Thursday, January 22, 2015


Bernie jumped off the bed just as the radio alarm sounded at 8 am this morning. I got up, let Bernie and Dolly out the front door and then headed downstairs to put another log on the fire in the woodstove.  The temperature isn't supposed to be too cold today but I always like to keep the morning warm in the house as I go outside a couple times and it feels really good when I come back inside.
Ever heard the saying "RED SKY IN THE MORNING,  SAILERS TAKE WARNING"  ?  Well this was our sunrise today !!!???

Re's mom is leaving this morning, returning to her home in northern Ohio. I pray that she has a safe trip and also pray that Re gets settled and things start going more smoothly.
After chores I went over and brought little EL over here to spent the morning so mom could rest after another sleepless night with baby BB.
Little El didn't act like  her typical happy self this morning although she still had that lovely smile on her face.
Building blocks were the toy of choice this morning. She loved to build it up and knock it over.

After we had lunch we went back home so she could take a good afternoon nap.
I went into town to run the weekly errands and make a couple extra stops.  A stop at the courthouse to list my business taxes proved harder than expected when there was no parking in either courthouse lot. I had to park at the Sheriff's office and walk . The scanner made the same mistake as last year as I sat my purse on the belt and walked through the scanner, setting off all the bells , after a couple extra trips through the scanner I was hand scanned and voila !!!!   I had  a wrist watch on that was setting the thing off.  I had to laugh to myself all the way upstairs thinking about that knife in my purse that they didn't find and all the hoopla over my metal banded watch !!!
I took care of my business and was on my way for another year .
I made stops at Aldi, CVS, Walmart and Ingles on the way home to restock our grocery supply and my baking supplies. I stopped at our eye doctor's office to pay hubbie's exam bill that the insurance didn't pay and was nicely surprised to only owe half of what they turned into the insurance company.
Sometimes it pays to have insurance just to tell you what "you do not owe" !!
There is a consignment shop next door to the doc's office and they had a sale rack outside so you know me !!
I like this shop as they only carry high end clothing and shoes.  I got a pair of brand new rain/snow Sakroot boots at a really good deal and also found a couple 1/2 off shirts.
These boots are fur lined and so warm and comfortable.I looked them up online and I payed less than 1/3 what these boots cost and this pair has never been worn.  My good deal of the day !!!
By the time I got home it was almost 5:30, hubbie helped me get things carried in and then we did the chores.
Tonight we watched a NC State/ Miami ballgame which Miami won but it was a very close game all the way.  I am going to bed early as I am getting up earlier than usual to take g-son to school while mom has a meeting across town .
Wondering what Iola will bring for to us the next couple days ????

Thankful for all the blessings of this day and for the never ending love of my Heavenly Father.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

Re is very fortunate that you were able to take Evy for the morning so She could get some rest. Sure wish I knew why some babies don't sleep at night. My niece was that way as well as my grandson. Love the boots you found; they are really neat. Praying that winter storm Iola doesn't bring you much bad weather. I know I am ready for Spring. Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings

Betsy Adams said...

Hi Marilyn, Just stopping by to say HI... My knee is getting better SLOWLY but it's been a hard couple of months...

Congrats to Re for the new baby --but sorry the baby is not sleeping at nights.. That is SO hard on Mama's... Glad you can help out with Evy.

Love your new boots. SO colorful.