Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Up to a regular morning of chores, breakfast , walking video, Bible reading and then housework today. It is 42 degrees at noon today for the warmest temperature for several days if the weather folks are right.
Re had a doctor's appointment at noon today so little EL had lunch with me and then we played until mom got back. No new news about baby ,still just a waiting game.
I did more house cleaning after they left to go take naps and then I treated myself to my yearly trip to Bath and Body Works semi annual sale. I tried to hurry as fast as I could in there. I love their lotions and room fragrances but all the inter-mingled scents give me migraine headaches quickly.
I left there and checked in JC Pennys and TJ Maxx for a dark brown dress jacket or sweater but didn't find one. I didn't feel like walking all the way to Belk's while I was fighting a migraine so I came home and laid down on the couch awhile and closed my eyes hoping the fragrance free air at home would keep me from getting a full blown migraine and it worked thankfully.
They gave me a coupon to go online and get some things at a still more 20% discount with free shipping so that is what I did tonight to finish my shopping from there.
After chores this evening I gleaned some in the garden to get a jump on the cold weather that is coming.  Even the Kale and Turnips can't take the single digit temps that are coming tomorrow.
I am going to freeze the Kale and put the Turnips in the basement to keep where it is cooler. I will gather another basket of Kale tomorrow during the day before it gets to the killing cold point.
The chickens enjoyed the turnip tops this evening for a delicious extra snack before their roosting time.
I ate supper and then crashed back on the couch as I still don't feel up to par so I am going to relax for the evening and watch TV.
Thankful that I didn't get a full blown headache today.
Grateful for all the blessings of this day and praying for all the people and animals that have to be out in the cold for the next couple days and nights.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Bath and Body works is one of my favorite stores. Lucky me as the fragrances don't bother me - so I just sniff my way thru the shop. Glad your headache went away. Keep safe and warm. We have below zero temps with -30 wind chills. Praying everyone around here stays safe. Blessings!