Saturday, July 8, 2017


Up and out to get chores done and get to market. We made it on time and the day started off with pretty brisk sales for me but as the day heated up the customers cooled off and I ended up with a not nearly as good a day as I had Thursday.
You can never tell about this place and how sales will go on any given day.
I am thankful for what I did sell as always.
Daughter sent me this pic of g-daughter relaxing at the pool in front of the fan !!!

I left market and stopped by Ingles for a couple things we are out of and then made a stop at GO grocery to see what kind of dog food they had as hubbie had called and said Sam's Club was out of what we use.
I found some generic labeled dog food that sounded like what we use so we'll see if they will eat it.
As I headed back to the car big raindrops started falling but as I drove out of town they stopped and the roads were dry when I got home.
Hubbie helped me unload then he rested while I made some applesauce from the Lodi apples a fellow market vendor had given me. It was very good applesauce with only a touch of sugar added.
I started breaking the ends off the bush beans I picked yesterday getting them ready to make Dilly beans out of them.
The rain started here with thunder and lightening getting pretty close today. It rained 1" in about an hour here but in town the rain was much heavier and caused sever flooding in several parts of town.
Thankfully no one got hurt in all the mess.

I waited for the rain to stop here then did chores and went back to my beans. I had 19 pints of Dilly Beans  and even made two 1/2 pints of broken pieces for me to add to my salads.

It was 11:00 by the time I finished this and I am very tired and very ready for bed tonight once a gain!!!
Thankful for the blessings of this day and for being spared from the severe storms this evening.
God Bless and Good Night

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