Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Out early today on the Avon trail as I call it.I made Avon stops until I got near where I was to make a cake delivery but I couldn't get hold of the lady who ordered the cakes,while I killed some time trying to call her I stopped and bought some salsalito turkey breast from a boars head place,I bought a drink so I could use the ice to keep the meat cool while I finished my route.I always carry a cooler bag in my van for just such things.I finished my route with only 1 lady not home. And the cake lady finally called and she will come to the house and pick up her order.
After lunch of a turkey breast sandwich and tomato I did paperwork that I'm behind on,got some done but I'm still not caught up with end of the month figures on my business.
I sat outside and relaxed for a little while and just listened to the birds and other nature sounds,I can really relax this way when I am all alone and everything is quite.It is getting really cloudy,it has been hot today 87 so I think we are going to get a storm.
Sure enough about the time hubbie came home from work it rained and stormed,we seemed to be on the edge of the bad stuff thank goodness.We just sat and listened to the thunder as it passed over.
I got ready for Bible school and g-son and I were off,he sang all the way there.We got a nice surprise tonight as daughter (aunt T to g-son) came to help,g-son's best friend adopted her.She is great with all the kids,she has the energy to run and play with them and it came at a time when the rest of us were running out of gas.Thanks aunt T!!!!
It started to rain and storm again while we were outside,so we had to spend alot of time inside doing other things,coloring was a good choice,this looks so serious........
After a snack and more play time we all left and came home.
I started baking layers for my cakes,I made 48 total.It is 12:00
and I am waiting to take the last ones out of the oven,then it will be bath and bed,it's funny how this extra activity is so tiring even though it's not hard and if I was home I'd actually be working harder it's just different and I guess everybody feels it because I heard alot of folks expressing how tired they were tonight and we're only half done.But I'm sure God will give the strength we all need to make this a successful time of Praising Him. Good night and God Bless.

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Claudia said...

Nicolas was so happy last night, wore his mask all the way home and kept asking were was "Wes The Koala Bear" ... he got all excited talking about Tracy, you can tell he's got a little "crush" on her - if there's such a thing on a boy his age.

Thank you for all you are doing for him each night.

My mom's coming tonight so hopefully you'll get to meet her. :)