Saturday, August 8, 2009


Up and at it early this morning getting ready for market,we made it there at 9:25,customers were waiting.Hubbie stayed until 11:30 to help me because it was so busy.He left to go get his dad's groceries and check on him.I stayed busy all day,people were really buying today,all my neighbors were selling out and going home.
I left market and had to go to 2 different Ingles stores until I finally found blackberry jello.I went to Harris Teeter to get a Boston Butt to cook for tomorrow's lunch,then to Aldi and Walmart for baking supplies.I had to sit down on a bench in Walmart and take an Avon order a lady insisted on giving me right then.
I delivered an Avon order to a lady who has just got up here from Florida,she is the 1 I ship to all the time.She had to get out of the heat so she has rented a unit for 2 months.
When I got home Hubbie helped me unload and put away everything.We were getting ready to grill some steaks when a cousin I haven't seen in a very long time drove up in the yard,he came in and stayed about 3 hours, as we had a lot to catch up on,he is about 5 years younger than me,his mother died when he was15 and he moved in with us and my parents finished raising him,he didn't leave until 7:45.So no steaks for supper only tomato sandwiches and cheetos as we need to clean church tonight.
Church was surely dirty tonight as you would expect after 150 Bible school attendees all week.We worked mainly on the sanctuary as it was where everyone was and will be tomorrow.
When we got home I sorted through my pictures that I had picked up at Walgeens today on the way home,I have pictures for 7 different people,I'll give them out tomorrow at church.
I haven't even had a chance to read the paper today and am too tired now,I didn't sleep well last night so I'm looking forward to bed tonight.But first I need to wash my hair and wash 1 of my little dogs before going to bed. See you in God's House tomorrow Praising Jesus Christ.

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