Saturday, January 17, 2015


No phone calls this morning so hubbie and I were up early getting ready for market. With all the chores done and things loaded we made it on time to find a pretty empty market.
The temperature this morning was significantly lower at 22 degrees than was predicted so maybe everyone is waiting for the promised warmer day.

It was slow all day but several folks did come in to buy my cakes so I had a decent day for mid January.
I caught up my blog between customers and the author came in after the photos of great grandmother for his coming book.
I left market and stopped by Goodwill just to look around, not really looking for anything. Of course I found a couple things that were very good deals, a little blue new rolling horse for the kids, 4 small plates and cups that had pine cones on them for decorating my sunroom table and a set of quilted new placemats and matching coasters, all for $12.
Hubbie and I got home at the same time as he had been taking care of daughter today as she had gotten sick again last night and lost all she had eaten for the day. She was supposed to have taken the church youth on their winter retreat at the waterpark in Pigeon Forge,Tenn but had to get a replacement. She didn't feel like she should be driving so hubbie went over and took her up to the church to meet the other youth leader and give him the money and permission slips for the kids. They then went by the grocery store to pick up something she felt like she could eat and he went home with her and grilled her a couple small steaks and made her a pot of mashed potatoes. She was very hungry and ate a good lunch.  She said it made her feel much better. Had made a trip to Sam's Club on his way home to do our weekly shopping there.
We got unloaded and then settled down for a few minutes rest before we headed outside to try and fix an outside light that isn't working. We replaced the bulb and it burned for a couple nights last week then went back out. Now hubbie thinks it is the sensor so he replaced that today. So far so good tonight. This light is on the high end of the house at the roof level, it is three stories high, so hubbie had strict orders not to climb up there until I was here.
We  did chores and talked with Aa who brought EL by to feed their horse.  Baby BB had a pretty good night on his first night home and everyone got some much needed rest.
We spent a relaxed evening watching a beautiful sunset and building a fire back in the downstairs wood stove to combat a change in the weather forecast of a cold front moving in tonight with some snow flurries maybe.

 Talked to daughter tonight and she said she thought she was finally over "the bug" her stomach felt fine since she ate lunch and she felt normal tonight.
Grateful for another blessed day and for the love of a wonderful Heavenly Father.
Good Night and God Bless.

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