Friday, July 17, 2009


Woke to a ringing phone this morning with cake orders coming in. Hubbie is off today as he works 4 10hour days ,he had already taken care of the animals except the fish,g-son is coming today so we were making some plans for this afternoon after I'm finished baking. When he got here hubbie played with him while I baked 36 cake layers,a 7-up pound cake,fresh peach coffee cake.While these were in the ovens I went outside and picked some fresh blackberries from my vines for fresh blackberry bread,they are just starting to get ripe so I got enough for 1 loaf.
I fixed lunch of chicken pasta and salad,after we ate we were off to check out the new Tractor Supply store that just opened in our county.G-son thought these tire swings were just right for him,maybe birthday or Christmas.It was a productive shopping trip,we found good prices on several things we use,unfortunately this will probably put the small family owned feed store that generations of farmers have shopped at in our community out of business, at least thats what he has already told my hubbie.I can remember as a child sitting around a pot-bellied wood store in a small office while my daddy dumped truck loads of corn in a grinder there to be ground and mixed into feed for our livestock,I'm not sure how many generations of this family have ran this feed store but I have dealt with 2. I know as a 2nd generation farmer of the farm land where we live it is getting harder and harder to keep any kind of farming going in this community where farm land is being developed more and more.
I dropped hubbie and g-son off back at home and went to deliver some cakes.
When I returned g-son and I played outside while hubbie helped #1 son take his dump truck to the shop to get it worked on,then they went to check out stuff at a shriner auction that is in the morning.
We fixed spaghetti and rolls and #1 son,daughter-in-love and g-son ate with us.Daughter-in-love made some improvements on my computer,thank you,this is so much faster.
They went home and we fed animals and went to finish cleaning church.It doesn't take as long on Fridays,as we drove home I wished I had my camera with me because of the beautiful sunset.
I started icing my cakes when I got home,then wrapped everything that I could and packaged an avon order to ship to a customer in Florida tomorrow.
This has been another partly sunny hot day but tonight the wind started blowing and cooled it down quite a bit.High today was 82 with no rain in site ,we really need some rain on the garden.
Good night and God bless.

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