Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Got shook awake by rumbling thunder at 3 am this morning,got up and unplugged our tv and computer since we live on top of a hill we get lightening strikes quite often.Years ago it actually struck our house,and it used to kill our tv every time it stormed when we had an outside antenna.I had trouble going back to sleep during the storm luckily it didn't last long and there was only 1/2" rain in the gauge this morning and that included yesterday's rain.
Slept in a little today but was starting laundry at 9:30,I worked on some aprons in my shop this morning between 3 loads of laundry before the sun came out and it got too hot in there.
After lunch I did housework all afternoon and payed some bills.It has turned out to be a pretty day but I am keeping an eye on the sky as I have towels hanging out to dry.
Hubbie went to help #1 son move his hen house into place when he got home from work.Memaw(other g-ma) called and dropped g-son off because d-in-love is working late.I gathered my towels in and started supper,#1 son is going to eat here when he picks up g-son.It started storming again and rained hard about 6/10" in a few minutes before it slacked off and is just sprinkling now,but we are suppose to get rain tonight and tomorrow.
#1 son and g-son went home and hubbie and I cleaned the kitchen and waited for daughter and b-friend,they are coming over after they have been looking at houses.When they got here she fixed them a late supper of smoked trout ravioli and salad,I tasted the ravioli and it was delicious,she bought it at the tailgate market last Saturday from a local trout farmer.We had a nice chat with them while they ate,we haven't seen much of them all last week so it was nice to catch up.
I started baking my layers tonight I have 58 to bake and I got a late start oh well won't be the first late night I've had lately.Daughter is taking her jeep to the shop in the morning to have a vibration in her front tire checked,if they have to keep it I will go get her and let her take my van to work.It is midnight now and I have more baking to do,I will take my bath while my last run is in the ovens so I can get to bed by 1:00. Praising GOD for all my blessing today and everyday,I never complain about all I have to do I just thank GOD I'm able to do all I have to do. GOD BLESS an Good night.

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