Sunday, July 2, 2017


This was a part of the decorations in church this morning that recognized the celebration of freedom that we have.
Our mission trip crew was back and they gave a very impressive account of their week in Delaware Ohio and all the work they did.
We were presented with this rose for our new g-daughter I during the service.
We had lunch of the left overs from last night plus some boiled new potatoes, green beans and fried squash. #1 son's family and Aa's family joined us .
After everyone left hubbie and I went about some task that needed to be done before the rain comes again.
Hubbie got our outside TV antenna up . My issues with Direct TV were resolved after the resolution committee reviewed the phone conversation I had with one of their sales people. They said they could not give me what the young lady promised me in her over zealous effort to resign me  but they could let me out of that contract. So that is where we are at , they gave us 30 days to decide what to do and we are going to get free TV with this antenna at least through this summer and then we will look around at deals with the satelite companies this fall when the days get shorter and the time changes back.
We can get 19 channels on our TV's with just an outside antenna .
While hubbie was busy with that I cleaned the ditches on the sides of the driveway out from yesterdays heavy rain.
 I also clipped some vines and weeds from some of the yard that is being taken over by these unwanted wild plants.
Our garden on the first of July this year. The Half Runner beans need picking and canning this week .

Hubbies watermelon patch is really looking good this year.

We did chores a little early when the skies darkened and the air became saturated with moisture.
And just as we finished and came inside the rain started falling lightly thankfully.
The major storms today went below our area.
Spent the evening resting up for another busy week.
Thankful for the blessings of this day and for the right to worship freely thanks to the great sacrifices our service folks have given.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

So glad were able to get out of the contract. We have an antennae along with cable for our TV. The antenna is used when cable goes out and it is really good. Your garden is looking good. Blessings