Thursday, January 1, 2015


Our new year started out cold with 25 degrees as I broke thick ice on all the animal water dishes.
After breakfast hubbie and I started cooking our traditional New year's lunch of ham, black-eyed peas, collard greens and corn bread.
We also fixed some creamed corn and mashed potatoes for the folks who don't like peas or collards And I fixed some Apple Crumble for dessert and daughter brought vanilla ice cream to go with it to make it even more delicious. This was my first recipe try from our new church cook book and it was a good one.
Our lunch bunch consisted of   #2 son, daughter, her boyfriend, Josh, Aa, Re and little EL. We all ate till we were over stuffed with the food for a successful, healthy,lucky and wealthy new year.
After everyone left hubbie and I cleaned up the kitchen and sat around all afternoon fighting sleep. Neither of us got much sleep last night as Bernie had a coughing fit that lasted into the wee hours of the morning. We can not figure out why he is having these at night. He doesn't cough during the day hardly at all but when we go to bed some nights he acts like he gets something in his throat.
If he keeps having these I am going to record him one night and then take him and the recording to the vet to see what they think is causing it.
After chores El came to stay while her mom went to the grocery store for supplies in case the baby makes his appearance sooner than expected.
It is a cold cloudy evening after a nice 50 degree sunny day.  Rain is moving in tonight and lasting several days so I will be back in the slippery mud.
2015 is coming in pretty calmly with a wet January beginning but with mild temperatures for our area.
 I am blogging earlier tonight so we can get into bed earlier and see if that makes a difference in Bernie.
I hope all my friends in blogger land had a wonderful first day of 2015 and I hope the new year brings happiness and all your wishes come true.
Grateful to God for a great first day of the new year surrounded by friends and family with good food on our plates and a love for our Savior.
Good Night , God Bless and Happy New Year.


jean pell said...

I cooked pork roast, black-eyed peas,and turnip greens.
Happy New Year!!!

Betsy Adams said...

Happy New Year to you and yours... I hope that 2015 will bring you (and us) lots of joy, happiness and GOOD HEALTH....

We had our traditional Hoppin' John for dinner (Black-eyed Peas, Rice, Ham, Kielbasa, Bacon, Onions, etc.)... YUM.

linda m said...

I made lasagna. Sounds like everyone has some sort of traditional New Years meal. Hope you have a 2015 filled with love and happiness. Blessings