Friday, August 21, 2009


Slept in a bit this morning,hubbie was off and g-son was going to be late,nothing pressing to get done this morning.
While I was having my cereal and hot tea daughter came in,she had been to do the paperwork for her new job,she is so excited,but these next 10 days are going to be tough working 2 jobs.
Hubbie is outside working on our ditches and gutters,it rained another 1/2" last night.I looked at the okra hubbie cut the other day and decided I had better go over to a friends produce stand and buy some more for my okra and tomatoes mixture.I came home with a cabbage,bag of apples,bag of sweet potatoes and the okra,I love fresh produce stands.
G-son came in with his dad who was going to work on a counter top for a customer of his,as it is to wet to do any grading work today. Hubbie came in to play with g-son while I baked my cakes,I made 18 layers, 1 granny pound, 1 7-up pound, 1 peach wine, 1 orange soaked pound and made g-son some brownies.We ate lunch of tomatoes sandwiches,g-son had a pizza roll and brownies.
After lunch I started canning my okra and tomatoes,I had 12 pints,that used up a lot of the tomatoes I had been looking at all week. This was my afternoon scenery......I spent almost the entire afternoon in the kitchen.

This is how hubbie and g-son spent some of their afternoon,I think they had a bit more fun than I did although my back probably feels better than hubbie's tonight...
G-son played himself out finally and fell asleep for a late nap.
I went to the garden to cut basil for market tomorrow and as I came back to the house my cousin Mike drove up,he still can't go back to work after his heart attack and he is looking for something to do.He stayed and had supper with hubbie and I ,daughter-in-love came after g-son and daughter came in after sleeping all day,her week of 3rd shift finally caught up with her.We all chatted a few minutes then Mike left,he said he loves to come here because there is always so much going on and someone always coming and going and everyone is so nice and friendly (yep that's us in a nutshell),then hubbie and I went to clean church.It has looked like rain all afternoon and thundered in the distance but no rain here yet. Spoke to soon, while we were cleaning church the rain started, we drove home in a steady downpour with some thunder and lightening but it didn't last long thank goodness.
I iced 12 caramel cakes, 1 chocolate, 2 coconuts and glazed the orange pound cake,then wrapped what I could tonight.Watched the news and it looks like we are in for more rain tonight.Hubbie is talking to his brother about getting meals-on-wheels set up for their father so he can have more hot meals.This has been a rewarding day and we are so Blessed with our family and our health we never forget to thank God everyday.It is 12:30 am and all is well (do you know where your kids are?) . Good Night.

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