Sunday, July 12, 2009

We went to church this morning,hubbie is a valet car parker so we always go a little early,when I go in the sanctuary I am usually one of the first there.After church every Sunday we fix a big lunch for all the kids and my father-in-law ,we lost mother-in-law this past March so we try to include him in what we do when we can he is 83 and is still in pretty good health.My daughter and her boyfriend always go pick him up while we fix lunch.Today we had roast (cooked all night in the crock-pot), new potatoes ,green beans,fried squash,sliced cucumbers and tomatoes (all fresh from our garden) and we microwaved some corn on the cob that I bought at a local farmers market,we always have that good ole southern sweet tea to drink. #2 son lives alone and is looking for a dog so after lunch daughter,her boyfriend,daughter-in-law,and me went with him to a local animal shelter to look at a golden doodle that a friend of mine who is involved with this shelter told me about. I was in love with the dog but he didn't like her so unfortunately we came home without her. #1 son and wife were working on their newly purchased pop-up camper up at his equipment shed which used to be our hay shed.He doesn't have room at his house for all his grading equipment so we let him use one of our sheds as we don't cut hay anymore. We had a visit from the local fire department looking for a run-away girl but they looked around and didn't find any sign of her in any of our barns and out buildings.I think she may have been on a scooter with a man that had ran out of gas in our drive earlier today and #2 son gave him some gas to help him out.Sounded like the missing girl looked like the girl that was with that man.#1 son and wife took their camper to their house to clean it up,daughter and boyfriend went with them to play with g-son in his little pool while they worked, hubbie took his dad home,#2 son mowed his lawn,I walked with my dogs,we usually walk all around our pastures but it looked like it was going to rain any minute and I heard thunder in the distance so we walked close to the house around the garden.Hubbie came home and we ate some watermelon, we usually don't eat supper on Sunday because of the large lunch we eat.I fed my outside dogs and my inside fish,I have a goldfish and a black molly in an aquarium and a beta fish in a bamboo bowl.I love all animals,our back yard is filled with bird feeders and squirrel feeders,I have been watching a white squirrel come to my feeders lately, it is beautiful.I stay in awe at what detail God put into his creatures.Tonight is my avon order night,the order has to be in by noon tomorrow,so I write up my orders tonight and enter them on my website but I wait to see if I get any late orders in the morning before I send it in. Well avons done and it is late 11:45,it never did rain but it is expected tonight,it is really humid outside and cloudy,temps in mid 80's today.

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Amy said...

I love all of your animals. Do you realize that you have 13 in all (counting the beagles and birds in the cage and white squirrel)!? Counting my fish, frogs and hermit crabs I have 13 too. It's a lucky #!