Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Awoke to a bright sunny day,mornings are so nice and cool.After taking care of the animals and breakfast I started some laundry since I have a doctors appointment at 2:20 I didn't hang any outside,it will probably rain again today.While I did 2 loads of laundry I did some housework.
At 11:00 I started making my pasta sauce ,I've never made this before and it was a little more involved but it turned out good and really taste good.....At least my dining room table isn't
covered with baskets of tomatoes anymore.
It is getting time to get ready to go to the Dermatologist which is not my favorite place to go,my stomach has already started to churn,today I am having a re-check on a squamous cell cancer he cut off my lower leg in June,he will possibly shave it again and burn it to kill more cancer cells (OH JOY).
I have more reason to dread these visits,this all stared in April when he found a level 2 melanoma cancer on my arm,I went back in May for the second cut which took a large football shape chunk out of my arm,I have a terrible scar,but it is at my elbow joint and isn't so noticeable.The agony I went through waiting to find out if the cancer had spread to a much larger area was tough and I am very thankful for all the prayers that went up for me during this wait.By the Grace of God it had not spread and the doctor felt like all the cancer was gone with this second cut, here's a big HALLELUJAH.I truly felt like my guardian angle had snatched me from the brink of a health disaster for the second time in recent years as I waited and waited knowing that mole on my arm didn't look right before going to the doctor and have no idea why I decided to go when I did.I'm sure thankful that God just takes over sometimes when we don't realize what is best for us,He's just wonderfully caring like that.
I went back in June to have a full body exam and he found 2 more places he cut out and sent off,I dread the cuts because mine always get infected,anyway 1 of these came back in a moderate melanoma change and the other 1 came back a squamous cell cancer.I've decided my skin has declared war on me for all the years of sun abuse I put it through.
So that is where I'm at today with the squamous cell re-check.Another big HALLELUJAH when he looked at my leg he said he didn't need to make another cut as it showed no more signs of cancer.He actually called it Bowens disease which is a surface squamous cell and because he cauterized the spot when he cut it off and it had all but went away we are just going to watch it.
I haven't been surprised by the fact that I have skin cancer because I have spent all my life outside .I was raised on a cattle/crop farm and as soon as I could reach the brake petal on a tractor I was helping my daddy in the fields and sunscreen was never heard of back then,at least by my parents.I also loved laying in the sun in my teen years , then when I married, my husband and I farmed and I spent alot of time again on a tractor in the hay fields,still no sunscreen.I always used sunscreen at the lake or beach but never thought of it when we were working.But I still love the feel of the sun on my skin,I just have to be careful not to get too much,like doc says sun doesn't cause cancer,sunburn causes cancer.
Before I left his office I asked the girl at the desk to look up and tell me how much she thought my insurance was going to pay because I haven't gotten any statements from my insurance to see what they paid.And here is the biggest HALLELUJAH of all since all my specimens have had cancer cells in them my insurance has totally paid for everything ,there was not even a deductible because this is considered to be preventative treatment.GOOD NEWS GOOD NEWS!!
I left and went to a little store that was just up the road just to celebrate my good fortune by shopping. I found several things and had to laugh when I checked out as my bill was almost $50 and that is what I was expecting to pay the doctor today for my co-pay, but didn't have to pay him anything. It was pouring the rain when I left the store and headed home.By the time I got home it was just starting to rain here and it never did rain much , and now the sun is back out at 5:00.
Hubbie came home and layed down,he had worked outside all day and the heat just sapped all his energy.I am writing this long blog while he is taking his nap.
When hubbie got up he grilled the steaks we didn't eat Saturday and we ate supper.Afterward he went to the garden and cut okra,dug potatoes, and picked tomatoes and squash.We have so many red potatoes he dug some for me to sell at market Thursday,they won't keep in winter like white potatoes and we haven't ate as many as we usually do.I went to walk and found the waterhole filled with sticks,sand and trash from the high water yesterday,so hubbie had to dig it out.....The weather feels much better today 86 and not so humid this evening as it has been.I came back to the house and talked to daughter,she said b-friend didn't get the house he was looking at.I kind of think that might be a blessing due to all the issues with that house.
She was eating some of my salsa and talking about how good it was so I'm sure we will be making more for her as soon as we get enough tomatoes. I put away some of the big pots and bowls so I will have room to bake.I baked 48 layers tonight,my orders have slowed some in the last 2 weeks.It is almost 11:20 and I just put the last layers in so while I listen to the news I'm writing in my blog.This has been one of those days that things have just fell into place for me hope it continues tomorrow and so on.Praising God for all my blessings today and believe me I never fail to give all the credit for my good fortune to my Heavenly Father. Good Night.

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Claudia said...

Yay for the good news!! Once you've heard the word cancer is always scary to go back to the Doctor, I know this because my mom had cancer and she's been cancer free for 15 years but every time that appointment comes I still get a little nervous!

Would there be a possibility of you sharing your salsa recipe???? We love chips and salsa!! If you don't feel like sharing it I'll just have to come to your house and get a jar of your own ... he he he