Monday, July 27, 2009


Out this morning to feed and let dogs out,had regular breakfast of cereal and hot green tea.Decided to work in my shop until g-son gets here,so I cut out some jean aprons and little jean bags,before g-son got here.After I got him something to eat I finished my avon order and sent it in,I do all my orders online now as it is so much easier and I have extra days to sell.
It is already hot outside today so we are playing in his playroom for awhile.
After lunch of yesterday's leftovers I took g-son to a local elementary school playground to let him slide because it has gotten cloudy and cooler.He had a ball until it started raining and we headed home,it was raining at our house too so we had a snack and settled down for a rainy afternoon.This is what is known as the dog days of summer around here and it is amazing how fast the weather can change,but I am glad to see the rain on my garden and the pastures.Speaking of dog days this was taken only a couple hours ago,Sadie and Dollie were enjoying the warm sunshine together on our back porch.
We dodged 1 storm but another is forming and looks to be headed this way.Missed that 1 too,when hubbie got home him and g-son played with some new put together animals I bought Friday at a garage sale,g-son was laughing so hard he was so funny.Mom came and picked him up about 6:00,then I went outside to help #1 son find something to put in a chicken house he is building for the hens to lay eggs in.I was walking back to the house and saw hubbie feeding his quails,these birds must hold the live longest record.I can't even remember when we got them but they were day old chicks and he has raised them for many years,they are a pair and the hen used to lay bunches of eggs but she would never set on them like we hoped she would,so it has always been just the 2 of them.They act like they are very happy,they chirp and answer each other and other birds,there are hardly any wild quail around here,that was our intention when we got these that they would raise little ones and we could turn them loose.
I went on my walk after a very light supper,but didn't walk long as it is so humid it is almost smothering outside.Daughter came in after shopping for gold shoes she needs for a wedding she is in Saturday (nothing like waiting till the last minute) but she didn't find anything.I was baking cakes and watching the last episode of the "Bachelorette",I made 2 granny pound,1 7-up pound,2 peach wine, 2 blackberry wine,1 chocolate sour cream pound and she choose Ed (mistake),ha ha!!!!! I'm glad I don't watch much TV.
It looks to be an early night tonight it is 10:50 and my baking is finished.
In closing I would like to say a prayer for a family I've been keeping up with on her blog,they live in Minnesota and have 4 young children 4 and under the youngest of which has a serious heart condition and is suffering greatly right now,her blog name is .All of us Jesus Followers know that God has a plan for every life that is brought into this world,but in our humble humanness that doesn't ease the pain and suffering on our part when our children are in pain or when He chooses to call them home earlier than we think is right and it never ends no matter how old the children get,I can't even imagine what this couple is going through right now but I do know if they will hold fast in their faith and love of Jesus Christ He will walk with them through whatever happens because He will never bring us to anything He won't help us through,so my prayers go up to Minnesota tonight,God be with you.Good night.


Claudia said...

Oh my heart is so heavy for Stellan and his sweet family, I can not bare the thought of going through something like that. I've been praying too, he's such a little baby and has gone through so much, but like you say God is the ONLY ONE who can help us get through something as terrible as that.

Amy said...

I'm praying for sweet little Stellan too. He's been through so much at the tender age of 9 months.

Thanks for helping out with my chicken adventures! I'm really excited to start my own little farm. Haha!