Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Out extra early today in case plumbers show up early.At work right after breakfast clearing cabinets and under sinks before they get here.They showed up at 9:45 and started right to work,there are 3 of them and they all act like they know what they're doing.I'm trying to stay out of their way,I keep hearing loud noises from downstairs but am refraining so far from going down to see what in the world is going on.They are keeping me busy moving more stuff,holy moly it'll take a week to put all this stuff back where it was.....G-son's bed has become the catch all for the bathroom cabinets, and my kitchen...
well lets just say "no, the microwave is not normally in the middle of the room"Lordy,Lordy . I made a bathroom run down to #2 son's house and it was so clean and neatly organized I just wanted to stay and hope mine went away,but when I came back it just looked worse and they wanted something else moved!!!!!!
I payed some bills and am looking on the internet for a stressless recliner,we used to have 1 and it was so comfortable we would like to have another,but it will have to be used as I'm not paying $1400 for a chair (not that comfortable).
Plumbers got to a stopping point and turned water back on ,only had 1 leak which they fixed quickly.They left about 4:45 and will be back tomorrow to finish.My cousin's husband who is the head plumber is having artery clearing surgery today and they were pretty worried,God be with him. Hubbie came in and we checked out all the lines and the mess,boy what a mess,they said they will clean it all up tomorrow,we shall see!! Hubbie is happy with how much they got done today,this is all the old waterline they replaced today....At least we are pretty much back to normal except now you have to hunt for towels,shampoo, etc. and walk around stuff in the middle of rooms.
We watched the 6:00 news ,ate a salad for supper and I went walking while hubbie finished mowing.The water hole had filled in so he had to dig it out again after he mowed.
Got a call from the plumber saying they would be after lunch getting here tomorrow due to an emergency repair in the morning,BUMMER. Good news was he told me the head plumber was out of surgery and doing good.
I baked 48 layers tonight,it is 11:30 and I just put the last batch in the oven.I'll get in bed maybe about 12:30,I'm tired tonight because I didn't sleep well last night worrying about the plumbing but tonight I can relax,the only worry now is when they will get back to finish.I don't feel like I accomplished anything today but maybe by this time next week everything will be back on a regular schedule.Remember God is in control now and forever.Good Night.

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