Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Gosh this has been one of those days I don't even know if I can remember all that went on.This is what my dining room table looked like when I got up....With all this staring me in the face while I ate breakfast I know I'm looking at a busy day.I started a load of laundry and cleaned the bathrooms,the dusting,mopping,etc can wait but I always stay on schedule with my bathrooms,I can't stand a messy bathroom. I decided to make another run of salsa when I picked almost 1/2 bushel of roma tomatoes yesterday.While I was into my salsa making the door burst open and in comes daughter with a big smile on her face and the announcement that she got the job at a local elementary school that she interviewed for yesterday.It was so good to see her that happy,she has not been happy in her job for awhile,she was so excited she probably won't sleep much the rest of the day and she has to work 2 more night shifts,but her last day is Sept.2.She will try to work both jobs starting Monday to help out with the start of school she'll work 8-2 there then go to her old job and work 2:30-11:30.whew I'm glad she is young!!!!Thank you Lord for working things out for her.
I made 10 pints of salsa and canned 4 quarts of beans while doing 3 more loads of laundry,whew and I'm not so young!!!!!
The plumber called to come tomorrow but we had to put him off until Monday due to daughter sleeping during the day.Hubbie met with another well driller this evening.So now to pick one....
At 3:30 I took beans I had cooked some tomatoes to slice and a caramel cake and went to church to help serve the meal to the family of our church member who's mother died.We served about 50 people and had plenty food left over, our church is blessed with wonderful cooks that are always willing to help.
When I left and headed home at 6:30 it started pouring rain and as I got in the house it started thundering and lightening very badly really close.It rained 2" in about 30 minutes.No decision on walking tonight.Hubbie and I ate some supper of food I brought home with me,he had cut my okra and I still have plenty of tomatoes that I was going to can some okra and tomatoes but it is to late today,that will have to wait maybe tomorrow.I went to pay bills and do paperwork for the week,made my to do list for tomorrow,and took care of father-in-laws bills while hubbie fed animals outside.
At 9:00 I started icing cakes ,12 caramels, 4 chocolates, 2 coconuts and wrapped all I could tonight.It is after 12 am and I feel like I've done enough for today.Thanking my Lord for all the Blessings of today,the strength to carry out the task of each day and for my wonderful church family it is such a joy to work hand in hand with them for the Glory of our Heavenly Father.Good Night.

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