Saturday, July 22, 2017


Up early to get to market before the temperature gets too high. Daughter was already there with g-daughter I and had her blackberries and baked goods set up.
We sold well all day, she sold out of berries and we almost sold out of all our baked goods.
The heat was oppressive and we kept inventing ways to keep g-daughter I cool.
 She loves her mamma for sure !!!
By the end of the day we were wilted and ready to get in the cars and air conditioning.
We both headed here and after I got my Honda unloaded we met #2 son over at a neighbor's field to talk to her about both of them buying some land to put new homes on. She won't sell it to anyone else but has known these kids all their lives and she and I were childhood friends and neighbors all our lives so she decided to sell them both some of it to put houses on. I am thrilled it is only about 1/2 mile from me and it will make it much easier for them to get g-daughter I here and so much closer for daughter and Josh to get to work.
#2 son put his house on the market today and just wanted to downsize right now with a modular that has only the downstairs finished and is farther off the road than he is now.
It is another 92 degree afternoon but clouds around brought the temp down some into the evening.
I relaxed this evening and tried to recover from the heat of the day.
Thankful for the blessings of this day and for the grace that God shows me each day.
God Bless and Good Night

Friday, July 21, 2017


Up to get another busy Friday started. After chores and breakfast I took a walk and sweated plenty before I got back inside.
I baked 6 caramel, 2 chocolate, and 4 pound cakes before lunch.
Daughter brought g-daughter I by to stay here so she and Josh ,who was taking the afternoon off, could go to the pool. It is just too hot for the baby out there.
She was very good today  and took her bottle like she does it all the time and  this was only the second time !

After they picked her up hubbie and I watched the news and then did chores. It has been another rain free day but a July hot 92 degrees for a high.
I finished the evening in the kitchen icing cakes and getting things ready for market.
Back in July of 1987 we were a very active family with many weekend trips to lake Hartwell where we had bought into a campground called Carolina Landing and we had a camper there. This is the kids in front of the camper that served us well for several years.

We left our camper at the campground and pulled our boat back and forth. This is the boat we had back then.
The kids always enjoyed these lake trips.

We also loved going the Cades Cove in Tennessee and made a trip over there that July.

We always passed through Cherokee and the boys liked the pony rides.

Daughter was upset because she wasn't big enough for the ponies and had to choose a different ride.

We also had a big herd of cattle back then and this is some of them as the kids helped feed.

Our Norwegian Elkhound named Helga.
There was also an article in the local newspaper about the Curb Market that month. My mother was a member and sold her crafts in there back then. Ersie Davis shown in the picture was my mother's best friend .

Thankful once again for the wonderful memories these pictures evoke and for the blessings of this day.
God Bless and Good Night.

Thursday, July 20, 2017


Up and off to market this morning. Another nice morning but getting hot quickly.
Daughter met me at market with her baked things and we had an okay day not as good as we had hoped but we're thankful for what we did sell.
This little cutie was good even in the very hot market.
She had an early morning one month check up and was declared perfect in weight,10lbs,  and height for her age and even got a shot that she really didn't like !!!
Daughter and I took turns walking around with her and getting her cooled off in front of the fans.
It was another 90 degree day.
I left market and went to the bank and PO then to a friends produce stand for some fresh peaches and to Ingles for baking supplies. I made it home around 4:00 and got unloaded before hubbie got home from work.
We watched the news and then did chores. He worked in the garden tonight while I came inside and canned the 7 quarts of green beans that were broken in the frig.
As I pulled weeds for the chickens this evening I noticed the lack of produce on many of our vegetable plants with all the wet weather we have had.
I have a late row of Greasy Back beans that I hope will produce at least for some fresh beans for Sunday lunchs.
Our tomatoes are just now starting to ripen and are cracking with all the rain. Hopefully these past couple rain free days and the prediction of at least a couple more will help. I hate to wish for no rain because in this intense heat it won't take long at all for things to really dry up.
Hubbie is really suffering tonight from working out in the heat of today and went to bed extra early tonight. One more week for him and we both will have some major adjustments to make as his retirement begins.
To continue the July decade pics , this is photos from 1957 of my mom's family. In this first one is all of us , my dad is holding me in the middle back beside my mom who is holding my brother.
This is my mom on far right with her four sisters.
Mom and dad and me and my oldest brother.
These pics were taken at my Aunt Gertie Mae's house in Etowah.
Thankful for the blessings of this day and for the grace and goodness of my Heavenly Father.
God Bless and Good Night

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


7:30 came waaay too early today as I got up to meet g-daughter R. Other g-ma who usually keeps her on Wednesdays is on vacation in Florida so they are staying with me today. G-son has math camp this morning but will be here at lunch time.
I had a great little helper with feeding the chickens this morning.

Back inside we had breakfast then got ready for our day of fun. G-daughter wanted to go back outside so  I figured it would be cooler this morning to play out there.
She went back to the chicken pens but got side tracked by Pumpkin the cat. She sure loves this old cat and he is so tolerant of all her hugs and even tail pulling !!!!

We snacked on as she calls them "black a berries" and "matoes" !!!

There was a little water left in one puddle below the house and guess who found it. No girly girl in this one !!!!  The more mud on her legs the better.
We played outside until brother got here and we went inside for lunch and hopefully a nap.
She only took about a 45 minute nap in the recliner but that's better than none !!
She was in a very good mood when she woke up so that's all that matters. She loves to have her brother here !!!
When Pawpaw got home he took her up to the big blue slide and she ended her day here with more fun .
 After they left about 5:45 hubbie and I watched the news. Today is the 50th anniversary of the worst plane crash in history around here. This is a scene from the crash site back in 1967. A small plane and a large jetliner filler with passengers collided in the air killing everyone on board both planes.
I was sunbathing that day and remember hearing the big boom when the planes hit , I also remember the horrid smell of burning flesh for days around here.
We had a rain free day today and a hot one at 91 degrees. A weather pattern change is coming this week really heating us up. But after all it is July !!!
I finished the evening getting weekly paperwork done and bills paid along with icing cakes and getting things ready for market.
Very thankful for the blessing of health and the opportunity to be a part of all the grandkids lives watching them grow up.
God Bless and Good Night

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Woke wondering how much rain we had overnight and was surprised to find only another 3/10ths inch in the gauge.
I got the chores done and had breakfast while waiting for the sun to dry some of the water off the grass and garden plants.
I took a much needed and missed morning walk today. As I breathed in the fresh morning air I thanked the Lord for the blessing of country living .
After I walked I headed to the garden to glean for vegetables. I picked almost 1/2 bushel of 1/2 runner beans to can. This should make another 7 quart run. I am also thankful for the few other vegetables I gathered as all the rain has put a halt to pollination and the production has really slowed down on most of the plants.
After I finished in the garden, and I felt like I sweated a gallon just easing along picking beans, I went over to the blackberry patch and managed to gather a bowl full of these sweet berries among all the soggy ones that fell to the ground as soon as I touched them.
I checked out our blueberries and found them inundated with very small red ants. Every ripe berry had at least a dozen of these little critters feasting on it !!! Note to self , next year I need to spread Spectracide under these bushes.
Back inside at almost lunch time I gathered my baking supplies and then had an early lunch. This is why I love summer , a delicious fresh from the garden summer lunch.
Since the g-daughter and g-son will be coming here tomorrow as other g-ma is on vacation I need to switch my baking day to today.
I baked 12 caramel, 3 chocolate, 1 special order chocolate / banana cake, 3 pound cakes and a peach coffee cake from a new recipe I found.
While the last ones were in the oven I cooked a banana filling to go in the special order. A regular customer brought me a recipe that looks really yummy for me to make a birthday cake for a friend of his with this filling. I tasted this filling and it was really good although the process of cooking it reminded me of watching my mother years ago making her old fashioned banana pudding. The constant stirring I certainly remember when I had at times had to take over while mother got pans lined with vanilla wafers or other small task in the kitchen. I had to laugh when I realized she never left the kitchen to do anything while I was responsible for the constant stirring !!!!
I had to go out to my insurance agents office to sign a couple re-writes on insurance policies and needed a gallon of milk from Ingles .
When I came back hubbie was weed eating ahead of a storm that was already bringing thunder and lightening very close.
The customer came to the house and picked up the special order chocolate / banana cake and after we had supper we went over to the old house that daughter and Josh are looking at to take care of g-daughter I while they went through their ideas for renovations with a friend contractor.
His estimate was less than I figured it would be but daughter had to drop a room she was wanting added on due to the location of an old well in that area.
We came home and hubbie broke the beans I picked this morning while I iced 6 caramel cakes then I worked more on my decade pics for this month.
The earliest news article I found for July xxx7 was this scrap book news about a doctor and all his sons opening a clinic as each son specialized in something different.

And last but definitely not least is g-daughter I's one month birthday today. She is growing like a weed and getting cuter everyday.
Thankful for the blessings of this day and striving to live each day to glorify His name.
God Bless and Good Night.