Thursday, August 13, 2009


Yessss!!! Alarm went off 30 minutes early and I actually heard it,good start to a busy day.After everything was ready and the van loaded I was 20 minutes earlier than usual just as hoped so I headed to my early Avon delivery,this is a place where all spanish speaking people work and we have a plan we follow to communicate,I deliver their orders on Thursday (they don't work on Friday) and give them a chance to see how much money they owe me then I go back Monday or Tuesday and collect for their orders at their morning break time.
There is an old saying that for every foggy morning in August their will be a snow in winter,well mark 1 snow down for this winter as I took this picture on my way out this morning.Market was pretty busy today and I packaged some dry basil to sell and crocheted tops on 3 towels between customers. Two Avon customer came after their orders.As I was leaving a neighbor who sells sunflowers gave me a bunch he didn't sell,they are so pretty I just had to share.I love sun flowers they just seem to brighten a room and they make you smile everytime you are near them,at least they do that for me.I hope he has some more Saturday and I will get some for church Sunday.
I had extra errands today after market and didn't get home until after 4:30,hubbie was here to help me unload and get everything put away.He ate supper but I have had an upset stomach all day and just not wanted anything to eat.I laid down on the couch to watch the news as it is starting to sprinkle rain again.I woke up an hour later starving,I guess what ever has been wrong with my stomach went away during my nap,Thanks Lord.I ate a salad and some leftover rice daughter had made last night and the last biscuit with more jam,yummm.Okay that feels so much better,it never really rained much but the grass is wet so I think I'll pass on my daily walk and go clean church a little early.
Hubbie's vacuum handle broke but he taped it to finish tonight and will try to glue it when we get home.
At home hubbie is getting ready for bed and as soon as I finish this I'm headed that way, I hope my little afternoon nap doesn't mess up my night sleep like it usually does.Well wonder what tomorrow will bring, it's always exciting to wake up to another day of serving our Lord and see what blessings He has in His plans for me.Good Night.

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