Saturday, August 15, 2009


A lot to do this morning before I get to market.I was only 5 minutes late getting to market and that was amazing after all the cakes I had to cut and wrap this morning,although I keep looking around to see if I have all my clothes on,ha ha. Had a very busy market day,had some nice visits with the neighbors,caught up on their beach vacation and trip to the "World's largest yard sale" this sounds like loads of fun and she said you can find anything you are looking for there.They have a lot of antiques in their house so they look for particular things and this year they only went through Tennessee and Kentucky whew that would be serious yard sale shopping.Sold mostly cakes and herbs today,very few crafts, but did sell 2 of daughter's mosaic picture frames,she was happy.I had a late customer and had to hurry to get everything loaded,hope I got everything I was supposed to,seems like I've been in a hurry and running 1 step behind all day.
Went by P.O. to mail a sympathy card to a friend that lost her mother last week,then to Aldi and Walmart to get baking supplies and groceries.In Walmart I started getting a headache and realized I hadn't eaten lunch so I went to Chick-fil-a to see if I could head off the headache and it worked,hubbie says I am the only person he knows that can forget to eat.
When I got home hubbie was helping daughter's b-friend work on his brakes,daughter had a baby kitten b-friend had taken away from one of the dogs.After she helped me unload and put things away we went to the barn and found the momma cat and 1 more kitten and put that one back with her.She didn't like us messing around her so I hope she will move them and hide them a lot better so the dogs can't find her,she is kind of wild because she stays in the barn away from everyone and we just put feed out for her, we don't know where she came from as she just showed up one day,these are the first kittens we've seen.Daughter and b-friend left to go look at 2 houses and I took the dogs walking to get them away from the barn,hubbie is digging out the waterhole.I came back put the dogs up and fed them and went to check on the kittens and mama cat was in the process of moving them,I hope she finds a good hiding place.
We came in and broke beans hubbie had picked earlier for lunch tomorrow,I read my new Grit magazine,it has some good pickle recipes in it this month.
I'm tired tonight and glad I don't have anything that has to be done.It has been a rewarding day as always in the care of my precious Savior Jesus Christ I have a feeling of great peacefulness and am going to enjoy a rare early bedtime,it is only 9:45. See you at church tomorrow praising His name. good night.

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