Saturday, August 1, 2009


As my day started I knew this Friday would not be anything like the easy Friday last week, but that's the unpredictability of my business.So let's get started,hubbie is off today thankfully,we went up to church first thing this morning to do the cleaning we didn't do last night,came home and I started baking cakes,made 12 caramels,6 chocolates, 2 coconuts, 3 granny pound, 1 7-up pound, 2 blackberry wine, 2 fresh blackberry breads with the fresh blackberries hubbie picked for me from our vines,(thanks hun) I finished all these about 3:20,just in time to meet the well inspector.
She measured and told us where we can put our well but suggested we have our house re-plumbed before we drill a new well because the added pressure will burst our old copper lines.Why is it that nothing is ever simple.Anyway like I said she is an old friend and we had a nice 1 1/2 hour visit,she told me about a job daughter might be interested in that sure pays better than the one she has now,it was fun catching up on old times with her.
I ate a light supper while hubbie napped in the recliner,then we went back to church to do our regular Friday cleaning,on the way home we stopped by to look at a house that is for sale for daughter's b-friend,nice house but narrow road to get to it.
At home I walked and praised the Lord for everything I got done today,He is a wonderful Friend.
I iced all the above layer cakes, cut and wrapped all but the chocolate and coconut.Got calls from d-in-love and daughter,d-in-love and family are having a wonderful time on their camping trip,she said it rained all the way there then stopped and has been nice all afternoon,daughter was headed back into town from spending the day helping one of her college friends set up her wedding for tomorrow,she is one of the bridesmaids.It is an outside affair so pray for no rain.
It has been a day of all kinds of weather, started out raining,then cloudy and breezy,then misty rain,then clear and sunny,temperature around 80.
It is 12:30,I'm headed for bath and bed. May you have a blessed God filled weekend,good night

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