Monday, July 10, 2017


G-daughter R's arrival early this morning got this week off to a good start. I did chores and discovered the entire netting over the Silkie lot torn down by a large fallen limb.
This made for an extended chore time because I couldn't turn them out of their house until I got all this cleaned up and got the netting back up.
By the time I got back inside my breakfast tasted very good !!!
After I ate I got weekly laundry started while hubbie entertained g-daughter R.
Shortly daughter called and said the At&t man was headed to her house to work on her internet so hubbie went over there to help her out with g-daughter I while that was going on.
G-daughter R crashed for a "power nap" which helped me to get 2 loads of laundry washed and dried.
Daughter came home with hubbie so I could go with her to pick up papers at her doctor's office and get some groceries and make some returns at Target.
 We had lunch before we left and then got the girls ready to go with us. I would love to know what thoughts are going through g-daughter R's head while she watched g-daughter I get her diaper changed.
These two are going to be such great friends !! It is going to be such a joy to watch both of them grow up together around here.

G-daughter R remembered this little vibrating seat but she sure can't fit now !!!!
G-daughter R had to have some of her favorite snack before we left Target. I call her the "strawberry monster" !!!

The girls were good all day and with both bellies full gave us a really quiet ride home !
There was someone else waiting to love on g-daughter I when we got home.
G-son went to a math camp this morning at his school and then stayed with hubbie all afternoon while we were gone. This is a pic on the school's facebook page of g-son , in the blue, as he looks on to his friend Nicholas 's math game.

Another remembrance for g-daughter R as she sat in her old carseat that g-daughter I now uses and thought it was very funny.
After they all left hubbie and I had a light supper then did chores. Hubbie ran up to #2 son's house to take his battery meter to check the battery in one of son's trucks that wouldn't start. They found a bad connection and the battery checked out okay.
I walked while he was gone and noticed the sky was clearer tonight than it has been in many days.
This Lombardy Poplar tree makes it look like early Fall on the lawn !!
This has been a wonderfully blessed day and I am humbly thankful for every minute of it.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

Such wonderful pictures of your grandchildren. They are all so beautiful . Blessings