Tuesday, July 25, 2017


A strange early wake up Tuesday for this summer. D-in-love is working today and g-daughter arrived at 7:15 to get breakfast and get ready for her play school today.  Other g-ma is picking her up.
I finished loading all the rugs and furniture covers in the Honda while she ate then grabbed a cup of to go coffee with a breakfast bar and we headed to town.
I dropped her off and then stopped by the laundry where there was only one other lady doing laundry this morning. I got all the big washers for my things and it didn't take long.
I made it home at 10:00 and got the chores done late but no one was complaining with their mouths full !!
I got all the rubber backed rugs hung on the clothesline after having to eradicate a bees nest that was just above the clothesline holder.
I had another cup of coffee and then went straight to work getting the house cleaned up. It has been several weeks since the house has had a good cleaning so today except for a short late lunch break I got everything cleaned up and also got all the red,white and blue decor for July taken down and put a way. I'll get into the attic tomorrow and get the sunflower decor for August down. I was just finishing the cleaning when hubbie came in from work .
I took a break off my feet and sewed up this little baby bonnet a customer ordered for Thursday . She had bought her daughter one like it and wanted one for her new granddaughter with the same pattern on it.
Daughter sent me this pic of g-daughter I today with the caption "It's a hard life "  !!!
 This growing up way too fast little sweetie pie is already 5 weeks old today.

And d-in-love sent me this pic of g-daughter R at Bible School tonight. This tub of water was for refiling squirt bottles but R turned it into a swimming pool !!!

G-son's class had 13 in it tonight . He is in the blue shirt third on right standing.
 Love my grandkids !!!
Glory be to God as 106 kids attended Bable school tonight.
Late this evening as hubbie and I sat out in the covered patio rain drops started falling from a mostly cloudy sky.
I had to put on a raincoat the shut the chickens up and it rained all evening a nice slow rain with thunder staying in the distance.
Thankful for the blessings of this day.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

Such cute pictures. G-daughter R cracks me up with her antics. Glad you got a nice slow rain, those are the best. Blessings