Monday, August 17, 2009


Woke to a ringing phone this morning from the plumber I called last week,he is coming over this morning to look at my job.At least I didn't have to call him back, although I did ask my cousin who is his wife's sister in church yesterday if he was sick or something because he hadn't called me back,I'm sure she jarred his memory of my call.Anyway he was here right after I had breakfast and after looking at all the water lines gave me a very good estimate, plus him,his son-in-law and 1 other older man is all who will be in my house.I'm funny like that and didn't want a bunch of who knows whats in my house looking around.I believe in the old saying "you can never be to careful".
Tomatoes,tomatoes and more tomatoes,hubbie told me last night I needed to do something with these because he had to pick more today.So with everything else going on today and g-son here I am just canning this bunch,I can open them later and make something with them if I want to.I canned 7 quarts out of these baskets......I know tomatoes need to be picked again and I think the beans do too, maybe it won't rain this evening and we can get in the garden.
I also sliced up a gallon bag of peaches for the freezer while the tomatoes processed.G-son and I had lunch and a well driller came to give me an estimate on the well,he is $1 a foot higher than another guy who didn't come to look just gave an estimate on the phone,I am going to get 1 more estimate and then we'll decide who does it.It is amazing how different it is now than just a year ago ,people were waiting on a list for 6 months to get wells drilled and now they will come the next day,that's a bad sign for all businesses.
G-son has been an angel through all the activity this morning,he has just been relaxing in front of the TV.....It has turned into a sunny day with temps in the low 80's so we are headed outside for awhile to try to find a not so muddy spot to play.
Well there's no mud in the wagon,and he rode for awhile, then he wanted to pull the dogs around like he has done before but he was going down a hill and fast so they wouldn't stay in the wagon.
So g-son finally decided to ride and steer himself down the hill which worked for a long way until he decided to turn directly into the fence where his legs found the barbwire behind the boards.
He didn't know what was hurting him and started kicking to get it off which made it worse,so both legs got all scratched up and we came inside to wash away the blood which made it look worse than it really was,thank goodness,so I gave him some comfort food (cake and milk) and he settled down and we played in his playroom until pawpaw came home.We all played and had another snack before mommy and aunt T came home from work.After he had a short visit with aunt T mommy took him home.
Hubbie, daughter and I ate leftovers for supper ,#2 son also came in to exchange haircuts with hubbie again and he ate all that was left.
Hubbie picked another basket of tomatoes,daughter wants to make some salsa maybe tomorrow afternoon.
I heard Canadian Geese honking on my walk this evening that's a sure sign fall is on its way.Fall is my favorite time of the year as things kind of slow down and everything snuggles down ready for winter,it just seems as if the world gives a big satisfied sigh,and the beauty of fall in these mountains just can't be beat.
Hubbie and I were going to start cleaning out the basement under the waterlines tonight but daughter has to go back to work at 1:00 am as she is taking the place of the early morning producer and will get off at 8:00 in the morning, so she is sleeping and we can't work down there without making noise so we'll postpone that until tomorrow.I will to talk to another well guy tomorrow afternoon.I have to deliver Avon in the morning.
Hubbie went to bed early and I started baking cakes although I only have 2 granny pound,and 1 blackberry wine to make tonight it seems like I am forgetting something.
Maybe it will be an early bedtime again tonight,as it is 10:40 now and I just took the cakes out of the oven and glazed the wine cake.They are talking on the news about the hurricane out in the Atlantic I hope it misses the coast.It has been a beautiful day today.Thank you God for all your blessings today and forgive me of all my shortcomings.Good Night.


Hi, I'm Amy! said...

'Holy tomatoes'... that title made me laugh! Wes' legs are doing ok, he didn't act like it bothered him at all tonight. I'm so glad that you heard the geese, I am SOOOO ready for fall!!!!

Claudia said...

Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year, is the preparation for so many exciting times.
Halloween, Thanksgiving, My Birthday, Christmas ... and then winter!

Yay for tomatoes ... yum yum