Thursday, July 30, 2009


Dang,I overslept,I hate to have to hurry early in the morning.I got everything cut,wrapped and loaded and only 15 minutes later than usual.I love my van it is like a truck only better because it hauls like a truck but is all
inside,I have 2 seats I can put back in if I need to haul people.
I had several people waiting on me this morning when I got there,so it took an hour to get set up but at least it's a way better day than last Thursday.We have a new seller who is making sandwiches from homemade chicken salad,I had 1 for lunch and it was good.We also have another new seller who sells cookies and pies and some of the old sellers are not happy about that.I just leave my business up to God and I don't worry about it,if it ever gets to where I don't sell my cakes then that means I need to be doing something else.I stayed steadily busy all day and sold a lot of crafts,including 1 of yesterday's aprons already.
When I left market I made 3 avon deliveries and ran my regular bank,p.o.,grocery store errands.I made it home by 4:30,hubbie was already here and we unloaded everything.We sat down to watch the news and heard #1 son and g-son come in the back door,they came to get some stuff for their camping trip tomorrow,they were waiting on d-in-love to get back from church where she is preparing for Bible School next week.G-son got tired and he stayed with us while his mom and dad went after groceries and camping supplies.He took a long bath,he loves to play in the water,I just thought while we were watching him in the tub it just doesn't seem like it has been that long since it was his dad in that tub playing,WOW!! they grow up fast.
I iced 12 caramel cakes while he watched TV with his pawpaw.
His dad came after him about 10;15 and he was almost asleep.We decided to clean church in the morning as everyone was decorating for Bible School tonight,I am tired out anyway and so is hubbie from getting up at 5:00 in the morning all week.Tonight is going to be an extra early to bed night, it is just now 11:00 and I hear my peppermint bubble bath calling my name.God Bless and good night.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Woke to a telephone call from the well inspector to make an appointment on Friday to help us decide where to drill our well.She is an old friend of mine so it will be nice to see her.
It is a dreary day,we only got 1/10" rain overnight but it is raining on and off today,but temp is nice low 70's.
I worked in my shop all morning,finishing 4 jean aprons and 4 small jean purses.......After I made that 1 bibbed jean apron last time and sold it I have had several request for more.A little girl about 10 years old put it on and it looked so good on her I wished I had my camera,but several ladies that saw her wanted one for themselves,maybe they'll come back.
#1 son brought g-son at lunch time so he could run errands.We ate lunch g-son had pizza,I had salad.
It stopped raining,so since I had to go out to pick up my avon order from my friends house on the edge of town I decided to take g-son by Mcdonalds playground for a little while.....G-son had a ball and even met a new friend......
and then....and then.....well let me paint a picture,this is an outside playground but it has a network of enclosed overhead tunnels, now imagine the (MAN) person that put them together that didn't think that water might collect in some spots if you didn't tilt them slightly or possibly put drains in,have you got the picture,okay so then some bigger boys came and g-son was intent on proving himself to them,let's put all this together and I hear hysterical laughter from overhead and water comes splashing all over everything underneath I could only imagine what was going on,however I didn't have to wait long before a soaking wet g-son comes flying down the big slide,not a dry stitch on him his horror we left,came home, rung out his clothes,put them in the dryer and he got to run around in his diaper for awhile which didn't seem to bother him one bit.
I bagged my avon orders while he watched TV,then pawpaw came home and we played with blocks and had a yogurt snack.
Soon his dad came and showed me the campground they are going to this weekend on the computer, it is very very nice with pool,fishing lake,huge water slide,playground,etc,g-son will have a ball.
After they left hubbie and I started our evening chores,it has been a nice sunny afternoon,I don't know what happened to all the rain we were supposed to get.We discovered the hard winds with the storms yesterday had blown limbs down on our electric fence and broke insulators so hubbie spent his chore time fixing fence and trimming limbs.I walked and checked the rest of our fences, no more damage thank goodness,then the gardening was all mine tonight,I cut basil and oregano to sell at market tomorrow,I also brought in 2 little herb gardens I fixed earlier in the spring,they are ready to sell now,I found some interesting pots at thrift stores to make them in,I am good at finding interesting pots,1 is an old aluminum strainer,I saw a program on TV where they used 1 of these so I was glad to find 1 to use,I planted thyme,oregano.chives and basil in them,we'll see how well they sell.
I gathered ripe produce from the garden also,and this basket is what makes all the work worth while because there is nothing better than fresh produce straight from your garden to your table not to mention the great feeling of accomplishment you get.
We had a very late,very light supper tonight,I helped daughter send a job resume on my computer,sometimes she pushes buttons to fast for her own good,YOU'RE WELCOME HONEY.D-in-love called and said g-son was running a little fever she thinks he is cutting 2-year molars,I hope that is what it is and he isn't getting sick especially with this special weekend coming up of course that's when kids get sick you know. I started icing cakes and 12 caramel, 2 chocolates, 2 coconuts later I'm throwing in the towel for tonight,I think my late nights are catching up with me,they have a way of doing that sometimes (alot of times okay).Anyway like I said before I just love that God keeps me healthy and gives me the strength to make the most out of everyday.I just LOVE HIM SO MUCH. Good night.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Got shook awake by rumbling thunder at 3 am this morning,got up and unplugged our tv and computer since we live on top of a hill we get lightening strikes quite often.Years ago it actually struck our house,and it used to kill our tv every time it stormed when we had an outside antenna.I had trouble going back to sleep during the storm luckily it didn't last long and there was only 1/2" rain in the gauge this morning and that included yesterday's rain.
Slept in a little today but was starting laundry at 9:30,I worked on some aprons in my shop this morning between 3 loads of laundry before the sun came out and it got too hot in there.
After lunch I did housework all afternoon and payed some bills.It has turned out to be a pretty day but I am keeping an eye on the sky as I have towels hanging out to dry.
Hubbie went to help #1 son move his hen house into place when he got home from work.Memaw(other g-ma) called and dropped g-son off because d-in-love is working late.I gathered my towels in and started supper,#1 son is going to eat here when he picks up g-son.It started storming again and rained hard about 6/10" in a few minutes before it slacked off and is just sprinkling now,but we are suppose to get rain tonight and tomorrow.
#1 son and g-son went home and hubbie and I cleaned the kitchen and waited for daughter and b-friend,they are coming over after they have been looking at houses.When they got here she fixed them a late supper of smoked trout ravioli and salad,I tasted the ravioli and it was delicious,she bought it at the tailgate market last Saturday from a local trout farmer.We had a nice chat with them while they ate,we haven't seen much of them all last week so it was nice to catch up.
I started baking my layers tonight I have 58 to bake and I got a late start oh well won't be the first late night I've had lately.Daughter is taking her jeep to the shop in the morning to have a vibration in her front tire checked,if they have to keep it I will go get her and let her take my van to work.It is midnight now and I have more baking to do,I will take my bath while my last run is in the ovens so I can get to bed by 1:00. Praising GOD for all my blessing today and everyday,I never complain about all I have to do I just thank GOD I'm able to do all I have to do. GOD BLESS an Good night.

Monday, July 27, 2009


Out this morning to feed and let dogs out,had regular breakfast of cereal and hot green tea.Decided to work in my shop until g-son gets here,so I cut out some jean aprons and little jean bags,before g-son got here.After I got him something to eat I finished my avon order and sent it in,I do all my orders online now as it is so much easier and I have extra days to sell.
It is already hot outside today so we are playing in his playroom for awhile.
After lunch of yesterday's leftovers I took g-son to a local elementary school playground to let him slide because it has gotten cloudy and cooler.He had a ball until it started raining and we headed home,it was raining at our house too so we had a snack and settled down for a rainy afternoon.This is what is known as the dog days of summer around here and it is amazing how fast the weather can change,but I am glad to see the rain on my garden and the pastures.Speaking of dog days this was taken only a couple hours ago,Sadie and Dollie were enjoying the warm sunshine together on our back porch.
We dodged 1 storm but another is forming and looks to be headed this way.Missed that 1 too,when hubbie got home him and g-son played with some new put together animals I bought Friday at a garage sale,g-son was laughing so hard he was so funny.Mom came and picked him up about 6:00,then I went outside to help #1 son find something to put in a chicken house he is building for the hens to lay eggs in.I was walking back to the house and saw hubbie feeding his quails,these birds must hold the live longest record.I can't even remember when we got them but they were day old chicks and he has raised them for many years,they are a pair and the hen used to lay bunches of eggs but she would never set on them like we hoped she would,so it has always been just the 2 of them.They act like they are very happy,they chirp and answer each other and other birds,there are hardly any wild quail around here,that was our intention when we got these that they would raise little ones and we could turn them loose.
I went on my walk after a very light supper,but didn't walk long as it is so humid it is almost smothering outside.Daughter came in after shopping for gold shoes she needs for a wedding she is in Saturday (nothing like waiting till the last minute) but she didn't find anything.I was baking cakes and watching the last episode of the "Bachelorette",I made 2 granny pound,1 7-up pound,2 peach wine, 2 blackberry wine,1 chocolate sour cream pound and she choose Ed (mistake),ha ha!!!!! I'm glad I don't watch much TV.
It looks to be an early night tonight it is 10:50 and my baking is finished.
In closing I would like to say a prayer for a family I've been keeping up with on her blog,they live in Minnesota and have 4 young children 4 and under the youngest of which has a serious heart condition and is suffering greatly right now,her blog name is .All of us Jesus Followers know that God has a plan for every life that is brought into this world,but in our humble humanness that doesn't ease the pain and suffering on our part when our children are in pain or when He chooses to call them home earlier than we think is right and it never ends no matter how old the children get,I can't even imagine what this couple is going through right now but I do know if they will hold fast in their faith and love of Jesus Christ He will walk with them through whatever happens because He will never bring us to anything He won't help us through,so my prayers go up to Minnesota tonight,God be with you.Good night.


Had nursery duty at church this morning,hubbie and I have been volunteering to take care of the kids once a quarter for many years.We are blessed with enough volunteers in our church so we all just have one Sunday a quarter.We had to have some help today as we had 8 little ones age 2 and under so 2 other ladies came in,the kids acted like they had fun after we all got settled down.
After church we fixed lunch, we were missing daughter and b-friend today as they were hiking with one of b-friends friends who came to visit.We had bacon crusted pork loin,corn on the cob,green beans,stuffed zucchini squash,boiled potatoes,yeast rolls and iced tea with blackberry cobbler for dessert. After lunch I put the rest of the blackberries in the freezer,they are really good.
We went outside to play,I could not believe Bernie was riding in g-son's wagon,what a good dog...

Then g-son got his turn in the wagon,go paw-paw.While we played #1 son was fixing his mailbox that someone smashed with a rock last night and #2 son was mowing his lawn. #1 son and daughter-in-love closed their camper down because it is getting cloudy and might rain,then they left with g-son.
Hubbie took his dad home,#2 son had went and picked him up this morning as daughter wasn't here,they are always helpful with him. I did some watering while he was gone in case it doesn't rain.
Hubbie is a race fan so when he got back he watched a race on TV and I took a walk I passed an old maple tree in our pasture that is dying and I thought what stories that old tree could tell if it could talk,back in the 1940's and 50's the pond that is next to it was a local swimming hole and once in a storm the swimmers ran under it to get out of the rain and lightening struck the tree and killed the swimmers,that would be a sad memory.That old tree has withstood many torrential floods as it is in the bottom flood plain,it is only about half alive now there are huge holes in its trunk,it will be sad to see it fall... I checked our fences and waterhole as some of the cattle came for a drink while I was there.

When I got back to the house #2 son and hubbie were in the bathroom giving each other haircuts,they always do this and they do a very good job as both of them keep their hair short.We ate some watermelon and son left to go home.
I started working on my avon order so it will be ready to send off in the morning.Time has caught up with me tonight so I'm headed to bed. GOD BLESS and good night.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Up extra early today to finish cutting and wrapping the cakes I baked late last night.Hubbie and I packed up and loaded my van and headed out to market.Customers were waiting when we got there,maybe this will be a busier day than Thursday and it was,there were many people though today and they were buying.I sold aprons,pillows,towels along with my cakes.Some friends came by and I spent a lot of time catching up with them,that is one reason I love going to market,I have made so many friends who share similar interest with me.We usually laugh and talk and praise God together, it is so much fun.I traded my neighbor a pound cake for a basket of her blackberries,hers taste so much better than the variety I have.I am going to take my old ones out this fall and replace them with the variety she grows.I am planning a big blackberry cobbler for lunch tomorrow.She also gave me some zucchini squash and a recipe for stuffed zucchini that I am going to make tomorrow.
I left market and went to make 2 avon deliveries before going to Ingles and Aldi grocery stores for next weeks baking supplies.I got home about 3:30 and hubbie helped me unload and get things put away,he was trying out a new trimmer he had bought from a guy today on his way home from his dad's.
We decided to go on up to church and finish cleaning.They were setting up the stage for our Bible School Musical tomorrow night so we did our job and left.As we came back home clouds were starting to form so we decided to go on to Walmart and Sam's club hopefully before it rained.
We were in Sam's when the rain started so we just ate a hot dog there for supper to wait out the pouring rain.When it slacked up a little we left and came home hoping the rain had reached out to our place and thankfully it had I don't think it rained as hard here as it did at Sam's but we got 1/2" so that is good.We got our groceries put away and hubbie went to the garden to pick beans for lunch tomorrow while I waited on a customer to come after a cake order.
Then I rested on the couch with my 4-legged kids,these guys are so sweet and they love for me to get an afghan and cover them up with me on the couch,what a life they have,they are 2 lucky little dogs,especially Bernie because daughter found him on the side of the road.

Dolly on the left with the ball is a teacup poodle she weighs 4LBs, Bernie on the right looking up is a havanese he weighs 6LBS,they are best friends.They are both about 4 years old and it is amazing how they look out for each other.
I think this is going to be an early to bed night for me as I still feel a little shaky from last night.It is about 10:00 and I am headed for a long soak in the tub and then maybe catch up on my magazines while laying in bed.See you in Church tomorrow Praising God.

Friday, July 24, 2009


Lazy morning for a change,ate my cereal and hot tea slowly today.You've heard the old saying 1 man's trash another 1's treasure,well I went treasure hunting this morning,and of course I found plenty.It's probably just as well that I don't get to go to garage sales much,I always ask myself if I really need this and there's always this little voice saying "but it's such a bargain and you MIGHT need it someday"so I didn't spend much money but had a very fun morning.I stopped by Chick-fil-a for a grilled chicken salad for lunch and headed home to unload and put away my treasures.I can't help but look around now and think of all I could have gotten done if I had stayed at home and worked this morning,I am the worst boss I have ever had!!!!!!!!! Never mind that I only had 1 cake order this morning and now have 7 ,I kept having to pull over on the side of the road and write cake and avon orders down this morning.
Hubbie worked 6 to 2 today so he came in and started mowing the lawn while I hung out a load of towels and did some gardening.I think I will be canning beans in about a week.We grow old timey greasy back beans,seeds are no longer available so we have to save seeds from year to year but to me they're the best tasting green bean there is.I'm glad I've got a good crop this year because I didn't can many last year as they didn't do well in the drought.
I went on my walk early this afternoon as it is so nice today,on days like this you can almost see the floor of heaven,this is why these mountains are so special. We had 3 little visitors in our pasture.Daughter-in-love came down and we tried to catch them to see if they had a name on their collars,but they ran up the road,Lord help them get home safe.I gathered my towels off the line,ohhh...they smell so good.#1 son put a new fridge in their camper,it looks good,he is handy to have around.
I came in and ate a weight watchers meal for supper with cantelope for dessert and all of a sudden I became very ill,something I ate must have been bad.I was so sick from 6:00-10:00.
Thank you GOD I feel better now,we will have to clean church tomorrow night.Hubbie has to stay close by when I get sick at my stomach because I pass out due to a damaged nerve in my esophagus.
Okay it is 10:30 and I just started baking,I'm paying for that leisurely morning, I baked 2 granny pound,2 blackberry and 1 chocolate sour cream pound cake.That will only take an hour,and it will give me time to write this while they bake.
Thank you GOD for a wonderful day and I know you are with me even in my sickness,just remember GOD is good all the time.Good night.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Rise and shine early today and ready for market day.I finished cutting and wrapping all my cakes and loaded my van.Parking lot has a lot of empty spaces that's not a good sign.It was a slow day today unlike several previous Thursdays which were very busy.Hubbie brought me lunch as he happened to be in town,we had hot dogs and fries.I left market and ran errands P.O., bank,2 avon deliveries,Go Grocery,county offices building to get a well permit,and Walmart. We are going to have a well drilled at our house because we are sharing a well now with #2 son,the water is having to come up a steep hill and we have low pressure so hopefully we won't have to drill too deep to find water.Now I wait until someone comes and okays where I want to put the well.
Hubbie was here and helped me unload the van when I got home,then #1 son came in with his machine and called hubbie to come help him with something.I watched the 5:00 news and when hubbie came back we fixed a light supper of cheese raviolis and salad.He went up to the garden to put some more twine on our tomatoes while I walked and checked fences and waterhole.I always take my camera in case I see something interesting, but nothing today.
We went to clean church,I started to vacuum pews with my little hand held vac and it was "click,click"uh-oh it takes more than a click to vacuum,darn this is the second vacuum in a month that we have had to put in the shop at least this one didn't have the fireworks the big vac did when it quit,we just got that one fixed last week,I guess this one will go to the shop Monday because they aren't open Fridays.So we did everything else,I guess the pews will have to wait.Signed up to make some cakes for blockblast and talked to Ron who came in after his blockblast meeting.
Daughter was here when we came home she was making blackberry cobbler for a friends dinner party tomorrow night.Her b-friend wants hubbie to teach him how to change the brake pads on his suv maybe next weekend.I iced 6 caramel cakes tonight and don't have to make any layer cakes tomorrow (yet anyway) so that means a Friday morning without baking to do,without hubbie (he is working overtime),without g-son(he is with other g-ma)" hmmm" what in the world will I do,I am going to wait until the morning to decide.The news just went off and I'm headed for bath and bed. Good Night and GOD BLESS.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Woke up to a rainy morning,thank goodness we needed it.Daughter called and told me about all the stuff she had just bought at a tailgate market near where she works,it sounded very good and reminded me I hadn't eaten breakfast yet.
I spent the morning doing housework (Dirty job man where are you????) you know come to think of it I've never seen him do any housework,granted I don't watch much TV, about the only shows I watch are whatever happens to be on while I'm doing something in the room where the TV is,but I wonder. I refilled all my bird and squirrel feeders while it is stopped raining.
G-son got here about 11:00,as he was eating lunch #1 son found some tires for his dump truck and took off to look at them.G-son and I went outside after lunch and he rode his green one as he calls it. We are waiting for daughter to call and meet up with her to go to a church in the next county that sells salvage groceries,dog food,etc to fund their missions program. My sister-in-law who is also a good friend called and wanted to go with us.I picked her up and we met daughter at an Ingles store near where she is dog sitting to leave her car.G-son was glad to see her.We found quite a few good deals there,you never know what they are going to have because they don't even know themselves.What they have is bent cans, close-outs,discontinued,stock left when somewhere goes out of business,etc,and they sell it all by the pound.We even found diapers today.G-son was very good while we shopped I gave him some paper and a pen and he said he was making a list for us.We got all our deals loaded up and headed back to town.We dropped daughter off,I won't see her again until tomorrow night when she finishes her sitting job.I dropped sister-in-law off and g-son was fighting sleep so we headed home to find pawpaw waiting.It has rained quite a bit since I left and is still drizzling and a cool 72. We unloaded my van and hubbie and g-son relaxed while I put everything away.They liked the fruitloop straws I bought.#1 son came back after having the tires put on and took g-son home.Hubbie and I fixed supper and then during a break in the rain I cut some basil to sell tomorrow,just got back in when it rained again.There won't be any walking today so I will get an early start on my cake icing.Before I started on cakes I payed bills for my father-in-law,before mother-in-law died she handled all their money and payed all the bills so he has no idea and with his memory loss he couldn't even if he wanted to so hubbie has POA over all his business and since I pay all our bills I do his and hubbie just signs the checks.
I iced 18 caramel cakes,2 yellow/chocolate and 4 coconut cakes ,wrapped and labeled them all,and it is only 11:30 and I am finished.It's bath and bed,ready for an early start tomorrow.G-son called about 10:30 to tell me good night and that he loved me ,I asked him if he had said his prayers and he said "Thank you God" my sentiments exactly.Good Night.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Up and out early today, it didn't rain last night so I need to do some watering before I hit my avon route.My herbs are in large pots so I have to water them because their roots are limited to where they can search for water.I have some creative pots as you can see...Anything goes from tires ,to light covers to recycle bins ,some regular pots too.I grow several mints-peppermint,spearmint,apple mint,curly-mint,grapefruit mint along with chives,oregano,thyme and basil.I sell mostly basil and use the rest, but sometimes I get an order for the others.
After watering I went to run my avon route it takes about 3 hours to take orders and drop off books to all my customers,I do my in town stops after market on Thursday.I came home and ate a salad for lunch I was hungry as I just grabbed a cereal bar on my way out this morning.
I decided to do some laundry today because I think g-son is coming tomorrow as other g-ma has to work this week on Wednesday.Between 3 loads of laundry I went outside and cut more money plant to sell at market.....I have to strip off the brown shells and it leaves a beautiful white coin shape as you can see from the shells that I shook off and they will stay that way forever,I sell alot for dried arrangements.I added these bunches to the ones I cut the other day in a garden shed to wait until I need more at market,I usually shuck the shells off while I'm out there.
I watered herbs again as it doesn't look like rain tonight,hubbie watered some new squash and cucumber plants that have just came up.We catch rain water off our barn in huge basins and use this in the garden,we have a pump when we need to water the whole garden but today we are just carrying buckets.
We came in the house and had baked chicken,baked potatoes,fried squash,corn for supper,we usually don't eat this much but neither of us has eaten very much today.#1 son,d-in-love and g-son came over and set up and worked on their camper,they are getting ready to make their first camping trip next weekend.
I took a long walk again tonight the temperature hasn't gotten above 80 for several days and it feels really good in the evenings almost like fall which unbelievably isn't far away.
I stated baking cake layers I have 60 to bake tonight,it is 12:00 and I just put the last batch in the oven,I should be in bed by 1:00. Sleep Tight and May GOD BLESS.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Up and out early this morning, need to make 2 avon deliveries before g-son gets here.One to a local realtor and she gave me info on another property for daughters b-friend to look at although she's not working with him she's just nice like that.
G-son has been playing inside and outside today as it is a pretty day not too hot and not too sunny.
I am always amazed at such detail in nature,I always wonder where God got His ideas for each different thing and at the distinctly different beauty in all His creations.I love taking pictures and looking at them especially in the winter when there isn't alot of color in the landscape,these are
some I took today while g-son played ouside.
And here is g-son looking at the world through his "nockulars"...I wonder what the world looks like through his eyes???????? We played outside until he went to the door to come inside,he was tired.After a drink and snack he camped out in the recliner in front of Gabba-Gabba cartoons,so I set up the ole sewing machine and stitched up a friends top for her as she has lost a bunch of weight,good for her,then I made 2 bonnets and 2 full old time aprons.

I finished sewing about the time hubbie came in from work and g-son jumped up from his rest with energy renewed.He and his pawpaw played with his remote control track hoe like his daddy has until his dad came in and started playing with the track hoe,I guess they never grow out of remote control vehicles.His mom came in shortly after to look at their camper that #1 son had done some painting on,she showed me a neat site on here to edit my pictures on,it was really great.
After they went home we had tomato sandwiches for supper and went outside to do some gardening,I need to water but it is suppose to rain tonight so I'll wait on that because it looks like it might start raining any minute.I took a short walk around the upper pasture and garden so I wouldn't get caught in the rain if it came.
I have 2 granny pound,1 7-up pound,2 peach wine,2 blackberry wine,1 chocolate sour cream pound cakes to make tonight and I half watched,half listened to the" Bachelorette" while I was baking,it was the recap show (what a crock!!!!).Daughter called and said b-friend thought he might need to switch real estate agents,yeah I definitely agree,I told her to call a friend of mine that I know will really help him.I hope he decides to switch.
It is 11:00 and I am waiting to take my last cakes out of the oven,then it will be bath and off to bed for another early start in the morning. Good night and GOD BLESS.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Church,House Searching

Slept in awhile this morning,got to church a little late, I love going to church and visiting with our church family and praising God with them they are so special.The pastor talked about a benefit some members of our church held yesterday for a local young boy with a rare disease,he said they auctioned off cakes and one of them brought $115 he asked if it was one of mine,they had 4 of my caramel cakes but I don't know if that was one of mine or not they raised $4900 to help with travel expenses to go to a hospital that specializes in his disease. After service I dropped hubbie off at home to start lunch and went to Ingles to pick up some barbacue sauce for grilled chicken breast,we also fixed corn on the cob,seasoned baked potatoes,green beans,fried squash,cucumbers and tomatoes,with yeast rolls and iced tea.#1 son and d-in-love dropped g-son off while we were cooking and ran out to the new Tractor Supply store because today is the last day of their opening sale. #2 son,daughter,her b-friend,fa-in-law,came in before they got back and we went ahead and ate as we have to eat in shifts anyway because our table only has 6 places so it worked out perfectly as we were just finishing when they made it back.After they ate we sat outside and watched g-son play in the yard,the weather is so nice still cool and dry.We discussed our fall beach trip and everyone is going to see which week they can get off this week so I can go ahead and rent a house.Daughter and b-friend picked blackberries,blueberries,bell peppers to take with them they do alot of cooking and she has a dog sitting job this week so I don't know when I'll see her again.She stays at peoples houses when they go on vacation and cares for their pets,she still works her regular job .The next 3 days she has to work the night shift and produce the morning news.Lord keep her awake on the drive home in the mornings.
At 4:00 #2 son took fa-in-law home while the rest of us loaded up in b-friends suv and went to look at 2 houses with him,he wants our opinion and we tend to be a bit more critical than he is,don't know if that is bad or good,but it is what it is.I think his realtor didn't like it but I'm not sure how much help she is giving him or if she is just trying to make a sale.She did tell me she thought the older house we looked at might be a bad investment,#1 son looked in the attic and the roof has holes in it,among other 1928 features and problems it has.The other house is really small and way up on a mountainside,but is a newer house.I feel bad for him because there is just limited properties in his price range,we'll just keep looking and something will come along.G-son went to sleep riding between houses.
When we got home #1 son took all the lunch leftovers home with them,Daughter took all her produce and hubbie and I just snacked for supper.I took another long walk in this nice weather.
Looking back on this week and praising God for all the blessings he has poured out on me and my family as we get ready to begin another busy work week I can't help but wonder what He has in store for us and what opportunities He will provide for us to spread the Good Word about His wonderful love and graciousness.
I am watching the news then I will take my 4-legged kids a bath and head to bed looking forward to tomorrow. May God Bless You and Keep You Always.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Up and at it early today ,wrapping,cutting cakes and loading van for market,hubbie follows me in his car and helps me unload and set up on Saturdays because it is usually a mad rush when I first get there. He also visits with many of our neighbors who sell there as they all catch up on the weeks happenings and compare ideas and what ever else men talk about.
I met my daughter's little sisters adopted grandparents today when they came looking for me to tell me she had taken 1/2 of the caramel cake I gave her on the plane with her to visit an aunt in California.They are in a church program that allows couples to adopt families in need ,so they have Kate and her mother as their family,they had taken her to the airport as her mother doesn't drive.
Today was a very busy day,hubbie left and went to take his father to the grocery store as he does every saturday and spend some time with him.I stayed so busy I didn't have time to eat lunch I just had a pack of crackers.Daughter and her boyfriend came by and she helped for a while but had to leave as they were going to visit his brother in another county about 2 hours away.I had some avon customers come by and pick up their orders.As I was leaving a friend came and picked up a cake to take to a family in her church that had a death she will pay later,bless her heart she gives away more cakes than anybody I know,I'm sure there is a special reward waiting in Heaven for her.
I went by the p.o. and mailed an avon order to Florida,we have an automated machine in our p.o. to do all business after regular hours. I stopped at 3 stores to pick up baking supplies for next week,after I got home and unloaded everything and got it put away at about 4:30 I hit the couch.AAAHHHHHHH that's what it feels like at this time on Saturday when the week is almost done.Me and my 2 4-legged kids rested on the couch and watched a fishing show on TV while hubbie grilled us steaks,we had grilled yellow squash and baked potatoes and cole slaw to go with them.I tried out a microwave potato baking bag that a friend sent me and it worked like a charm it took 10 minutes to bake 2 potatoes as opposed to an hour in the regular oven.Wow this is great.
After supper I went to the garden and picked green beans,more squash,cucumbers,bell peppers,and tomatoes for Sunday dinner tomorrow.We haven't decided what else to have yet but it will be good.I love garden time everything just taste so good fresh from the garden.We got corn from one of the neighbors at market this morning,as we don't have room to grow our own corn anymore.We used to grow a huge patch and put a bunch in the freezer when the kids were all at home.
I took a long walk this evening,the weather is so nice and cool high today was 78 and it has really cooled off this evening feels like fall is in the air but I'm sure this won't last long.I plan to do nothing tonight but relax.Have a Blessed Lords Day tomorrow.

Friday, July 17, 2009


Woke to a ringing phone this morning with cake orders coming in. Hubbie is off today as he works 4 10hour days ,he had already taken care of the animals except the fish,g-son is coming today so we were making some plans for this afternoon after I'm finished baking. When he got here hubbie played with him while I baked 36 cake layers,a 7-up pound cake,fresh peach coffee cake.While these were in the ovens I went outside and picked some fresh blackberries from my vines for fresh blackberry bread,they are just starting to get ripe so I got enough for 1 loaf.
I fixed lunch of chicken pasta and salad,after we ate we were off to check out the new Tractor Supply store that just opened in our county.G-son thought these tire swings were just right for him,maybe birthday or Christmas.It was a productive shopping trip,we found good prices on several things we use,unfortunately this will probably put the small family owned feed store that generations of farmers have shopped at in our community out of business, at least thats what he has already told my hubbie.I can remember as a child sitting around a pot-bellied wood store in a small office while my daddy dumped truck loads of corn in a grinder there to be ground and mixed into feed for our livestock,I'm not sure how many generations of this family have ran this feed store but I have dealt with 2. I know as a 2nd generation farmer of the farm land where we live it is getting harder and harder to keep any kind of farming going in this community where farm land is being developed more and more.
I dropped hubbie and g-son off back at home and went to deliver some cakes.
When I returned g-son and I played outside while hubbie helped #1 son take his dump truck to the shop to get it worked on,then they went to check out stuff at a shriner auction that is in the morning.
We fixed spaghetti and rolls and #1 son,daughter-in-love and g-son ate with us.Daughter-in-love made some improvements on my computer,thank you,this is so much faster.
They went home and we fed animals and went to finish cleaning church.It doesn't take as long on Fridays,as we drove home I wished I had my camera with me because of the beautiful sunset.
I started icing my cakes when I got home,then wrapped everything that I could and packaged an avon order to ship to a customer in Florida tomorrow.
This has been another partly sunny hot day but tonight the wind started blowing and cooled it down quite a bit.High today was 82 with no rain in site ,we really need some rain on the garden.
Good night and God bless.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Market day comes early,I have to cut and wrap some of the cakes I iced last night ,then load everything in my van,off I go. When I get there customers are waiting and its hard to unload and wait on customers at the same time but I finally get set up.
There is no air conditioning in the market and it is hot in here today,we have fans and that helps some.Our neighbor who has an apple and produce farm just up the road from our farm has the booth beside me so there is good conversation between customers because she likes to talk as much as I do.
When I left market I ran all my in town errands as this is the only day I usually come to town so banking,p.o.,groceries,etc.are all on my list before I head home,I even have a couple avon deliveries to make.
I make it home about 4:30 ,hubbie is already here and helps me unload.If you could see my van when I come home on market days you'd know why I have to have a van,it is usually packed full. I always pick up my baking supplies for the next market day on my way home,plus regular groceries and anything else we need.
We take a break and watch the news at 5:00,I have a bowl of chicken/dumpling soup and some crackers,hubbie has a tomato sandwich,we have fresh peaches for dessert.One of the venders gave me a 1/2 basket of bruised peaches he couldn't sell today,we'll eat some and I'll peel the rest and put them in the fridge for tomorrow.They are yummy!
I took a short walk while we fed the animals and then it was off to clean the church. I love taking care of one of God's houses,there is such a peaceful feeling alone in the sanctuary it makes me feel even closer to Our Maker.Hubbie comes and vaccums while I do everything else,we'll go back tomorrow night and clean the office area.
Came home about 9:45 and iced 6 caramel cakes,cut and wrapped them for orders. I am tired tonight and looking forward to bath and bed more than usual.I always call Thursday,Friday,Saturday my "kick butt"days especially in this hot weather it just seems to sap my energy but when I stamped my avon books with Aug.8 last night it dawned on me how close summer's end is,so pretty soon I'll be complaining about the cold weather,oh well!!!!!!!!! sleep tight and GOD BLESS.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Got in bed at 1:30 this morning so I slept in until 8:30,it made the animals appreciate me even more when I showed up.Busy day today starting off with laundry and more housework,I had to stop and say thank you Lord while I was hanging out towels because I thought of a news story I heard this week about a lady being sued by her neighbor because she hangs her laundry outside to dry to save energy.The neighbor said it was keeping her from selling her house,because no one wanted to look at someone else's laundry.So I am thankful that I can hang out whatever I want and no one can even see it from their house.Don't get me wrong I do have a clothes dryer and all I hang out are towels,sheets,quilts,rugs,etc. things that take a long time to dry,Ilove the smell of line dryed things.I dry our clothes in the dryer because I think when you have to plug in the iron you defeat the energy saving purchase not to memtion the time involved.

I also got some more sewing done between 4 loads of laundry.I finished 5 towel aprons and 1 bib apron made from an old pair of jeans.The towel aprons are made by cutting a bath towel in half and adding a waist band and pocket.I still have some more things cut out maybe I can get to those Friday while g-son plays and watches tv sometimes I set up a portable sewing machine in my living room and sew,he also likes to help hold material as it comes through the machine.

After lunch I payed some bills errrrr....and looked over road signs as I have a 3:30 appointment to have my drivers license renewed.

Wow!! I can't remember who told me to call and ask for an appointment to renew my license but I need to thank them,I walked through a FULL waiting room and got my license in less than 15 minutes,however if dirty looks could kill I wouldn't be here now.

I picked up my avon order at a friends house near town that is a drop off point for avon deliveries,ran a couple errands and was home by 4:30. I needed to ice a caramel cake early for my daughters little sister,its her birthday and she loves my caramel cakes.My daughter has been involved with the big brother/big sister program since she was 21. This little sister has been the most special, she has had her for 1 year ,Kate is turning 15 which is to old for the program but because her mother is handicapped and she wouldn't get to do alot of things other girls do they let her in.She is a sweetheart and has spent alot of time here on our little farm and loves it.HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATE!!!!!
After hubbie and I ate supper of hamburger and grilled yellow squash I watered my potted plants and then took a short walk because I needed to get started on my cakes. I iced 12 more caramels for a total of 18(I cook icing for 6 at a time),4 coconut cakes,3 yellow cakes with chocolate icing,3 chocolate cakes with chocolate icing,1 chocolate cake with whipped cream icing,I wrapped and labeled these to fill my orders and to sell tomorrow at market along with my pound cakes and wine cakes. It has been a mostly cloudy,humid,hot 85 day today . Its off to bed I go a little earlier tonight anyway,GOD BLESS!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Woke to a beautiful day.I have a sewing shop outside my house where I keep all my cloth and commercial sewing machine among other things as it has become a catch all for things I don't seem to have a place for anywhere else.There is no air conditioner in there so when I sew I do it in the early morning before it heats up or my back starts hurting which ever comes first.I used to home sew for a business here in town when my kids were in school and I could sew for hours without stopping but that was 20 years ago,ughhhhh this aging thing I don't care so much for it. Today I needed to make some aprons and bonnets to sell in my booth at the market,but I had to spend 30 minutes clearing my cutting table.So I got everything cut out but only 1 apron finished before it got to hot,oh well there is always another day that is part of the beauty of running your own business,no deadlines.After lunch I did housework waiting for it to cool down so I could work in the garden,my thermometer says 88 that is hot in these here mountains. When I went outside I cut some Lunaria (commonly known as money plant) I'll make a picture later so you can see what I'm talking about,anyway I dry it and sell it at the market.There is so much of it this year I am going to have to find another place to hang some to dry.On my walk this evening I saw a baby bird just learning to fly I hope he gets better at it before dark when the coyotes,raccoons,and foxes come looking for a meal.Tonight I have 70 cake layers to make ,that will make 35 cakes that I will put together and ice in the next 2 days.Going to be a late night it is 12:10 and I still have an hour of baking to go.Good night and GOD bless.

Monday, July 13, 2009


Up and out early this morning to feed the animals,hubbie leaves at 5:30 to be at work at 6:00,so mornings are all mine.After a quick bowl of cereal and hot cup of green tea I was off to collect for some avon orders that I delivered last week,also picked up some more orders for this campaign.Came home to meet up with my daughter-in-love to pick my g-son up for the day.It rained 1/2"last night so we had to play inside until the grass and mud dry up some.I sent in my avon order and had a customer come by to pick up some products she had ordered before.After lunch it was outside we go

there is just something about little boys and sticks ,this little one is wonderfully curious about everything.He also likes green tractors, guess he gets that from his pawpaw.

This looks like serious farming decisions are being made here.Wouldn't you like to know! It has been a beautiful afternoon here today and we have made the most of it. After g-son went home I went walking for about an hour,checking all the fences and waterers,and just enjoying the love of God and enjoying all that he has given us.After a light supper of left-overs from lunch yesterday I baked 7 pound cakes and 5 wine cakes to sell.It is 11:30 now and I am waiting to get the last ones out of the oven before my bath and bed.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

We went to church this morning,hubbie is a valet car parker so we always go a little early,when I go in the sanctuary I am usually one of the first there.After church every Sunday we fix a big lunch for all the kids and my father-in-law ,we lost mother-in-law this past March so we try to include him in what we do when we can he is 83 and is still in pretty good health.My daughter and her boyfriend always go pick him up while we fix lunch.Today we had roast (cooked all night in the crock-pot), new potatoes ,green beans,fried squash,sliced cucumbers and tomatoes (all fresh from our garden) and we microwaved some corn on the cob that I bought at a local farmers market,we always have that good ole southern sweet tea to drink. #2 son lives alone and is looking for a dog so after lunch daughter,her boyfriend,daughter-in-law,and me went with him to a local animal shelter to look at a golden doodle that a friend of mine who is involved with this shelter told me about. I was in love with the dog but he didn't like her so unfortunately we came home without her. #1 son and wife were working on their newly purchased pop-up camper up at his equipment shed which used to be our hay shed.He doesn't have room at his house for all his grading equipment so we let him use one of our sheds as we don't cut hay anymore. We had a visit from the local fire department looking for a run-away girl but they looked around and didn't find any sign of her in any of our barns and out buildings.I think she may have been on a scooter with a man that had ran out of gas in our drive earlier today and #2 son gave him some gas to help him out.Sounded like the missing girl looked like the girl that was with that man.#1 son and wife took their camper to their house to clean it up,daughter and boyfriend went with them to play with g-son in his little pool while they worked, hubbie took his dad home,#2 son mowed his lawn,I walked with my dogs,we usually walk all around our pastures but it looked like it was going to rain any minute and I heard thunder in the distance so we walked close to the house around the garden.Hubbie came home and we ate some watermelon, we usually don't eat supper on Sunday because of the large lunch we eat.I fed my outside dogs and my inside fish,I have a goldfish and a black molly in an aquarium and a beta fish in a bamboo bowl.I love all animals,our back yard is filled with bird feeders and squirrel feeders,I have been watching a white squirrel come to my feeders lately, it is beautiful.I stay in awe at what detail God put into his creatures.Tonight is my avon order night,the order has to be in by noon tomorrow,so I write up my orders tonight and enter them on my website but I wait to see if I get any late orders in the morning before I send it in. Well avons done and it is late 11:45,it never did rain but it is expected tonight,it is really humid outside and cloudy,temps in mid 80's today.