Sunday, August 16, 2009


Went to church this morning with dark clouds looming,message was inspirational today and as I was reading ahead in the text of my Bible which is a Kirban reference Bible,at the bottom of every page it has an explanation of the text and as I read this today one sentence has really stuck in my head all day especially after listening to the kids worry about their futures in this economy.The sentence read"If you are stranded in the middle of a large lake it is good to start praying,it is also wise to start paddling toward shore". I think the message trying to be conveyed here is God will only help us if we are trying our best to help ourselves.
We had deacon nominations today and they called hubbie to make sure he would serve as he had been nominated,he has been a deacon in the past.
#1 son went after grandfather for lunch as daughter has gone rafting today.#2 son is playing golf in South Carolina with some friends so lunch bunch was #1 son,daughter-in-love,g-son,father-in-law and hubbie and I. After we ate I wrapped a present for a baby shower for a young girl in church and D-in-love took it with her as she was helping serve at the shower.I played with g-son in his playroom as it has been raining all day.
#1 son took g-son home and hubbie and I took father-in-law home then drove over to a house b-friend is interested in now and stopped at Ingles to pick up a few things I forgot yesterday.
Came home about 6:00 and it is still raining lightly,we had sandwiches for supper,I bought some Munster cheese yesterday and wanted to see what it tasted like,it was pretty good but not so different from cheddar.After we ate we sat around and I took a nap,probably not a smart thing this close to bed time,but it is just that kind of evening,so relaxed and nice cool rain outside.
When I got up I fed and put up my outside dogs,they are always so glad for Sunday feeding time as they usually get some table scraps from lunch.Then hubbie and I groomed our 2 inside 4-legged children,we clipped 1 toenail on Bernie to close and had to put corn starch on it to get it to stop bleeding,a dogs toenail will pour the blood for a long time if you don't put something on it,however he didn't even act like anything happened,I think they are just so glad that we don't take them to a groomer anymore.Dolly didn't mind the last groomer I was taking them to but Bernie hated everyone we took him to,but his hair is so fine and is hard to clip with clippers I think it was worse on him than Dolly.Anyway that was one thing we decided we could save money on because it only takes us about 1 1/2 hours to groom them both and we only do it about every 3 months as we cut their hair shorter than the groomer ever would even when I ask them to cut it shorter,I guess they didn't want to go that long between haircuts (money).
I am listening to the 11:00 news now and I hear the rain pounding the porch awning, finishing this blog and then I am headed to bed. Remember God loves you. Good Night.

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