Thursday, August 27, 2009


Had a pretty good market day,as good as expected for this time of year.Sold some crafts,tomatoes,potatoes,basil as well as cakes. Traded potatoes for peaches with a neighbor.One Avon customer came to pick her order up and I have 3 to deliver on my way out of town.I got 1 cake order for Saturday for 2 caramel cakes so far.I ran the regular errands after market bank,p.o.,walmart.Made it home about 4:00 unloaded and put things away downstairs,but when I started to unlock the upstairs door I realized it was unlocked,I went and got back in the van and called hubbie to see if he thought there was a chance that he forgot to lock it after lunch,he said yes because he moved his car in case the well drillers came and he didn't come back inside.So I came in and nothing was out of place, it scares me to death to find the door unlocked, as I have came home to a robbery before when I was younger and worked 2nd shift.Needless to say hubbie got a talking toooo!!!! I put all the groceries away and read the paper,it is looking like rain any minute.#2 son came after the lawn mower and hubbie got him to help him take the old b-ball goal post down,there goes an old remembrance of the past,there was many many basketball shots that went through that hoop. Once g-son needs a b-ball goal we will have to put it somewhere else as we now have french doors below it instead of the old garage doors when our kids were shooting hoops.Hubbie and I ate a light supper of corn,squash,and potatoes.
No rain yet so I walked with the dogs,after 1 round it started to sprinkle and we came inside.Then of course it stopped raining but it was time to go clean church. It rained hard at church for quite a while,but as we came home the rain stopped about 1/2 mile before our place.
Hubbie is tired from getting up so early all week and wants to go on to bed so there won't be any getting things moved back into place tonight because I can't work quite enough to not wake him.
I am watching the weather channel talk about the tropical storm that is off the east coast and is turning toward N.C. coast.
Yesterday I told about a good flower tonight I'm going to tell you about a dangerous one...
This wild flower is called RAGWORT it is a very tall plant and is poisonous in many ways.The main concern is for grazing animals especially horses as it contains alkanoids that go straight to the liver of animals and is fatal in 2-3 days if enough of the plant is eaten.Luckily it is not very palatable unless it is very young and they pick it up with a mouth full of grass.Also it is harmful to humans as these poisons can penetrate the skin and pollen can be breathed into the lungs both can cause cirrhosis of the liver.It also can taint honey if bees get pollen from the flowers.It has very ragged looking leaves thus the name RAGWORT.This is one of those pretty faces you want to avoid,lucky for us we don't have many of these growing in our pastures and after I told hubbie what I read about this plant he will be on the tractor bush hogging soon I'm sure.
Now for a more pleasant subject,we have DAISY FLEABANE ,these are small soft cousins to the larger ox-eye daisy. They have no miracle medicine or poisons in them,however it is interesting how they got their name, the early settlers stuffed mattresses with these and hung them in their homes because it was believed that they repelled fleas,thus the name FLEABANE.However their is no proof that they do repel fleas in fact they are known to attract many insects to their centers which are loaded with pollen nectar.
I am learning a lot while writing about these flowers, I hope by passing this info along it might help to avoid problems in the future.
I am waiting for the 11:00 news to come on in about 4 minutes then I'm outta here for the night.
May all your dreams come true and God shower you with blessings as he has me.Good Night.

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