Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Up and out early today, it didn't rain last night so I need to do some watering before I hit my avon route.My herbs are in large pots so I have to water them because their roots are limited to where they can search for water.I have some creative pots as you can see...Anything goes from tires ,to light covers to recycle bins ,some regular pots too.I grow several mints-peppermint,spearmint,apple mint,curly-mint,grapefruit mint along with chives,oregano,thyme and basil.I sell mostly basil and use the rest, but sometimes I get an order for the others.
After watering I went to run my avon route it takes about 3 hours to take orders and drop off books to all my customers,I do my in town stops after market on Thursday.I came home and ate a salad for lunch I was hungry as I just grabbed a cereal bar on my way out this morning.
I decided to do some laundry today because I think g-son is coming tomorrow as other g-ma has to work this week on Wednesday.Between 3 loads of laundry I went outside and cut more money plant to sell at market.....I have to strip off the brown shells and it leaves a beautiful white coin shape as you can see from the shells that I shook off and they will stay that way forever,I sell alot for dried arrangements.I added these bunches to the ones I cut the other day in a garden shed to wait until I need more at market,I usually shuck the shells off while I'm out there.
I watered herbs again as it doesn't look like rain tonight,hubbie watered some new squash and cucumber plants that have just came up.We catch rain water off our barn in huge basins and use this in the garden,we have a pump when we need to water the whole garden but today we are just carrying buckets.
We came in the house and had baked chicken,baked potatoes,fried squash,corn for supper,we usually don't eat this much but neither of us has eaten very much today.#1 son,d-in-love and g-son came over and set up and worked on their camper,they are getting ready to make their first camping trip next weekend.
I took a long walk again tonight the temperature hasn't gotten above 80 for several days and it feels really good in the evenings almost like fall which unbelievably isn't far away.
I stated baking cake layers I have 60 to bake tonight,it is 12:00 and I just put the last batch in the oven,I should be in bed by 1:00. Sleep Tight and May GOD BLESS.

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Claudia said...

Fall is my favorite time of the year and Sat. while I went to Main St. with a dear friend of mine who came to visit I could feel that "chill" in the air that Fall is approaching, love that feeling!

I love mint tea, may be I need to stop by your house and buy some mint from you. Had a peppermint ice cream Sunday night ... he he.

Love all your pots and herbs!