Friday, July 7, 2017


Up to get started a bit early this morning as I have a lot to get done today. It is cloudy but it looks like the sun might win the battle at least for a while this morning.
After chores and breakfast I went up and cleaned out the bigger chick box so it can dry out and be ready for the last batch of chicks to move up into tonight.
I pulled up the spent lettuce and some weeds for all the chickens which made them very happy this morning.
I picked the bush beans so hubbie can spray all the garden either tonight or tomorrow as all the rain is causing a lot of yellow leaves and insect damage visible on all the vegetables.
I had to throw away many of these beans because they had touched the wet ground and molded on the ends. But I got plenty to make another run or two of Dilly beans.
I headed back inside to cool down and dry the sweat off, whew it is going to be another scorching hot day today.
I got out all the broken half runner beans and put the pressure canner on to get the last canner of these done. I decided to do this canning first because it is a lot easier to maneuver 30 cakes around 7 quarts of canned beans than the other way around.
I had just enough beans left over from filling 7 jars to throw in the pressure cooker for a quick lunch.
I started baking cakes after I ate, I baked 18 caramel and 6 pound cakes before I was able to get off my feet for a few minutes.
I watched the news then was out to do the chores. Hubbie had bush hogged the upper pasture after he got home from work this evening and the aroma of the fresh cut grass smelled so good and made me appreciate country living even more.
The clouds grew dark and I heard thunder in the distance but all we got was a short shower of very large raindrops and the sun came right back out giving everything a reddish glow this evening.
My Mimosa trees are still really putting on a show of sweet smelling blossoms this year.

I iced cakes intermittently all evening as my back can only take so much stirring and spreading at a time.
I walked a little to shake out the tenseness in my back muscles and saw that I had been rewarded for cleaning this rose bed out with these rose blossoms.

And my greatest reward this evening was seeing this little rose sprouting from the base of the red climbing rose that I moved from the overgrown bed of Azaleas this spring. This is the rose that I bought when I first moved out on my own into a single wide trailer down where #1 son lives now.
We moved it with us when we moved into this house in the early '80's and I thought I had killed it by moving it from the overgrown bed because it's roots had grown under the house foundation and they broke off when I pulled it up. But thankfully it will live on and in this pot I can give it extra care until it gets re-established .

I finished all my icing and packing for market by midnight and was very tired.
These summer days are long , hot and tiresome but they sure make that bed feel great when I finally get into it !!!
Thankful for the blessings of this day and for the strength He blesses me with each day .
God Bless and Good Night

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