Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Woke to a beautiful day.I have a sewing shop outside my house where I keep all my cloth and commercial sewing machine among other things as it has become a catch all for things I don't seem to have a place for anywhere else.There is no air conditioner in there so when I sew I do it in the early morning before it heats up or my back starts hurting which ever comes first.I used to home sew for a business here in town when my kids were in school and I could sew for hours without stopping but that was 20 years ago,ughhhhh this aging thing I don't care so much for it. Today I needed to make some aprons and bonnets to sell in my booth at the market,but I had to spend 30 minutes clearing my cutting table.So I got everything cut out but only 1 apron finished before it got to hot,oh well there is always another day that is part of the beauty of running your own business,no deadlines.After lunch I did housework waiting for it to cool down so I could work in the garden,my thermometer says 88 that is hot in these here mountains. When I went outside I cut some Lunaria (commonly known as money plant) I'll make a picture later so you can see what I'm talking about,anyway I dry it and sell it at the market.There is so much of it this year I am going to have to find another place to hang some to dry.On my walk this evening I saw a baby bird just learning to fly I hope he gets better at it before dark when the coyotes,raccoons,and foxes come looking for a meal.Tonight I have 70 cake layers to make ,that will make 35 cakes that I will put together and ice in the next 2 days.Going to be a late night it is 12:10 and I still have an hour of baking to go.Good night and GOD bless.

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Claudia said...

Goodness how do you find time and energy to do all this?? I need some guidance here, I only work from 8 to 5, have one son (another one on the way) and I can barely make it somedays, I don't bake 70 cakes, I don't have a garden, I don't sew (I do have a sewing machine and I've done a few things for my house), I only have 1 dog ... how do you do it all?

(I'm enjoying your blog!)