Monday, August 31, 2009


Slept sooo good last night listening to the gentle rain and felt so rested this morning and ready to face the day. Left to run my Avon route early, just as well drillers were getting here.At my very first stop they forgot money so I'll have to go back tomorrow,bummer. The rest of the route went without a hitch,stopped by sister-in-laws to pick up some things she had picked up for g-son.I made it home about 12:30, g-son and hubbie were having lunch,well drillers were also gone to lunch,they have about 2 gallons per min.and are at 165ft,not what we had hoped for but at least we have water.I had a tomato sandwich for lunch and some salsa and chips.When drillers came back the water wasn't as high as he had hoped so he recommended we go to 200ft to see if we could get more water and even if we don't we'll have about 150ft of reservoir and we should never have a problem (there's those famous words again).Anyway we have a 200ft well and now have about
2 1/4 gallons per minute.One good thing is after 60ft they hit solid rock so only 60ft has casing and cost $13.50 the rest of the way only cost $8.50 per foot.#2 son said when he woke up this morning he couldn't figure out what was shaking his house.He is quite a way from the drilling site but they said the rock was so hard is why he felt it.They left and will come back tomorrow with the well inspector and finish.We discovered it's a small world in talking to him and found out he went to school with hubbie's brother and they always eat lunch where d-in-love started working and he knows sister-in-law.We're glad we choose him to drill.
Hubbie went to bush hog in the pastures and g-son took a nap so I did 3 loads of laundry,AHHHHHH the sting of normalcy!!!!!!!
An Avon customer came by to pick up her order and #1 son came in to get g-son.
I took a long walk tonight and almost needed a jacket, wow it is cool.The pastures look so good after hubbie mowed them today.
We had left overs for supper,then fed the animals and put the dogs up. Hubbie sprayed under the porches again to keep the fleas away while I cleaned up the kitchen and got ready to bake cakes.I baked 2 granny pounds,1 7-up pound,3 blackberry wine cakes,I'm blogging while they are in the ovens.One of today's wildflowers is another very dangerous one this is JIMSON WEED commonly known as LOCOWEED, also called stink weed, and thornapple. Every part of this plant is poison! It smells so bad livestock tend to stay away,but many young people die every year from experimenting with this hallucinogen.It has a large spined seed pod that carries thousands of seeds.On the flip side this plant is totally edible,the EVENING PRIMROSE has lemon scented leaves and very sweet perfumed blossoms that attract pollinating moths.It only blooms in the evening thus the name.It grows very tall and the seeds are crushed to make Evening Primrose Oil or they can be eaten as substitutes for flax seeds.This is a pic of the neighbor's field,it is full of primroses but you have to wait until almost dark to get them in bloom,they sure smell sweet.
My timer just went off on the ovens,it is 11:00 and I am tired tonight,it isn't raining tonight but it is really cool and what I call good sleeping weather.Have to get up early tomorrow to collect at the one Avon stop,then hopefully home to do some much needed house cleaning. God is good all the time,all the time God is good. Good Night.

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