Monday, August 24, 2009


Up early this morning expecting g-son,hubbie is off today,he is back on his regular work schedule as school starts tomorrow.Daughter started her new job this morning and d-in-love started a new part time job early this morning,this could be called a day of new beginnings, we'll pray that they are all good.
After breakfast I got a call from a friend who works at UPS asking if I knew #1 son,they had a package for him to be picked up with an incomplete address.Hubbie and I had a couple more errands that needed to be ran so after I put my Avon order on line we headed to town. We got all but one errand done, we didn't find a rocking chair to replace the one in our living room that broke yesterday.We got g-son a happy meal and headed home.
Our grapes are ripe and the bees are starting to suck them dry so I need to make some grape jelly today.......2 big bowls and still quite a few left on the vines,the Lord has blessed us with a plentiful harvest of all our garden fruits and vegetables this year.The old timers would say this is going to be a very rough winter.
Hubbie helped me get them off the stems and into the pot before he went to mow the lawn.It has taken the grass a long time to dry today because of the heavy dew this morning (another sign of fall).
Making grape jelly is more involved than the jams I usually make,so each step had to be done between the Nena I'm thirsty,Nena I want to watch Tigger and Pooh, Nena I'm hungry,Nena play with me,Nena I want to go outside,etc.,etc.!!!!!!!He acted tired about 2:30 and wanted me to lay down with him,I thought sure he would take a nap and when after 45 minutes I was the one taking the nap , he shook me, bright eyed as ever and said,"Nena I want some drink", I gave the nap idea up.Anyway when I got finished I had 29 half pints of grape jelly for daughter and I to share as she bought the sugar and lids to make it and would have helped if she had time.
Also met with the plumber and the well driller today. #1 son came in about 6:00 while the well man was here and they talked for an hour, he gets his gift of gab from me. After he took g-son home hubbie fed the animals while I checked on the cattle.We grabbed a grape jelly biscuit and took off to Lowes to buy a new dish washer as we need one and since the plumber is going to have it unconnected we thought we'd just put a new one in,bummer they don't have a white one in any of the ones I want, hubbie said just get a black one,I said not unless you want to get a new fridg and stove to go with it (MEN!!!!thats why they don't decorate).Off to Home Depot and bummed again neither do they.SOOOOOOOOO...I won't get a new one now, OH well!!
Came home and finished moving things,hubbie is taking out insulation (oh joy) my basement is a
disaster area,well the ceiling is anyway,hope this goes quickly but it seems nothing is ever simple,just like the plumber discovered today our breaker box is grounded on the copper water line so hubbie has got to find out from the electricians at work tomorrow what to do about that.
I have cakes to bake tonight so I got 2 granny pounds, 1 7-up pound, 2 blackberry wine, and 1 chocolate pound in the ovens around 10:30, some days there just isn't enough hours in them.I cleaned the kitchen while they baked.Hubbie finished the insulation and went to bed. It is now after 12 am and I'm just finishing up and heading for bath and bed. Thanking God for all the strength he gives me and hoping I am using it for his glory.Good Night.

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