Sunday, January 11, 2015


Another cold 17 degree morning and more frozen water, although I tried something last night that saved me from carrying water all the way from the kitchen. Hubbie brought me a couple of buckets or fresh water from the barn catch basin and I covered the buckets full of water, one with a heavy glass piece and one with a large heavy old stainless bowl. This morning there was only a thin layer of ice on the water under these covers.
I cooked macaroni before I left for church so I could mix it up with ham chunks I cut up last night, cheese , butter and evaporated milk and get it in the oven to bake as soon as I got home from church.
Everyone made it to lunch,and everyone got acquainted with Re's mom.  Re brought a salad to go with the macaroni casserole and we also had some of our this summer's canned green beans.
After we ate we all had a nice visit before everyone headed out on their own ways this nice cloudy, 42 degree afternoon.
I put out birdseed and then sat in the sunroom and read some in one of the books I collected for this winter's reading.
The air felt like the rain could began falling at any time all evening and the temperature dropped to 35 degrees by chore time but it is actually supposed to warm up overnight as the rain begins. The next couple days look like rain outs.

This has been a nice relaxing Sunday used for what Sunday's are supposed to be used for, rest and regeneration.

Back in January of 1985 I received the first photographs of daughter. I had no idea she was a daughter back then and when I compare these pics to the images that they do now the difference is mind boggling.

Ultra sound imaging has certainly come a long way.
Thanking God tonight for the wonderful world He made for us and all the creations He put in it for our pleasure.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Hubby and I had a nice relaxing Sunday also. Would you believe we had temps in the 30's - felt like a heat wave. This morning it was 18 with the temp dropping all day to about 10. This still beats our below zero temps. Ultra sounds have come a long way. When I had my son in 1969 they didn't even have those just X-rays. blessings