.  This is a really hard time of year for market.

I came home from market, unloaded and watched the second half of the UNC/ Florida State game which UNC won.
After chores and supper hubbie and I relaxed and watched our Saturday night country music shows.
Looking forward to worshiping our Heavenly Father tomorrow with my church family. Thankful for the blessings of this day.
Good Night and God Bless

Friday, January 23, 2015


Up extra early this morning at 7:15 when d-in-love brought g-son by for me to take to school. She had a class and had to be in Mills River at 8am.
G-son wanted to go in the front door so I parked and walked him in.  For some reason he said he never wanted to be dropped off in the car rider line ???
As I drove home in a drizzly rain I noticed the van thermometer was hanging right at the freezing point.
I didn't notice any white tops on the mountains just a rainy fog on this cold day.
Back home I did chores and had breakfast, checked on Re and the kids. She said she had a good night and they were doing fine.
I baked my cakes, 6 caramel, 1 coconut, 1 chocolate , 1 pound and 1 blackberry wine cake.
I had lunch then did some cleaning while waiting for the cakes to cool enough to ice.
I went ahead and iced the 6 caramel cakes this afternoon before doing the chores early.
Out at the high school tonight they are honoring all the basketball players and cheerleaders from my old high school.
I went on out early to watch daughter's game which they won handily by about 15 points,they were playing county rival East Henderson.

I sat through the JV boys and the varsity girls game, remembering what it was like to have your butt go numb from sitting on the hard bleacher.
Daughter and me watching the JV boy's game.

Hubbie came out after he ate supper, during the girls game.  A friend, Renda Beddingfield Bracket, that I graduated and played basketball with came and sat with me and we had a nice catch-up visit. We were the only two 1972 graduates. We are in the center of this pic in the bleachers, Renda has on a blue sweater leaning over to talk to me.
The varsity girls won their game handily also. In this pic is the head coach giving directions as the players and daughter look on.

Between the girls and boys games we were all called out on the court and recognized when they called our name and year we graduated. I was impressed by the number of players there were there. The line reached from one end of the court to the other. More girl players than anybody else.
All us women know each other, even with the distance in years between us from the early 60's to the closing of Edneyville in 1993 and have formed a close knit group of basketball "sisters".

 Everyone loved to do the victory circle we always did after each game we won.

These are the men which were fewer in numbers but we all had a fun visit during  half time in the boys game and were served refreshments  while we visited.

It was a great time had by all and we appreciate the recognition given by the staff at the new high school. I also enjoyed visiting with a long time friend, Pam Green Kurfees, who was a cheerleader in her days at Edneyville and just lived up the road from us ,they had moved away after her husband took another job in Kentucky. They now live in Johnson City , Tenn.
When we got home I iced the chocolate and coconut cake, wrapped everything and got ready for market.
I am tired after an eventful day.
Feeling very grateful to God this evening for the memories I shared tonight and for God's grace and blessings as I grew up in this wonderful community and the many friends I have made along the way.
Good Night and God Bless.

Thursday, January 22, 2015


Bernie jumped off the bed just as the radio alarm sounded at 8 am this morning. I got up, let Bernie and Dolly out the front door and then headed downstairs to put another log on the fire in the woodstove.  The temperature isn't supposed to be too cold today but I always like to keep the morning warm in the house as I go outside a couple times and it feels really good when I come back inside.
Ever heard the saying "RED SKY IN THE MORNING,  SAILERS TAKE WARNING"  ?  Well this was our sunrise today !!!???

Re's mom is leaving this morning, returning to her home in northern Ohio. I pray that she has a safe trip and also pray that Re gets settled and things start going more smoothly.
After chores I went over and brought little EL over here to spent the morning so mom could rest after another sleepless night with baby BB.
Little El didn't act like  her typical happy self this morning although she still had that lovely smile on her face.
Building blocks were the toy of choice this morning. She loved to build it up and knock it over.

After we had lunch we went back home so she could take a good afternoon nap.
I went into town to run the weekly errands and make a couple extra stops.  A stop at the courthouse to list my business taxes proved harder than expected when there was no parking in either courthouse lot. I had to park at the Sheriff's office and walk . The scanner made the same mistake as last year as I sat my purse on the belt and walked through the scanner, setting off all the bells , after a couple extra trips through the scanner I was hand scanned and voila !!!!   I had  a wrist watch on that was setting the thing off.  I had to laugh to myself all the way upstairs thinking about that knife in my purse that they didn't find and all the hoopla over my metal banded watch !!!
I took care of my business and was on my way for another year .
I made stops at Aldi, CVS, Walmart and Ingles on the way home to restock our grocery supply and my baking supplies. I stopped at our eye doctor's office to pay hubbie's exam bill that the insurance didn't pay and was nicely surprised to only owe half of what they turned into the insurance company.
Sometimes it pays to have insurance just to tell you what "you do not owe" !!
There is a consignment shop next door to the doc's office and they had a sale rack outside so you know me !!
I like this shop as they only carry high end clothing and shoes.  I got a pair of brand new rain/snow Sakroot boots at a really good deal and also found a couple 1/2 off shirts.
These boots are fur lined and so warm and comfortable.I looked them up online and I payed less than 1/3 what these boots cost and this pair has never been worn.  My good deal of the day !!!
By the time I got home it was almost 5:30, hubbie helped me get things carried in and then we did the chores.
Tonight we watched a NC State/ Miami ballgame which Miami won but it was a very close game all the way.  I am going to bed early as I am getting up earlier than usual to take g-son to school while mom has a meeting across town .
Wondering what Iola will bring for to us the next couple days ????

Thankful for all the blessings of this day and for the never ending love of my Heavenly Father.
Good Night and God Bless.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


A little cooler this morning but still not complaining about this lovely January warm spell we are having.
After chores and breakfast I dived in to catch up my neglected housework.
With only a break for lunch I mopped myself out the front door around 3:30 for a nice rest in the warm sunshine while all the floors dryed.
After about 30 minutes I went back inside to put the rugs back down and get my house keys and daughter's jeep keys so I could deliver her jeep back to her house and meet hubbie while he was letting Tipper out for a run on his way home from work. Daughter has a ball game at Thomas Jefferson high school this evening.
Hubbie has been working on some leaks in her jeep and she needed it back in case this nasty weather that might come materializes.
I snapped these pics as I rode back with hubbie of the winter dormant apple trees with apples still under them.

Love that winter blue sky !!
I guess we are going to have to say good bye to our really nice break from winter with the ninth winter storm of the season named Iola that is headed our way from the gulf.
This would be a significant snow maker for us if the ground was colder but now we will wait to see what she brings to our area.
This is a prediction map for late week.
After chores this evening I worked in my office on weekly paperwork and then watched a UNC/Wake Forest basketball game which UNC won.
Daughter called and said they won their game by 40 points.
Grateful to God for a wonderful blessing filled day.
Good Night and God Bless.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


An early morning ,2:30am, fire changed the look of our community this morning.
Griffin's store/ cafe burned to the ground with 9 fire departments fighting the blaze.

The owner of this store, Gary Griffin, was my oldest brother's best friend all through elementary school. Our mother and his mother were best friends and they just lived right up the road, less than 1/4 mile from us so we played together regularly.
Gary's dad Edgar built this store 47 years ago. When I was in high school this was the local hang out and each night after basketball practice everyone gathered at this store to have a cold drink and talk.
I have many wonderful memories of my nights here at the store.
This is the store as it looked before the fire.
There was a small cafe inside and that is where the fire originated.   There is also gas tanks and propane tanks I am thankful that did not catch fire.
I surely hate the loss of this landmark and hope Gary will build back in honor of his dad.

Today was baby BB's first doctors appointment, so I walked over at 10:30 and brought little EL over here so she wouldn't get exposed to the flu in the doctor's office waiting room.
D-in-love was bringing g-son up to play with her so we picked Beauty Berries while we waited. There is not near as many berries as the last time she collected these purple beauties.
We had to get the slide out on this beautiful day.
When g-son got here we went inside to have lunch while d-in-love worked on some picture editing.
After lunch it was back outside to enjoy this mid 60's afternoon and get a dose of vitamin D to last us for at least the next 10 days.
G-son and little EL played together wonderfully all afternoon.

It was a fun afternoon for these two for sure.
Daughter even came by and played for awhile before she had to get back to school for her ballgame. There was no school again today for a teacher workday.
Baby BB passed his first exam with flying colors and had even gained weight.
After everyone went home I got ready to go to daughter's ballgame. D-in-love and g-son met me there.

 Daughter's team won the game and they played impressively well.  She used to work with the opposing coach and here they are sharing a laugh after the game.
The varsity also won their game tonight.
When I got home after the game I did the chores and had a stir fry supper with some of the left over turkey breast. 
Relaxed for the evening.
Praising the Holy name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ tonight as I bask in the beauty of days like this , spent with the two littles that mean the world to me.
Good Night and God Bless.