Monday, July 27, 2009


Had nursery duty at church this morning,hubbie and I have been volunteering to take care of the kids once a quarter for many years.We are blessed with enough volunteers in our church so we all just have one Sunday a quarter.We had to have some help today as we had 8 little ones age 2 and under so 2 other ladies came in,the kids acted like they had fun after we all got settled down.
After church we fixed lunch, we were missing daughter and b-friend today as they were hiking with one of b-friends friends who came to visit.We had bacon crusted pork loin,corn on the cob,green beans,stuffed zucchini squash,boiled potatoes,yeast rolls and iced tea with blackberry cobbler for dessert. After lunch I put the rest of the blackberries in the freezer,they are really good.
We went outside to play,I could not believe Bernie was riding in g-son's wagon,what a good dog...

Then g-son got his turn in the wagon,go paw-paw.While we played #1 son was fixing his mailbox that someone smashed with a rock last night and #2 son was mowing his lawn. #1 son and daughter-in-love closed their camper down because it is getting cloudy and might rain,then they left with g-son.
Hubbie took his dad home,#2 son had went and picked him up this morning as daughter wasn't here,they are always helpful with him. I did some watering while he was gone in case it doesn't rain.
Hubbie is a race fan so when he got back he watched a race on TV and I took a walk I passed an old maple tree in our pasture that is dying and I thought what stories that old tree could tell if it could talk,back in the 1940's and 50's the pond that is next to it was a local swimming hole and once in a storm the swimmers ran under it to get out of the rain and lightening struck the tree and killed the swimmers,that would be a sad memory.That old tree has withstood many torrential floods as it is in the bottom flood plain,it is only about half alive now there are huge holes in its trunk,it will be sad to see it fall... I checked our fences and waterhole as some of the cattle came for a drink while I was there.

When I got back to the house #2 son and hubbie were in the bathroom giving each other haircuts,they always do this and they do a very good job as both of them keep their hair short.We ate some watermelon and son left to go home.
I started working on my avon order so it will be ready to send off in the morning.Time has caught up with me tonight so I'm headed to bed. GOD BLESS and good night.

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Claudia said...

Thank you for taking care of my boy yesterday (Sunday) morning. He enjoyed playing with Wes' grandma :0)