Sunday, May 31, 2015


A cloudy day greeted us this morning as we got ready for church.
When I came upon the smaller bridge project up the road I was surprised to see the road open again and the detour closed.
Church was good today I was a greeter on this fifth Sunday. EL wanted stayed with us in big church most of the time while her mom worked in the nursery.
Everyone made it to lunch except Aa who was planting soybeans today to beat the rainy week that is predicted.
We had roast beef, fresh green beans, corn on the cob, new potatoes, wilted lettuce and a rice "suddenly salad" box I found at Aldi yesterday with a lemon/honey poke cake that Re made for dessert, yum yum !!
After everyone left hubbie and daughter met her b-friend Josh at Home Depot to haul some mulch over to his place.
While I was here alone I enjoyed some nice relaxing time just enjoying the sounds and sights of God's creations in nature.
The sun was in and out of the clouds all afternoon but no rain threatened today.
I watered all my potted plants on the porches and under the eaves that haven't been able to get any of the recent rain. If it doesn't rain tonight or tomorrow I will need to water the other pots as it is already getting pretty dry again.
G-son brought a new stuffed toy by this evening for me to sew it's tail back on. He likes things to be neat so any loose threads have to be tightened, haha !!
As this month of May comes to an end I reflect back over a very busy month.
With market at two days a week and business picking up some from the last 4 months I was baking more. I also searched for a new vehicle after deciding I needed a 4-wheel drive for my older years as walking might be not a good alternative if I got stuck in the snow !!
I also attended a street festival the first of the month on Depot street in town and then at the end of the month of course there was the Garden Jubilee.

In between these we made a trip to the Pickens Flea market.
The annual Knight's Relay for Life was held at the high school where daughter works this month and we all attended.

D-in-love also was car shopping this month and found a 2010 Nissan Pathfinder before I decided on my new 2015 Honda Pilot during the Memorial Day sale they ran.

These three kept me entertained as I watch them all grow up so fast.

#1 son has been working three jobs this month. He has been helping out a friend he used to work for and working with the associate Pastor on Saturdays in his grading/ tree removal business, added to his regular DOT job.
D-in-love is getting along fine with this pregnancy.
 #2 son finally got his own regular mail route at the PO where he works. That will cut down the overtime hours he will have to work. He got a new soft top for his new jeep so he can put the top down in this nice weather.

Daughter attended a couple award ceremonies for her volleyball and basketball teams this month. She sold her old Jeep Cherokee that she held onto all winter after getting a new car in November.

Aa and Re have been continually working getting their property ready for their new double wide that should be here next month. 

We got our garden planting done and spent a lot of time watering during an early drought period.

Thankfully the temperature has not been hot adding to the drying.The flowers have been beautiful this month with all their bright colors.
I had a second batch of chicks to hatch out this month.

 In the southern plains states that were drought stricken last year they have been pounded with rain continually during this month causing historical flooding  and many deaths. There was snow storms in the the northern plains and fires in the dry west. The first tropical storm of the season was named and came ashore along the Carolina coast a month before hurricane season began.
 We are looking forward to what God has in store for our family next month.
 I sat out in the patio this evening and reflected over this past month and how blessed I have been and I am so thankful for those blessings. Praising the love of God each minute of each day as I strive to glorify Him in all that I do.
Good Night and God Bless

Saturday, May 30, 2015


Off to market early this morning. Hubbie followed me to help me get set up then took an extra wheelbarrow over to daughter's so when the kids she hired to do some yard work get there they would have it to haul mulch in.
He was stopping by Sam's Club then heading home to hopefully get the lawn mowed before the clouds that are building bring rain and storms this afternoon.
Market was slow today but I am thankful for what I did sell. My camp orders start next week so that will keep me busy all summer.
These Japanese Iris were a big seller today for a neighbor vendor. I would love to have some of them but don't have a wet enough place to put them.
Loved this color.....

Most of the venders at market packed up and headed out early today from the lack of business and the heat which built inside market badly with the 80 degree humid air outside.
I left a few minutes early and stopped at Sav Mor and Aldi for baking supplies and groceries.
I also made a stop at the farm outlet for fresh corn and beans for tomorrow's lunch.
Hubbie was just finishing the lawn when I got here and after we unloaded he worked on the mower and I took a break out in the sunroom.
This is my favorite flower pot right now with all the different colored blooms going on.

Re called and brought the kids over and we grilled hamburgers and hotdogs for supper for everybody tonight.  #1 son was helping Aa over on Aa's property.
The kids all enjoyed being together for the evening.

Baby BB was infatuated with g-son and watched him while g-son and EL watched TV.
I love these impromptu gatherings !
Daughter sent me this picture this morning as she and b-friend Josh drove to a park in Saluda .
I asked her if it made her want to jump on a tractor and rake hay ???  She said no but it surely did bring back memories.  All three of our kids were driving tractors and raking hay long before they were driving age. I kind of miss hay time but don't miss the stress of trying to beat the rain or the stress of pulling a large trailer filled with hay rolls around on the highways, which was my job !!
Grateful for the wonderful blessings of this day.
Good Night and God Bless.

Friday, May 29, 2015


Out in the sunny morning to do chores. When I came inside I heard on the scanner that there was a disturbance at the high school where daughter works. I text her and she said she was very scared at first because she didn't know what was going on as there was a bunch of kids in the hallway yelling and beating lockers.  Her class was scared and wanted out but she couldn't let them go .
She found out that 150 students from West Henderson and Hendersonville high schools  got together and decided to storm the other two high schools.
The law enforcement that came to stop the disturbance was very glad none of the North teachers let their students out to clash with the intruders. A couple of the intruders got arrested after they cussed the teachers who were blocking their escape until the deputies arrived but the rest were released after all tag numbers were recorded.  The cameras in the hallways recorded all the malay so we will await to see the  punishment hand outs for these kids who where at best trust passing.
Anyway I was relieved to hear from daughter as to what was going on.
As for the rest of my day I baked 6 caramel, 3 chocolate, 1 pound and 1 wine cake while baby BB came and slept . His mom and EL went grocery shopping. He took a really long nap today and mom even had to wait for him to wake up before she could take him home after shopping.
Hubbie took another Friday afternoon off to use more of his extra hours.
After lunch he worked on cleaning up my van so I can get it advertised and I pulled weeds in the garden and gave the chickens an extra treat.
I gathered  some spinach, arugula and lettuce for a salad with green onions and a few turnips that were big enough to have for supper. Fresh vegetables are so good this time of year.
I made pictures of my cleaned up van and got it advertised.
I know how daughter felt the other day on the way to the bank to sell her jeep as she said it was like letting go of a child !!
After chores and supper I sat outside for some "down" time to watch the sun set as the clouds left the sky.

I iced all my cakes and got things ready to go to market tomorrow.
Since this month has sneaked by in all my busy times I need to finish the decade pics for the month with the undated .
These first two photos are of my adopted step sister that I have been looking for, her married name was Margaret (Peggy)  Rizzo.

In this picture is Margaret's aunt Tommie, who was my dad's second wife's sister. I think from letters I have that she lived in Michigan.

And this last picture is one of my dad's brothers who was a lawyer and later a judge in Oklahoma. This is Uncle Victor sitting in his law office.
Grateful to God tonight for the blessings of this day and praying for His continued guidance in my life.
Good Night and God Bless.

Thursday, May 28, 2015


A 6:00 wake-up call from Dolly brought me out of a deep slumber this morning only to discover a really painful stomach ache.
I was afraid it was the beginning of one of my stomach attacks as the pain was high up between my rib cage. I didn't have the sick feeling that accompanies it usually so I laid back down on my back and was very still trying to go back to sleep. Sleep escaped me but at least the pain subsided and I felt okay when the 8am alarm sounded. I sighed a relieved sigh as I got dressed and met the day pain free.
Re came over to bring some ivy scrub for my to return to Walmart and she said her and Aa had minor upset stomachs and yesterday d-in-love said g-son had a stomach ache so we all may have a minor stomach bug.
I was careful what I ate all day today, trying not to aggravate what felt like a tender stomach.
I had a pretty good market day considering it is the week after a holiday weekend.
One lady called me on the way in and ordered 7 cakes so that made my day.
After I left market I made stops at the bank, the PO, Aldi and Walmart to pick up baking supplies for tomorrow. I hurried through the stops trying to beat the rain that the dark clouds and streaking lightening were bringing.
When I reached home it had already rained here just a little, less than 1/10th in the gauge.
After I got things unloaded I enjoyed a break in the sunroom and watched the light rain fall outside the windows. I wanted to take a nap but resisted as I knew that would not be good for tonight's sleep.
We did chores and had supper, then we relaxed for the evening.
I need to get some decade pictures on here so these are from May of 2005.
We attended a wedding of one of hubbie's cousins that month.
Two daughter's of friends graduated from North Henderson high school.

One of hubbie's cousin's graduated from West Henderson high school.

And one of my cousin's graduated from the college that May.

We also made a week long trip to the beach that year in May. We rented this house in Surf City, NC.
Megan Poindexter who was daughter's college roommate and friend lives in Greensboro and came down to spend the week with us.
D-in-love fishing on the pier.
#1 and #2 son get their fishing equipment ready.
Hubbie and #1 son surf fishing.
Me and Megan sunbathing on the deck of our house.
Night time pier fishing.
#1 son and the big shark he caught.
Roxie, d-in-love's dog and my Dolly in their younger years.

Fun times at the beach and some great memories for all.
I am tired tonight after my early morning wake up so I'm out 'a here !!
Grateful for the blessed day I've had and looking forward to tomorrow to see what God's plans are for me.
Good Night and God Bless

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


A 9:15 haircut appointment kept my schedule out of whack again this morning. I am really missing my leisurely devotion time with my hot tea.
I did eat breakfast before I went to my beauticians shop just up the road.
It took longer than usual as she was extra busy today. She is getting ready to go on a long vacation so she is trying to work all her clients in before she goes for anything they need.
When I got home I took a nice walk in the quickly warming morning. After the overnight rain that left another 1/2 inch in the gauge the water droplets sparkled on all the leaves as they dried in the sunshine.
This little guy must have thought he was hidden as he sat very still while I snapped pictures getting closer and closer to him before he finally darted into the bushes.
It was the perfect morning for sunbathing, at least these turtles in the pond thought so.

 I love the dainty little butterflies that flit from plant to plant this time of year.

The rain brought out the red potato blooms overnight.

Love the "nightshade" blooms.
Caught this guy looking for dropped birdseed under the feeders.

Reluctantly I headed back inside and got started on my baking for the day.
I baked 12 caramel, 3 chocolate, 1 coconut/pineapple, and 4 pound cakes.
I grabbed a late lunch then went outside to try and catch some vitamin D from the fleeting rays of the sun .  My stay was short lived as the clouds quickly won the battle.
Inside I caught up on my morning devotions with that hot cup of green tea.
Re brought the kids over to play while she rested on the couch after she worked all night last night and hadn't been able to sleep all day as they choose different nap times.
EL took a "pretend" nap like mommy in the hammock.

She also made a "selfie" of her and her brother that turned out pretty good.
She was seriously trying to get both of them in the pic with her short arms .
We played until Pawpaw came home ,she got him to put her old swing up and she swung for a long time in it while baby brother watched. Mom came out when it was time for baby BB to eat. She hadn't slept any but did have a good rest.
They stayed and had supper with us as hubbie grilled the 2 trout that Aa and #1 son caught Sunday on their fishing trip.  They were pretty good but all the stocked trout I have had lately don't have much flavor.
After we ate they headed home for bed time.
Hubbie and I did chores and pulled weeds from the garden for the chickens.
I came inside and started the weekly paperwork while hubbie started cleaning up my van to advertise it.
After the paperwork and bill paying was finished I iced all my cakes. Finally a little after midnight things were finished and I was headed for a nice hot bath and bed.
I am writing this Thursday between customers and back dating it.
I am so thankful for the strength God gives me each day and as always so thankful for the blessings I receive each day.
God Bless.