Monday, July 20, 2009


Up and out early this morning, need to make 2 avon deliveries before g-son gets here.One to a local realtor and she gave me info on another property for daughters b-friend to look at although she's not working with him she's just nice like that.
G-son has been playing inside and outside today as it is a pretty day not too hot and not too sunny.
I am always amazed at such detail in nature,I always wonder where God got His ideas for each different thing and at the distinctly different beauty in all His creations.I love taking pictures and looking at them especially in the winter when there isn't alot of color in the landscape,these are
some I took today while g-son played ouside.
And here is g-son looking at the world through his "nockulars"...I wonder what the world looks like through his eyes???????? We played outside until he went to the door to come inside,he was tired.After a drink and snack he camped out in the recliner in front of Gabba-Gabba cartoons,so I set up the ole sewing machine and stitched up a friends top for her as she has lost a bunch of weight,good for her,then I made 2 bonnets and 2 full old time aprons.

I finished sewing about the time hubbie came in from work and g-son jumped up from his rest with energy renewed.He and his pawpaw played with his remote control track hoe like his daddy has until his dad came in and started playing with the track hoe,I guess they never grow out of remote control vehicles.His mom came in shortly after to look at their camper that #1 son had done some painting on,she showed me a neat site on here to edit my pictures on,it was really great.
After they went home we had tomato sandwiches for supper and went outside to do some gardening,I need to water but it is suppose to rain tonight so I'll wait on that because it looks like it might start raining any minute.I took a short walk around the upper pasture and garden so I wouldn't get caught in the rain if it came.
I have 2 granny pound,1 7-up pound,2 peach wine,2 blackberry wine,1 chocolate sour cream pound cakes to make tonight and I half watched,half listened to the" Bachelorette" while I was baking,it was the recap show (what a crock!!!!).Daughter called and said b-friend thought he might need to switch real estate agents,yeah I definitely agree,I told her to call a friend of mine that I know will really help him.I hope he decides to switch.
It is 11:00 and I am waiting to take my last cakes out of the oven,then it will be bath and off to bed for another early start in the morning. Good night and GOD BLESS.

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