Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Another busy day on tap for today and it got started extra early with a phone call cake order before my alarm went off this morning.
After chores and breakfast I canned the half runner beans that hubbie broke yesterday while I shopped with daughter.
I only had enough beans for 6 quarts so I added a quart of yellow squash for casserole making this winter.
My "strawberry monster" arrived about 10:30 so d-in-love could go to a meeting about the new school they are building.
Just a few minutes later daughter and g-daughter I arrived  to help take care of more kids this morning for a couple hours. G-daughter R is always so happy to see her cousin g-daughter I !!

We had 6 kiddos running all around here for lunch and then playtime outside.
This is BB's face after I told him he had to clean his plate before he could have dessert !!

 D-in-love came in about 12.30 and helped with the kids also.

 They all had a lot of fun playing together and eating freeze pops.
After all the kids left and d-in-love left to go pick up her mom where her little truck had broken down I cooked daughter and I some lunch of sauteed zuchinni squash, bell pepper and chicken sausage which  was good and hit the spot since neither of us took time to eat lunch while getting all the kids fed.
After they left and the sky turned cloudy and stormy looking I decided to take this time to go get the manicure I have been trying to find time for during the last couple weeks. I just wanted the french tip gel nails.
I think this is a really clean neat look for the summer months for me with all the gardening and other outside work I do that sometimes makes my nails look dirty.
It only took the girl 30 minutes to get me fixed up and it rained the entire time I was there but when I got home it hadn't rained any here and I was only about 2 miles out the road.
Hubbie and I had to help #1 son unload his mother-in-law's little truck from the trailer he hauled it in on . He thinks her alternator is bad and took it off to have it checked , the battery in the truck was also over 10 years old. Hopefully it's an easy fix.
I picked some of our blackberries this evening and made a pan of blackberry dumplings,yummy !!!

The skies cleared completely by sunset .
I did chores and then hubbie went to a meeting at church while I went down to #1 son's house to look over some things they were getting rid of.
Hubbie came in from the meeting while I was there and we didn't find anything we needed from the  stuff they were getting rid of.
We came home and hubbie went to bed while I downloaded and ordered another blog book for the fist 4 months of this year. At least I can get 4 months in each book now instead of just 3.
It's off to bed now to get ready for another busy summer day tomorrow.
Thankful for the blessings of this day and looking forward to what God is doing in our family as g-son has made the decision to be Baptized and has given his heart and life to the Lord, all the Glory goes to God our wonderful Heavenly Father.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

I am so joyful and grateful to God on hearing about your grandson's decision to be baptized. Praise the Lord!!!