Monday, January 12, 2015


I heard the rain as I woke up this morning,making me want to roll over and stay under the warm covers a little longer.  I don't think anything minded as I opened the doors on all the hen houses when I finally sloshed out to do the chores and nothing was in any hurry to get out in the rain either.
After breakfast , hubbie who is always off on Mondays asked if I wanted to go with him to run some errands in town. I first said yes but then I looked out at the dreary day and decided to stay home and get laundry started and keep the wood stove downstairs stoked to fend off the dampness which made the 48 degree day still feel pretty raw.
While the laundry washed I boxed some emptied canning jars getting them ready to go to the outside shed to be stored until they are needed for our garden preserving next summer as well as some other small task that have been getting bypassed.
Hubbie got home in time for a late lunch then took up residence in the recliner for the afternoon as that is about all this day is good for.   After the laundry was done I did some research on the computor of some of my ancesters. I have found some very interesting things and have got a good start on piecing my dad's life together.
I want to join but not until I have enough free time to make it worth the price they charge.  I have found some random websites that give a lot of the same info for free.
The rain is getting heavier this evening and a dense fog has draped things in a thick veil this afternoon.
This is usually an early morning foggy view but today this pic was taken about 2:00 .
After chores I put a whole chicken in my pressure power cooker with some Italian seasoning and it was delicious for our supper.
 I have lost count of the cups of hot tea I've drank today !!!  On days like this that is what I crave.
Tonight after the news I went down stairs and just sat and watched the fire flames in the wood stove. With all the junk on TV I had rather watched the dancing flames and day dream !!
I forgot to check the rain gauge this evening so I will get a total tomorrow when the rain ends.
Thanking God for all the blessings of this day and asking for His guidance in the coming days.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

Sounds like you had a typical rainy day kind of day. Right now I'll take your fog and rain over our cold and snow. I am so ready for Spring. That is such a pretty picture you took. blessings

Rita said...

Would you tell me how you set your power cooker when you put a chicken in? I was happy to receive a power cooker for Christmas but now holding off using it for fear of setting it wrong. Thank you for any help you can give.

carolina nana said...

HEY Rita
if you see this give your e-mail I would be glad to tell you the settings on the cooker

Rita said...

I sure would appreciate your help. Many thanks....Rita