Sunday, August 2, 2009


Got up late again,maybe my body's trying to tell me something! Ready for church in a flash,great sermon today.
Had lunch of roast beef, potato salad, green beans, corn on the cob,fried squash,yeast rolls and tea,you can sure tell when the garden's in,we make the best out of our fresh produce.We were missing #1 son,d-in-love and g-son today.Father in law didn't look too good to me today and he didn't act quite like he usually does,hope that isn't the sign of something.
After lunch everyone scattered,#2 son went golfing with friends,daughter and b-friend went downstairs to prepare her job application,fa-in-law sat in front of TV, hubbie and I picked green beans for me to can in the morning.
#1 son and family came in later and g-son was asleep, they told us about their trip, sounded like fun.I got g-son up and took him to Bible school, d-in-love will come on up later.G-son had a wonderful time even better than last year.He got really involved in all the activities this year and I just looked at him several times and thought WOW what a difference a year makes,he is just growing up on me.

He left with mom and I came home and put my dogs up and fed my fish,I'm pooped, about the time my energy level catches up the week is over ,we had 6 2-3 year olds,Lord give me energy!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hubbie has been breaking beans while I've been gone. I am helping him finish then I will give my dogs a bath and crash myself. Remember GOD loves you. Good night.

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Amy said...

Since i am not with Wes this year, I love seeing these pictures! Thanks for taking them and giving reports on how it went!