Wednesday, January 28, 2015


I'm glad January is almost over as this is the dreariest month of the year usually and this month has lived up to that on many days. Even days like today when the sun shines but it is windy and cold outside, blaaa !!!
After chores and breakfast I started my yearly shredding project. I keep 10 years of tax / business records and each year one year has to be shredded to make room for the year that just passed. Not such a bad job but it is a slow job as I only have a small shredder and it overheats regularly ,so I can only do so much shredding then wait for the motor to cool down.
Had some good luck today when I ran across an envelope with my name on it and the word "thanks". It felt to thick to be empty and I was right as it had $12 in it.  These records are from 2004 so ,no way I would have any idea why I forgot to get the money out of it or who it was from. Just glad I didn't shred it.  And you can be sure I am more carefully looking at what I am shredding now !!
Between shedding runs I worked on getting more photos in albums. I have one more month until I am caught up with my prints. I need to get more prints and catch this project up before I tackle my next blog book project. Seems there is always something that is waiting to be done around here.
This evening after chores hubbie and I made a trip to Walmart and then met #2 son at Sam's Club to get supplies for his super bowl party Sunday . He is smoking a couple butts in our smoker to serve about 10-12 of his friends.
We came home and watched a Duke / Notre Dame ball game which N.D. won.  I don't really like Duke but do pull for them against teams outside NC.
It was a very good basketball game, very clean and well played by both teams.
After the game I did weekly paperwork and payed bills.
It is another cold night , 29 degrees at 11:00 but the wind has stopped blowing tonight thankfully.
Grateful to God tonight for the blessings of this day and for the love He gives all His children without expecting anything in return but our love for Him.

Good Night and God Bless.


Far Side of Fifty said...

I did the same thing on Monday, but I only keep seven years of old files. My shredder stopped to cool down a few times! It is a good project to have behind us! :)

linda m said...

I also only keep 7 years worth of tax papers. Seems like we all have the same shredder as I have to let mine cool down and I have to empty it frequently as anything over half full makes it stall. Love the picture of the dove and the saying. Blessings