Thursday, July 13, 2017


Market day morning hustle began early today and I made it to market on time. Daughter came in right behind me with her berries to sell.
We got set up while g-daughter slept in the car seat then I held her while daughter sold for both of us.
It doesn't seem like it has been almost 2 years since I had a pic made of me and g-daughter R right her in this same chair.

Market was very slow today with a scant few customers coming through , maybe the 91 degree temperature of the day sent folks shopping in air conditioned places !!!
We packed up and left feeling wilted in the heat .
I ran bank and PO errands sending back all my Direct TV apparatuses and then made stops at the Co-op and Walmart for groceries and baking supplies.
I got home about 4:30 and unloaded things and took a short break before g-daughter R got here so mom could go to a meeting at church tonight.
They had been swimming with some friends at the Elk's pool this afternoon and g-daughter got to practice her swimming lessons.
 Love the look of shear determination on her little face !!!!
 I love these little "just out of the pool" pigtails.

She loves this fish bowl even though the battery is dead and the fish doesn't move.

We had a rooster buyer come by to pick up 4 of the roosters I advertised and he let her help pick out the ones he wanted, she thought she was so big !!!
When she came inside she had to wear her Frozen boots even if they are several sizes too big .
The storms started just after the man left with his roosters and it rained 1/4" by the time I headed out to get chores done still in a misty rain fall.
The rain started back and trapped me in the feed shed for a while until it passed.  I finished the feeding and came inside to relax awhile and catch up reading my blog books.
I found a pic of #1 son when he was g-daughter's age and you can see how much they look like each other at this age.

Hubbie had stopped at daughter's house after work to watch g-daughter I while daughter did some yard work and got in just as the rain started pouring down once again.
Thankfully the thunder and lightening stayed in the distance and we didn't get any hail in this storm.
My desktop computer is updating tonight so I an writing this on my laptop and will be late posting because my pics are on my desktop.
Thankful for another blessing filled day ,
God Bless and Good Night.

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