Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Ahhhh !!!  I see the sun peeking through the clouds finally this morning as I do chores and get my day started.
I heard on the news a firetruck slid off the road out toward Mills River on an icy road but haven't heard about any other problems.
After breakfast I uploaded some photos to Walgreens so I will have the pics of my great grand mother to give the author who is writing about the midwifery in the early days of our county.
I then went over to my friend/beauticians to get a hair cut. I like the way she fixes it but always wonder why she parts it on the opposite side I go in with it parted on ??

I made it home in time to have a late lunch then get some house work done. I tried again today to do some work downstairs, which is my project for this month but it was too cold since I let the wood stove fire go out down there so we could clean the ashes out tonight.
I went to daughter's JV ballgame this evening, they were playing Hendersonville high school.
She stands the entire game giving instructions to her team.

Her team responds to her very well but they still lack the aggressive offensive actions they need but they are getting better. They lost this game but played a very close match to a much deeper, taller team.
I left after her game and came home to do the chores. The fog and clouds have moved back in this evening and there is another chance for some icing on the roads tonight.  It is 33 degrees at 11:00 after a high of 45 today.
Hubbie and I watched the UNC/ NC State basketball game tonight which UNC won by 1 point, it was a very good ballgame.
I did paperwork, payed bills and figured my quarterly taxes tonight after the game.
Talked to daughter and she said the varsity girls won their game by about 10 points.
These are some pics from the local paper of the varsity game, daughter is in the background with some concern for the roughness level the game was allowed to get to.

Talked to Re tonight and she thinks the baby may be coming , only time will tell !!
Sometimes I feel like I lead a boring life...... then my phone rings  !!!

Grateful for all the blessings of this day and striving to honor God in all that I do.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

I don't see you as having a boring life. Something always seems to be going on. I always thought my life was boring and some days it is. But if I would keep a journal others would say my life is anything but boring. I thank God that I am healthy and am not confined to a wheelchair stuck in front of a TV all day, as I have seen people in nursing homes. Now that is boring! As you end your blog with - Grateful for all the blessings of this day and striving to honor God in all that I do. - I say the same thing. Blessings!