Thursday, July 30, 2009


Dang,I overslept,I hate to have to hurry early in the morning.I got everything cut,wrapped and loaded and only 15 minutes later than usual.I love my van it is like a truck only better because it hauls like a truck but is all
inside,I have 2 seats I can put back in if I need to haul people.
I had several people waiting on me this morning when I got there,so it took an hour to get set up but at least it's a way better day than last Thursday.We have a new seller who is making sandwiches from homemade chicken salad,I had 1 for lunch and it was good.We also have another new seller who sells cookies and pies and some of the old sellers are not happy about that.I just leave my business up to God and I don't worry about it,if it ever gets to where I don't sell my cakes then that means I need to be doing something else.I stayed steadily busy all day and sold a lot of crafts,including 1 of yesterday's aprons already.
When I left market I made 3 avon deliveries and ran my regular bank,p.o.,grocery store errands.I made it home by 4:30,hubbie was already here and we unloaded everything.We sat down to watch the news and heard #1 son and g-son come in the back door,they came to get some stuff for their camping trip tomorrow,they were waiting on d-in-love to get back from church where she is preparing for Bible School next week.G-son got tired and he stayed with us while his mom and dad went after groceries and camping supplies.He took a long bath,he loves to play in the water,I just thought while we were watching him in the tub it just doesn't seem like it has been that long since it was his dad in that tub playing,WOW!! they grow up fast.
I iced 12 caramel cakes while he watched TV with his pawpaw.
His dad came after him about 10;15 and he was almost asleep.We decided to clean church in the morning as everyone was decorating for Bible School tonight,I am tired out anyway and so is hubbie from getting up at 5:00 in the morning all week.Tonight is going to be an extra early to bed night, it is just now 11:00 and I hear my peppermint bubble bath calling my name.God Bless and good night.

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Claudia said...

d-in-love was helping me and I know it took longer than what we expected, sorry "son#1" but she did such a great job cutting and painting a tree from cardboard. :)

I can't wait to have your cake this weekend.

What time do you normally get to the market?